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Timecode Bazaar

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Updated 23/11/2012 - EVE Timecode Transfer Procedure

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CCP Falcon
#1 - 2012-11-23 17:03:15 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Falcon
The option for the safe and secure exchange of EVE Game Time Codes for EVE Online ISK is available in the Account Management page.

Through the use of this system, EVE players will be able to purchase EVE Time Codes without the fear of receiving an invalid code, or offer a EVE Time Code for sale with the assurance that payment will be received.

To use this feature you need first need to log into your Account Management Page.

Once logged in, you need to select the third option from the left on the black menu bar at the top of the page, titled "services".

This will load a drop down menu, from which you can select the fourth option, "Trade ETC".

The procedure is then straightforward:

  • You select the character selling the code in the top left box.

  • You enter the ETC code in the top right box.

  • You type in the name of the character you are selling the code to in the bottom left box.

  • You type in your asking price for the time code in the bottom right box.

The system will automatically verify the validity of the code, then send the buyer an EVEmail with the offer. The offer is valid for 48 hours. The buyer must log into the account management page and accept the offer.

The game time will be automatically added to the buyer's account, PLEX cannot be generated from it, and the payment will be automatically deposited to the sellers wallet.

How To - Reactivate a suspended 2nd account which doesn't have enough ISK:

  • Transfer the ISK from your wealthy account to a character on the suspended account.

  • When buying the ETC, give the seller the character name on the suspended account to which you transferred the ISK.

  • Log in to the Account Management Page.

  • From the Account Management Page you should see a new icon in Common Tasks. Click where requested.

  • Check the offer to ensure the number of days and price in ISK are as agreed.

  • If so, accept it and your account is now active!

Please note :

  • You must purchase an ETC through one of the normal outlets in order to sell the Time Code.

  • An alternative option to ETC trades has been introduced in the form of converting them to pilot licenses ingame.

  • If you have issues with an ETC, please file a petition under the category "Billing & Account" and subcategory "Time Codes & PLEX"

  • If you have an issue with a spammer on the forums, please use the "report" function above their post.

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