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Help me CCP Soundwave, you're my only hope (or Post ALL your Little Things improvements wishes!)

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Adriel Malakai
Shoulda Checked Local
Break-A-Wish Foundation
#201 - 2012-11-01 18:04:56 UTC
- Make Peoples & Places able to import/export XMLs of characters/corps/alliances (including standing and watch list status) so it's easier to add large quantities of WTs.
- Compact member list in stations.
- Get rid of the contract restrictions regarding containers within ships (ie a med container in a BS containing additional cap boosters).
Express Hauler
#202 - 2012-11-01 18:11:49 UTC  |  Edited by: Lipbite
New bounty system is coming and could be nice to have ability to highlight pilots in local and overview if their bounty exceed certain number. I.e. 100+ millions ISK bounty = red or $ symbol or whatever. Each player can assign highlight level individually.
Cruor Angelicus
#203 - 2012-11-01 19:27:45 UTC
BoSau Hotim wrote:
OOOH!! I am jumping up and down for this ONE to be noticed!!

Please please pleae allow the amarr to stack their used crystals!!!!! I can't tell you how annoying it is to have to scroll down through cargo and inventory just because of the thousands of crystal ammo we have. Can't we use a different signifier that they are damaged instead of them being unstacked?

Thank you for your time!!

The problem with that (as with any assembled item) is that it has individual stats that differentiate it from all the other items of the same type. In the case of damaged crystals and used modules they all can have varying states of damage. In the case of ships they can have ship names, insurance, cargo contents, and fitted modules to keep them apart. In the case of BPs they can have their own MEs and PEs.

To create a system that allows stacked assembled items would be quite the endeavor and likely result in a lot of back end database code having to be rewritten.

The Drake is a Lie

Cruor Angelicus
#204 - 2012-11-01 19:29:28 UTC
Adriel Malakai wrote:
- Make Peoples & Places able to import/export XMLs of characters/corps/alliances (including standing and watch list status) so it's easier to add large quantities of WTs.
- Compact member list in stations.
- Get rid of the contract restrictions regarding containers within ships (ie a med container in a BS containing additional cap boosters).

Also let us multi select contacts with Ctrl and Shift clicks and let us "Assign label to selected contacts"

The Drake is a Lie

Tah'ris Khlador
Space Ghosts.
Break-A-Wish Foundation
#205 - 2012-11-01 19:35:29 UTC
Xercodo wrote:
Also let us multi select contacts with Ctrl and Shift clicks and let us "Assign label to selected contacts"

I haven't tried ctrl or shift, but Select All and assign labels works. Essentially requires using one of your standings categories for labelling only though.

Member of the Pink Pony Killboard Padding Alliance

Adriel Malakai
Shoulda Checked Local
Break-A-Wish Foundation
#206 - 2012-11-01 20:54:56 UTC
Sort wars in Corporation -> Wars -> Our Wars alphabetically by name (actually meaningful with the 30+ free wars from Dec Shield Big smile)
NA No Assholes
#207 - 2012-11-01 21:03:54 UTC  |  Edited by: Totalrx
My idea from another post:


  • NPC Corps cannot be war dec'ed. This allows NPC corp players to play without worry of being involved in a war.
  • The low amount of PVP compared to PVE in High Sec has been a point of debate for a long while.


After (X) amount of time of an active account, a player already part of or joining an NPC corporation is automatically transferred into a division of that NPC corp that is enrolled in Faction Warfare (or Red vs Blue).

The risk to CCP is that some of the PVE-only players may unsub.

Possible upside effects are:

1) Players who do not wish to be part of FW or RvB can find a player corp to join. Then it's up to that corp's diplomatic skills that determines if and how often they are war dec'ed.

2) It can bolster the numbers of individuals in FW (or RvB) which can mean a boost for Low Sec.

I haven't quite figured out what (X) should be. I definitely think it should be more than 30 days, but less than 270. To get a decent amount of skills, ISK base, and understanding of game mechanics 180 days may be a decent number.
Seleucus Ontuas
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#208 - 2012-11-01 21:12:43 UTC
The ability to select which wallet division POCO taxes went into.
Mara Rinn
Cosmic Goo Convertor
#209 - 2012-11-01 21:44:37 UTC
Ability to pay POCO/POS fees from personal wallet.
Spy 21
Infidelia Black
#210 - 2012-11-01 22:42:45 UTC
just a couple... might not be small though...

