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Help me CCP Soundwave, you're my only hope (or Post ALL your Little Things improvements wishes!)

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Bastion Arzi
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#901 - 2013-01-25 10:03:09 UTC
some of of warning that your about to warp away without ur drones would be helpful though it might make the reconnect to lost drones function obsolete/redundant
Tora Bushido
The Marmite Mercenaries
#902 - 2013-01-25 11:30:47 UTC
To lazy to see if it already has been mentioned, but it would be nice when you sort bills, it stays that way and not go back to default sort order.


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Neo T.E.C.H.
#903 - 2013-01-26 22:29:06 UTC
Move the 'Reset mission sharing preference' functionality from the ESC-menu, to somewhere in the mission UI.

It's too situational to have tugged away like that with other semi-permanent choices.
Goonswarm Federation
#904 - 2013-01-26 22:54:13 UTC  |  Edited by: ISD Suvetar
Here is long needed topic which player base would love to see but will take time..... why is it in order to get CHANGE we must allow things to break down and things go crazy... before we change anything about the problems we currently face.... So we will allow things to play out and over time we will watch things break down over time or we can give base changes over time which can effect all eve players...... just like how many unhappy player base were not along ago do we ready want to go about this again??

Here are few changes which will have big effect on player base.... keep reading....
We only want small changes nothing big, as you add them i will show them on the list below....

Capitals Roles or Wanted Changes:
I-hubs built for Team work or keep solo efforts:
New Modular: (any ship)
Change to modular:

We will start with the above topics... and work our way on other things....
Other topics can be talk about in the future threw us your ideas.....

Edit: Merged with the existing 'little things' thread. ISD Suvetar
Goonswarm Federation
#905 - 2013-01-26 22:54:35 UTC
spot saved.
#906 - 2013-01-26 23:06:55 UTC
One can only imagine the deluge of tears that will come whenever they do anything to supercaps
Yusef Yeasef Yosef
#907 - 2013-01-26 23:29:01 UTC
Remove jump drives, from everything.
Katran Luftschreck
Royal Ammatar Engineering Corps
#908 - 2013-01-26 23:57:23 UTC
Double timers on cap-boosters.

Xen Solarus
Furious Destruction and Salvage
#909 - 2013-01-27 01:01:56 UTC  |  Edited by: Xen Solarus
Terrible english...... Hardly makes any sense! Shocked

Though i get the gist. I vote for...... fixed POS mechanics!

Post with your main, like a BOSS!

And no, i don't live in highsec.  As if that would make your opinion any less wrong.  

Corey Fumimasa
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#910 - 2013-01-27 01:19:16 UTC
Ways for industrial minded players to attack PvP minded ones apart from FiS mechanics.

Safer way for casuals and noobs to buy ISK.

Advantages to highsec corps that will encourage them to take "ownership" of systems and stations.

Skills and items that better enable spying and covert stealing; a way to see into someone else's hanger or monitor their movements. Also items that make this kind of thing more difficult.

The tutorials probably have some areas that could be improved.

Long term degradation to hulls requiring maintenance repairs and upkeep; and the option for salvage oriented pilots to perform these repairs or for them to be automated in station.

In short more options to interact with Eve and the other pilots in it.

Critical Mass Inc
#911 - 2013-01-27 05:40:15 UTC
Add an option to suppress the mouse click functionality to change the scanning range probes when you are trying to move them.

Add an option to center your camera in the system map on the center of your probe search.

Add an option to refresh the green connection lines with probes whenmoving them (they sometimes disappear and won't return until you relaunch the probes)

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Nicen Jehr
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#912 - 2013-01-27 16:16:39 UTC
Cherry Comfort wrote:
Remove the checkbox option in DScan that says "Use current overview settings", and change it to a drop-down box that lets you choose which set of saved overview settings to use.

This would allow you to watch your normal overview, but ping DScan using a setting that only shows player ships, or only shows combat probes, etc.

the next best thing is use the 'Make Overview Window Active' and 'Overview Tab Left/Right' shortcuts to quickly switch presets
Critical Mass Inc
#913 - 2013-01-27 18:11:10 UTC
Bring back the green cloud graphic in recon 3/3

This message brought to you by Experience(tm). When common sense fails you, experience will come to the rescue. Experience(tm) from the makers of CONCORD.

"If you are part of the problem, you will be nerfed." -MadMuppet

Lady Naween
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#914 - 2013-01-28 13:08:59 UTC
Corporate and alliance chat windows remembering to stay minimized between logins. We never use them and its a pain to always click them away on so many toons, heck not even my highsec carebear corp uses the corp chat.
Vardaugas Family
#915 - 2013-01-28 13:17:39 UTC
Survey scanner results should have a volume column. Converting the amount to volume all the time to know when to switch off the lasers gets a bit annoying when you mine a lot of different ores.
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#916 - 2013-01-28 17:34:54 UTC
I would like to have a destination-field to be able to set a destination fast without having to open the map or write the system name in chat to auto link it and then right-click it to set destination. Perhaps a small editable text field right under the current system name on the top left of the screen. When you begin to write a system name in the field a drop down appear suggesting all the systems beginning with the letters you have entered. Selecting a system from the dropdow will set destination to it.
Adrian Dixon
Arbitrary Spaceship Destruction
#917 - 2013-01-28 20:49:27 UTC
In the overview when you have a lot of pilots on grid it would be nice to have a easy way to find a pilot in the overview.

Why not have a jumpto function like that used on country selection fields in on we based registration pages.

I want to find Soundwave, I click the overview to focus on it then push the S key and the overview scrolls down to the first player who's name starts with S, That would be ok when the overview is sorted by player name. When the overview is sorted in other ways pressing S could take you to the first S in the list and cycle through them all.

Or have a search box at the top just like the ones in inventory,.
Hoover Inc.
#918 - 2013-01-28 21:29:40 UTC
You should be available to contract drugs(combat boosters) in nullsec(maybe low sec), especially in player owned outposts. its kinda weird that you cant since we own the station.

You should also remove the max limit f bookmarks, or raise it to like 50k or something
Tribal Liberation Force
Minmatar Republic
#919 - 2013-01-30 15:35:03 UTC
To better illustrate my earlier post,

instead of this:
please give (or return, to be more precise) us this:
#920 - 2013-01-30 18:37:48 UTC
Gheyna wrote:

You should also remove the max limit f bookmarks, or raise it to like 50k or something


What horrors must you endure to ask for this?

I shudder to think.

Probably doing something disastrously wrong here.

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