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Help me CCP Soundwave, you're my only hope (or Post ALL your Little Things improvements wishes!)

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Esteban Dragonovic
Eternity INC.
Goonswarm Federation
#421 - 2012-11-22 08:01:18 UTC
1. Green crosshairs for assisting ships (reps, boosting, etc)

2. Ability to filter out high/med/low ship mods in inventory

3. Wartarget only overview option
Hazen Koraka
HK Enterprises
#422 - 2012-11-22 08:47:51 UTC
Esteban Dragonovic wrote:
1. Green crosshairs for assisting ships (reps, boosting, etc)

2. Ability to filter out high/med/low ship mods in inventory

3. Wartarget only overview option

3 option is possible with overview filters.

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Fraternity Alliance Please Ignore
#423 - 2012-11-22 08:48:09 UTC
corp sell/buy orders able to be adjusted by CORP members.

(those set with the appropriate permissions)


Nicen Jehr
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#424 - 2012-11-22 16:05:10 UTC  |  Edited by: Nicen Jehr
Esteban Dragonovic wrote:
1. Green crosshairs for assisting ships (reps, boosting, etc)

2. Ability to filter out high/med/low ship mods in inventory

3. Wartarget only overview option

number 2 should be possible with Unified Inventory filters. i have one for each of hi/mid/low modules, selecting one only shows that size. you can probably set a new one to 'is not mid slot'

this reminds me: it would be nice to be able to stack filters in groups so i could have 'modules' expanding into 'lo, hi, mid, rig'
Global Telstar Federation Offices
SLYCE Pirates
#425 - 2012-11-23 13:49:02 UTC  |  Edited by: Salpun
A proper visual effects catalog on the wikipedia with link in the help tab.
Would help NEO and AT coverage to have one place where people can look to interperate what is on screen.
With energy transfer and reps only seen via what they do. This is needed.

Edit: Made one but a CCP aproved one would be better.

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Warde Guildencrantz
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#426 - 2012-11-23 14:46:34 UTC
LHA Tarawa wrote:

Bigger changes:
No shooting other players' ships for 5 mins after you log in, unless you are fired upon first. Stop the log-off/on trick to PVP pwnership. Logging off at a station, should not let you "join the fight" simply by logging back in as soon as the war targets aggress outside the station.

Grid cyno-jammer that you can fit to a ship that prevents cyno's (even cov ops) from being created within... say... 200 meters of the ship that has it active.

MANY, MANY fights do not happen because one side or the other suspects logoffski neut logi alts. or bait fitted with cyno for hot drop. If we want more fights, we have to make more people feel they will get a fair fight. It is the fear of shenanigans that prevents a lot of fights from happening.

Huge changes:
More stagger to the "sec levels".
.8 up no pvp, not even war dec. L1/2 missions only. asteroid belts with lots of small rocks.
.5-.7 like current high sec. small towers only L3 missions only.
.3-.4 no cyno, no cap ships. small and medium towers (maybe special cyno for jump freighter only). No CONCORD, but still get suspect flag and sec status hit for non-legal target PVP. L4 missions.
.1-.2 large towers are okay. Regular caps can get in, but no super caps. No suspect flag or sec status hit.

Each sec have rocks that give minerals that do not appear in other sec.. (no low sec minerals in high or 0.0 rocks.) Allow prices for each sec status to be set by the number of people mining in that sec status... don't let null bears mining in safely cyno jammed deep 0.0 systems drive down the price of low sec ores. I guess wormhole could have all sec status levels.

-0.5 to 0.0 local shows up ONLY for corp that has sov of the system. Corp with sov can fit cloak jammer.
-0.4 down. No local.

HUGE, HUGE change.... allow corp with sov to fit a "jump gate jammer" on the side of the gate that prevents people from jumping OUT of system. two systems have a gate joining them. If I own system A, I can shut down the jump gate so that you can't use the gate to jump to system B. If you want to use the gate to get into system B, then you have to blow up the gate jammer first..

these are all stupid.

1. Logon preventing PvP for 5 minutes means you disconnect during a fight you are royally ******.
2. Grid AOE cyno jammers would make cynoing impossible in any form of PvP, which is OP. If anything it would have to be a targeted weapon, meaning knowing who has a cyno is more important. However, even then I think it is stupid, because cynos and hotdrops often escalate to larger fights which are good.
3. your sec status changes SUCK, and are too carebear driven. Also, local showing up for sov owners only makes it almost impossible for their sov to be taken...which is already a problem in null (no one wants to take stuff from others)

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Mikaila Penshar
#427 - 2012-11-23 16:08:23 UTC
Red Teufel wrote:
What I am not happy with:

• Seeing so many targets in highsec that I can't shoot at.
• Wardec system is still pointless.
• Highsec stations are too overpowered.
• Not enough things for me to shoot at that are player controlled.
• POS's are too difficult to destroy for the amount of effort/resources needed to destroy them.

What i would like to see changed
1. Highsec stations should provide a default 20% wastage factor in manufacturing/research. Standings can cut that down to 15%
2. Introduce player controlled structures that do not require fuel and tower to online it.

Station Changes:
There is not enough risk associated with highsec stations for the services and security they provide to the players. the 20% wastage factor is used as a price ceiling to prevent modules/ships from going out of control. It also provides a reason for players to invest in industry that takes them outside of the stations.

