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Help me CCP Soundwave, you're my only hope (or Post ALL your Little Things improvements wishes!)

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#661 - 2012-12-04 16:54:50 UTC
They should make a separate cyno generator that only jump freighters can lock onto so jump freighters can jump to high sec
Vaya DeLopasz
OWL Initiative
Dark Taboo
#662 - 2012-12-04 17:36:54 UTC
please show the rig slot size in the fitting overview in some way, I still have to click on info every time to make sure.

maybe simply in the tooltip?
"Empty %s rig slot" % size.

It's also a common beginner problem.
Anstard Armory Inc.
#663 - 2012-12-04 17:42:10 UTC
Riot Girl wrote:
Ammo bays for ships.

This this this.

My Maelstrom has 8 cannons and I burn through ammo like a madman.. I really need space for the ammo, but then I have zero space for other things.

"I find mining to be an incredibly relaxing thing to do after work. It's like fishing without waking up early. Or cold. But the beer, the beer is the same." - arramdaywalker

Midnight Hope
Pator Tech School
Minmatar Republic
#664 - 2012-12-04 17:52:14 UTC
D-SCAN needs some TLC.

Please bring this piece of circa WWII technology into the future.
#665 - 2012-12-04 19:14:45 UTC  |  Edited by: WheatGrass
When mousing over an Inventory item in the Item hangar, quantity and price values appear.
I would like to see the volume (as in m3) for the entire stack displayed as well. This would be a benefit when the view mode is set to "icons".

Thank you.

This is in response to the dev blog by CCP karkur from 2012.11.30.
#666 - 2012-12-04 19:24:31 UTC
When viewing items in the "Assets" window, it would be nice to be able to drag items from there to my ship cargo hold.
Nicen Jehr
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#667 - 2012-12-04 20:42:35 UTC
restore police lights to FED NAVY COMET for law enforcement roams
Marlona Sky
State War Academy
Caldari State
#668 - 2012-12-04 20:49:00 UTC
redman97 wrote:
They should make a separate cyno generator that only jump freighters can lock onto so jump freighters can jump to high sec

Are you insane? Moving jump freighters is easy and safe enough as it is.
Noxin Azur
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#669 - 2012-12-04 20:50:40 UTC
please highlight the prices when you sell or buy items, too.
Jane Vintaru
#670 - 2012-12-04 21:31:22 UTC  |  Edited by: Jane Vintaru
Modifying most market orders for us 0.01 isk-ers now includes an extra key press!

Yet when placing a sell order, the thing you're most likely to do is change the price entirely.... which is not highlighted?

Perhaps a setting to allow us to choose?
Altarian Ascension
#671 - 2012-12-04 22:21:51 UTC
Can we have something for the drone users now the A.I has been updated ?

Like when you have a fleet member on watch list their name flashes red when they're attacked. Can we have the same for drones please ?

This will make loosing endless drones to missions Big smile

Many Thanks,

Spaceman Jack
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#672 - 2012-12-04 22:30:27 UTC
Gonna gett hated on for this, but if WIS is going to be expanded eventually, hen it should be EXPANDED.

I would love to be able to dock in my POS and walk around
Walking in Carriers
Walking in Titans

Hacking/Ruins and other profession sites would be great for walkin In. Instead of just using a module form a ship, you could dock with the site structure (like sleeper hubs) and walk around looking for stuff to hack and carry it back to your ship.

All of these would need windows though. I would LOVE (MEED) to be able to see what was going outside in real time.

Honestly, windows could be the mInor thing that makes WIS more acceptable, since you are not visually cut off from the backbone essence of the game... space and looking at ships.
Altarian Ascension
#673 - 2012-12-04 23:17:28 UTC
Okay im requesting this as the GM said 'It's not possible to turn off A SOUND' Evil

Can i please for the love of god and to **** on satan, turn off the buzzing sound when you have a yellow exclimation mark timer ?

I mean its annoying as ****. Love the idea of telling noobs but come' on. Everytime i undock, jump system, attack a NPC and when a countdown version when it ends ? Just to turn back on in the next mission -.-

I know most of you will say turn off all your sounds but NO THAT DEFEATS THE POINT! - Whooosing through space sounds cool, i like to know when my armor is low and its going to POP and the new capacitor one! is cool! but please bin or let me mute the buzzing one :(

Thanks again <3
Life. Universe. Everything.
Clockwork Pineapple
#674 - 2012-12-04 23:56:02 UTC
Elmnt80 wrote:
Remove the "feature" where if you try to sell more stuff to a buy order than the buy order is for, it will create a new sell order at that price. I've watched this "feature" crash the market for several items when this would happen with several extremely large orders and the person apparently didn't notice it, The buy orders get adjusted to that, it happens again, and it just goes until the item isn't worth **** until someone can buy it all up and reset the item or demand drives it back up.

Just looked and as of today, this has caused a drop of 15-20% in the price of platinum. Also, I wound up having to spend an extra 10 minutes sitting in a station doing nothing while I canceled the orders that the system put up so I could actually get my isk and get out of the station and actually get back to playing the game.
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#675 - 2012-12-04 23:57:39 UTC
Put the jukebox back or allow the eve web browser to play youtube videos... or both!