1. Make it possible to assign a label or name to different jump clones to make it faster to find the one you want for a particular task.

2. Consider offering one time skill point trade-in when significant game changes drastically reduce the utility of certain skill sets. Ie... the scrap metal processing skill lost a ton of it's value when the rat T1 module drops were eliminated. also, the long skill tree to be able to fit a good mission drone boat will be useless for what it was trained for after all npc's start switching targets... etc..

3. Add an anchor-able module that creates a small aoe within which items sitting in space (unpiloted ships, cans) cannot be scanned. Not exactly a cloak as you can see it if on grid but a way to hide items in potentially hostile space. These modules should need to be refueled regularly or they would go offline. Put limits on the mass that can be stored within each bubble to limit the strategic effect... more or less a way for a solo player to hide supplies, loot, an extra ship or two in a wormhole or sovereign null sec space. (this is BIG I know but more people will see it here than if I posted it a hundred times in FI forum)...

4. Ability to make a bookmark appear in the overview --- this was promised in a now forgotten dev blog about upcoming changes a long time ago.



Obfuscation for the WIN on page 3...

#211 - 2012-11-01 22:47:18 UTC
Reality check on some fundamentals

Corporation Management

Corporation Management, and the advanced versions of the skill, limit the number of members allowed in the corporation.

Corporation Management (1x) : 10/level
Megacorp Management (3x) : +50/level (requires Corporation Management V)
Empire Control (5x) : +200/level (requires Megacorp Management V)
Sovereignty (8x) : +1000/level (requires Empire Control V)

Maximum corporation sizes:

Corporation Management: 50
Megacorp Management: 300
Empire Control: 1300
Sovereignty: 6300 - people in one corp?

Perhaps the Wiki is crazy, but the Math looks right.

This is not a stealth nerf of type entities (you're clearly wanted)

Just seems like no thought went into this part of the game, and where there's lack of thought, there's room for improvement.

Squeeze that sucker up tighter with reality so 'choices' need to be made.

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Seleia O'Sinnor
Drop of Honey
#212 - 2012-11-01 22:59:19 UTC
Less WiS, less Dust, more little things.

Odyssey: Repacking in POS hangars for modules +1,  but please for other stuff too, especially containers. Make containers openable in POS hangars.

#213 - 2012-11-01 23:09:07 UTC
Seleia O'Sinnor wrote:
Less WiS

I support this - less WiS for Seleia. Ugly pilots shouldn't be allowed in WiS / common station halls to not to scare people.

Or there may be player profession to re-customize another characters for ISK such as entertainer in SWG.
#214 - 2012-11-02 05:35:24 UTC
Make containers more useful, i.e. make it possible to repackage, repair, contract and fit items that are inside (station) containers.

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Terminal Insanity
Goonswarm Federation
#215 - 2012-11-02 06:50:23 UTC  |  Edited by: Terminal Insanity
Buttons Dont Respond due to LAG - When i just jumped into a gatecamp, and i Mouseclick Approach, then F1(cloak) and F2(mwd) real fast, sometimes i'll mwd and no cloak, or cloak and no mwd, depending on what the client decided was do-able. I belevie this is caused by lag (i did click approach and expected to break cloak, but F1 doesnt work because my client thinks its still cloaked, since the server hasnt sent that back yet) These commands should be 'faked' clientside and send them to server in the clicked order. Let the server decide if its valid and then inform the client.