Pos Changes:
Towers are such a pain but I'm not convinced they should be removed. What i suggest is the introduction of new structures that do not require towers to use. However the risk/reward will reflect their use. example:
- Shipyards:
• Does not have a wastage factor.
• Does not require fuel to use and does not have a RF feature as a pos would.
• Does require blueprints/materials to be dropped off inside the module to use.
• Has limited m3 space. So we are talking about 10 battleships worth of material.
• EHP should take a 5 - 10 man BC gang about 20-30min to kill.
• Can only be anchored on planets! (you'll see why keep reading on)

Dust Feature:
structures anchored on planets can be defended by defenses based on the planets surface. this feature is only available in lowsec and 0.0.

How is all this going to affect how we play EvE?

What i hope to achieve is to bring balance to the risk verses reward in game. I believe if you balance this you will bring more conflict, player interaction, and fun to the game. Wardecs in highsec need targets and a genuine reason to war over resources. 0.0 and lowsec need to be worth the risk/effort of going to for industry. PvP should have more stuff to shoot at as well as rewards for going through the effort of destroying a player owned structure. I would like to hear what the community has to say about my idea.

This sounds fun- AND if you had to go to the shipyard to pick up your ship, and when you got it it was only a hull (so you might need to have an escort cause it wouldn't have any mods until you got it back to a station to fit it up). Shipyard camps replace gatecamps.
Melvin Coulter
Singularity Expedition Services
Singularity Syndicate
#428 - 2012-11-23 16:10:29 UTC
When someone leaves the game all of there stuff should be put in a action for us to bid on. (bio-massed)

The money that we use to bid should be a ISK sink!

Move along!

Global Telstar Federation Offices
SLYCE Pirates
#429 - 2012-11-23 21:07:45 UTC  |  Edited by: Salpun
Being able to start bug reports linking pictures and then save them for comment and sending later. so BR in battles are easier.

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Johnny Jinks
Pator Tech School
Minmatar Republic
#430 - 2012-11-23 22:47:55 UTC
"add to cargo" or "add to item hangar" option in context menu.
Adrian Dixon
Arbitrary Spaceship Destruction
#431 - 2012-11-24 13:56:57 UTC
When you save bookmaks can the foler dropdown default to the top of the 'personal' tree rather than the last folder you saved a bookmark too?

Our corp bookmarks folder would get full fast because a lot of members would not notice the folder option automaticaly defaults to the last folder you saved in not your personal folder. Also on a personal level I keep saving bookmarks in the wrong place.
Tul Breetai
Impromptu Asset Requisition
#432 - 2012-11-24 14:10:45 UTC  |  Edited by: Tul Breetai
Bulk purchase in LP store!!!!!

And region filter for bookmarks, please!

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In Fidem
#433 - 2012-11-25 13:58:23 UTC
REMOVE and delete old characters who haven't logged in for at least 1 year. Their names should be available to other players again! I hate creating alts and at least some good names being taken by 2005 characters who have obviously not been used for years. There must be something done against those abandoned/orphaned files in the database! Not only gets the database bigger and bigger each time a new character is being created, it also gets slower and takes up more cpu/space. Thats only logical. So please: remove orphaned characters who haven't logged in for 1 year (or make that 2 years, at least do something).

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edit: disregard that, the state has fallen.

Global Telstar Federation Offices
SLYCE Pirates
#434 - 2012-11-25 14:16:57 UTC
General Drone Bay, Fleet Hanger Bay, and Ships maintance bay that is not linked to any one way needs to be added to the Neocom.

If i dont know something about EVE. I check

See you around the universe.

KIller Wabbit
MEME Thoughts
#435 - 2012-11-25 18:34:45 UTC
New chat dialogs should have common appearance settings. I always want text only (with their pic in the list why do I also want it embedded in the text???) and a smaller font than default. I have to change it for each time for each person I private convo with. Annoying as heck to keep having to do this. Dev guideline - stop thinking everyone has the pixel trove of a big screen TV.

Every new courier contract is alerted as if it was expired or something. Totally bugged up courier contracts with last major release.

KIller Wabbit
MEME Thoughts
#436 - 2012-11-25 18:36:51 UTC
Be able to attach screen shots to petitions - in similar manner as BR's.

Why does my screen lockup for 30 secs (or more) after hitting submission of petition? Does it really take that long to find all my banking information?

Nicen Jehr
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#437 - 2012-11-25 19:58:07 UTC  |  Edited by: Nicen Jehr
'Buy All' button on show fitting window


Have it check the market for the cheapest appropriate modules, with a range of station, and present you with a total cost. Click confirm to buy the fitting. If the stock of an item runs out before the modules can be purchased, show another confirmation dialog with a revised total.

Combined with the excellent 'fit this fitting' button this will save capsuleers a lot of time.
KIller Wabbit
MEME Thoughts
#438 - 2012-11-25 21:42:24 UTC
POS - If stack you are dragging into Silo is more than silo can hold and you land on material already in silo you get error that silo is full. If you land on open space in UI window for the silo it will properly bring up proper dialog to load a partial quantity.

Jump Freighter - Fuel bay ^^^^^^^^^ see above.

Ghost Hunter
True Slave Foundations
#439 - 2012-11-25 22:05:08 UTC
Right click interface - Currently, when inviting someone to a fleet or another channel, if you mouse over your 'invite to...' channel list, it lags. When it opens, it opens where the cursor is currently at and usually in the middle of the chat channel list.

This lag makes its profoundly difficult to invite people to the right channels because multiple menus open when it finally gets to sorting it, and I end up sending them to the wrong channels. This also happens frequently when manually inviting to fleets, if you are unfortunate enough to have to scroll over the channel invite list before the fleet menu.

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Tribal Liberation Force
Minmatar Republic
#440 - 2012-11-25 23:20:48 UTC  |  Edited by: Tornii
Having back the '3D' weapon icons representing new weapon models -- instead of the current old-school icon art -- would be great. Such stuff impacts overall perception and game immersion quite a bit.