You do know how boring mining is don't you? Blink
Shang Ghjuvan
Shang Ghjuvan Corporation
#676 - 2012-12-05 00:23:36 UTC  |  Edited by: Shang Ghjuvan
3 things, one on the forums and two in game

forums: add the ability to search a thread, it would be very nice so that you could search threads like this one and look for similar ideas by keyword.

Game: If you start an invention (an possibly manufacturing) job from the floor of a pos module hangar using a BPC there is only one legal place you can install that job, in the slots for that hangar, so why not make that the default selection, this would speed up invention/manufacturing from poses significantly and should be a relatively small change.

I would like a more mass-oriented interface for invention in particular (select 5 bps, click install, select pos module (this step would be skipped with the above change), click submit, click accept.

currently having to install invention jobs every hour becomes a pain even with 1 character as it becomes roughly 80 clicks just to get them started again (yes, I counted). Those whom do invention with multiple characters approach the level of carpal tunnel as they are constantly going through the cycle just to keep up with the jobs.

Also could you change the buttons to look more like the dropdowns? the buttons fade into the background now and the dropdowns look very sharp

Also could you save the number of runs on the manufacturing screen much like the input/output divisions?

EDIT 3 (these little things are hard to remember all at once :P):
Also could you add the option to hide corp divisions in the inventory windows on a character by character basis? I only ask because our corp only uses half of them and it would be nice to be able to hide the ones we aren't using
Nicen Jehr
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#677 - 2012-12-05 00:58:27 UTC  |  Edited by: Nicen Jehr
It takes a really long time to scroll the mouse to zoom in and out.

It's so time consuming, in fact, that I usually fly zoomed out to 80km or so because I don't want to spend the time scrolling the mouse 20 ticks in and out.

Could we maybe get a shortcut that toggles between two user defined zoom levels?

I'm thinking of a zoom button that works similar to default distance on the selected item buttons. You would right click this zoom presets button and get an option to set current zoom level (80km) as a preset.

Now when you hit the button (or press the appropriate shortcut) it would toggle between 80km and whatever default ccp hardcodes.

Now if I zoom in to 10km and I right click it and set my current zoom level as a second preset it will remember both values.
So when I press it at any zoom level other than 80, it would go to 80km, and if I press it at 80km, it would switch to 10km.

Thus with a couple quick key presses you could snap out to a tactical view of the battlefield then back in for manual piloting vs your opponent.

Every time you right click the icon and do 'Set zoom level' it would push the new value onto the stack of two zoom levels and pop the oldest one off. So I could set presets at 80km, 10km and then 40km... and now the button would toggle between 10km and 40km.

I hope this explanation is clear. Edited for clarity

Carebears with Attitude
#678 - 2012-12-05 02:12:45 UTC
CCP Soundwave wrote:
Funny you should mention little things! CCP Karkur sent me a mail this morning asking if we could put up another thread.

Go ahead and post up suggestions, I'll keep an eye on this one Cool

I've posted some suggestions in the old thread in November, after this thread got started. Will those little ideas of mine still be considered?
Carebears with Attitude
#679 - 2012-12-05 02:14:17 UTC
Change Loyalty Point Stores, so that they are organized more like the Market interface, with categories and sub-categories that you can open and browse. I really dislike LP stores, and that's a disincentive against exploring them and even figuring out what exactly they offer. I often find myself using out-of-game websites instead of the in-game interface, and that's always a bad sign.

I know the current LP interface offers a variety of filters, but it's simply not good enough, and a category/subcategory Market-like interface wouldn't be much more complicated than the present one, and it'd gain hugely in user friendlyness.
Carebears with Attitude
#680 - 2012-12-05 02:21:44 UTC
Add a couple of functions to the Modify Orders window in Market.

First of all, add a "Cancel Order" button, with some kind of "Confirm" functionality. I hate that whenever I see one of my Orders on the Market window, I have to dive into my Wallet - a different interface - to cancel it. Yet I understand that you want to be careful of mis-clicks. That's why I think the optimal solution is to offer the option of cancellation as an element in the Modify window.

Secondly, when the price input window is activated, whether you're placing a Buy or Sell Order or using the Modify function on an existing Order, you can use the scroll wheel to change the price in increments of 0.01. That's fine for a lot of things. I trade in ores and minerals. 0.01 ISK changes makes a lot of sense there.

But I'd like you to add the option of holding various keyboard keys down before using the scroll wheel, so that e.g. with Control pressed down, each up or down is 0.05% of the item's initial price, instead of 0.01 ISK. And with Shift pressed down, it should be 1% (x20 as big a change as with Ctrl).

I don't think a hugh amount of permutations of this need to be added, like Alt press, or Control plus Shift. Just these two, to facilitate quicker modification of Market Orders without having to use the keyboard. One reason for this is that keyboard input can lead to errors, including mis-placed decimals. Ouch!