I can press these buttons faster then the server can update my client with new information. This also effects things other then cloak. EG: When i jump into a fight on gate, i hit approach then ctrl-click on my enemy... but it doesnt work... so i sit here spamming ctrl-click until the server has told my client im approaching and decloaked, then my client finally lets me lock. and when you're trying to overheat and turn mwd on and guns on etc... And thats only if the client bothered sending the Approach command in the first place. it all gets clogged up and only half gets done. I end up targeting the guy and shooting him but for some reason im still sitting at 0m/s while im trying to do the same thing on my other client... so im constantly going back and forth between monitors trying to re-click the things the client didnt bother listening to

Items window - should have a 'tray' on the top for ships icons. a Lower tray for hanger items. Dragging items over a ship icon would pop up a list of locations inside of that ship that you can place it (similar to the clickable buttons you see in the CQ infront of the ship)
Searching for a ship by text is harder then looking for it by icon. I also dislike having to scroll all the way down the list of ships to dump something into the item hanger when i just used that window to find my ship and its still in ship view... it just seems like soooo much work and window pushing and resizing to do anything.

Items window - when drag/dropping items into a ship on the left hand side, it opens the ship's cargo automatically too fast. When im dragging items up the list of ships to my carrier, often i end up opening another ship's cargo because i stopped on it for half a moment.

Items Window - when i resize window, my selected items are unselected. I open my cargo, select loot, and then realize i cant drop them into the hanger because the list of ships is long, and so i resize the window, which then deselects all the items i was about to drag.

Items Window Lag - Cache icons as if the window never closed. Re-opening it makes it re-load all those images slowly.

Loot all - Should loot the most valuable items first, ether based on guesstimate isk value or meta level. Killed a guy, faction items mixed in the wreck, 'Loot All' the 800 Caps!?... gotta jetison it and retry before the rest of his fleet lands

Fleet Broadcast Warpto for Scanprobers - Let a scanprober broadcast his scanned target so that the fleet commander can fleetwarp to it, without having to move the prober into an FC position or on same grid

Less popups - Repackaging, repairing, etc. Theres so many things to click simply to repair and restack everything neatly. Even after the repair is done theres another window that remains telling me theres 0 things to repair... great, get out of my way! It can be frustrating when you need to do complex tasks fast and theres so many dialogs to click through and windows to shuffle around

Commit a Crime Popup - Remove it. Im tired of seeing this. I only enter highsec to commit crimes, and know what the consquences will be. It should probably be separate from the 'you're repairing a guy who just became a criminal' popup. Thats still useful information.

Fleet Window - Keeps closing after i leave a fleet. NO! My alliance creates a new fleet before heading out again so that we dont have AFK'ers in the fleet. I leave the fleet and then the fleet window closes. i now have to re-open the fleet window to join a new fleet. Just let it stay open, i stack it with my Scanner window anyways and its annoying having to re-open it and sometimes re-stack it

Fleet Window - Leave Fleet Button - On the Fleet Finder tab, there should be a Leave Fleet button. Rightclicking my name and finding Leave Fleet might not sound bad but im kinda OCD about making sure i dont accidentally drunk-click Quit Corporation which is RIGHT THERE.

Quit Corporation - Remove it from the rightclick menu. Put it in the Corporate window!!!

CSPA Charges etc - Burried, still after all these years, hidden in the EVEMAIL window's tiny little corner icon. Move it into the character sheet, or better yet, into the escape menu. Do it for the nubins. I hate having to tell people how to open this all the time.

And some new stuff that would help;
Fleet Bookmarks - Let me save bookmarks that become available to the fleet i'm commanding.
Icon/Brackets for BOOKMARKS (So you can see a little icon, in space, in the position of your bookmark)
Icon/Brackets for PLANETARY objects, such as instalations, and wars. (attached to the surface of the planet as it orbits)
Out-Of-Game Notifications. Let my alliance notify everyone who's not in the game, immediately, that there is a fleet to join, or a meeting... How about when my POS or SOV is under attack? Simply querying the API every 15 minutes isnt enough, in 15 minutes the fight will be over with. I want to be able to notify everyone immediately. Evemon could listen for messages from the server. My android/winphone/iphone could beep/buzz when theres an event. Eve server could know where to send these messages based on previous API requests maybe?
Plot Most Efficient Route - I select 8 stations i need to pick up from, where to?

"War declarations are never officially considered griefing and are not a bannable offense, and it has been repeatedly stated by the developers that the possibility for non-consensual PvP is an intended feature." - CCP

Terminal Insanity
Goonswarm Federation
#216 - 2012-11-02 07:46:41 UTC  |  Edited by: Terminal Insanity
MOar tiny cut:
Trade Window - Sometimes finds its way below other windows. I click on the trade window to bring it to the top but... it doesnt rise! I have to move windows out of the way so i can drag its title bar before its ontop. It should just automagically popup to the top when im dragging and holding items overtop of it. And at the very least, it should rise to the top when i click on it!

Drag/Drop Targets - I want to be able to drag items into the ship hanger, and have the items fall into the item hanger! It makes no sense! I WANT IT ANYWAYS!!! I want to drag items into my Captain's Quarters floor too!, and even throw some at the (items)icon on the neocom! Dragging items onto a player name will try to open a trade window - if not in station; it'll attempt to create a contract with that person's name filled in already!

Drag/Drop Moar Trouble - dragging an item off my ship from the fitting window, into a trade window, doesnt work! i move it first to the items window and then to trade window.... feels kinda ******** like im having to show a 20 year old how to use a spoon with the most painfully exaggerated motions.

Drag/Drop MOAR PAIN! - Dragging several stacks of items into an almost-full ship cargohold, will fail COMPLETELY, however, dragging one item at a time is not a problem. Let me reword that: I have a ton of things i need to move into my cargohold, but i cant just select them all, drop them all in there and have it fill up the best it can.... that just fails.... i need to do one by one... that single unit stack of Sensor booster first.... Then the 2 units of 10mn ab's, then the 5k unit stacks of ammo that i thought were too much but werent, then the 500 unit stack of Cloaking Devices which brings up a 'split' dialog since its full (which also caused the entire group move to fail in the first place) - Just annoying! when i try to drop all the things into the cargohold, fill it up the best you can AUTOMATICALLY! i dont want to drag/drop one at a time wondering which stack is going to give me the Split Stack dialog due to cargo fullness.

View Market Details from ANYWHERE on the UI ! There are many situations in which you have the item in front of you but you cant rightclick > view market details.... Such as some contract windows. "view contents" of a ship you cant view market details from there. All the little blue (i) info icons should be rightclickable and access their 'view contracts'/'view market details'/etc.

Contracts - Auto-Collatoral - Should give you an estimated price (and probably state its only ESTIMATED) so i can ballpark the collatoral a bit easier.

Isotopes - Color coded. I DO know the difference! Heliuum for amarr, Hydrogen for minmatar, but, sometimes i get it backwards! OOPS!

Fitting Window Saves - No Fit Button! Yes, if you open up your own personal/corp fitttings you can find a Fit button, but what if i have a corporate bulletin with fittings linked in it? Players open the Bulletins and can open the fitting, but then they need to SAVE it to their own before they can find any 'fit' button to auto-fit their ship. This window should also have a Fit button so we dont have to save.

MOar new feature:

Share-Tray - Similar to the Trade Window, only this will allow the involved parties to freely add/take items from the window, on the fly, with no security at all! My main character has ALL THE THINGS but my alt needs to refit his ship. Trade window! I fit it. Another Trade Window back to him! Oops i forgot the ammo, Another trade window! Maybe limit the number of items that can be placed, but, i want to be able to open a 'shared' window between my two clients so that i can more easily pass items between, without having to locate his name and rightclick it each time. Multiple Characters! FLEETWIDE!? What if the FC is handing out bombs for a bombing run, look at all those trade windows! Why not just open one Share-tray and share it with fleet? Drop in stacks of bombs and let people take them!

Killmails / Initial Tackle and Logistics Credit - Give credits to the person who first got point on the dead guy. Or better yet, timestamps of when each player entered the fight. (so we can lol at the people who simply whore'd onto it at the end and assign killboard points accordingly). Mark who was involved in assisting the players who killed him, even if they did no damage to the target. Those poor guardian pilots never get on the killmail yet they're the only reason the killmail exists!. These credits are more deserving then "(final blow)" in a fleet of 50+. With information like this, we could build cooler killboards, and even plot graphs on when each individual pilot entered the battle, when they initiated combat, and when they died etc. Cool stats for cool caps!

Finally, i want to stress, the UI is still very cluttered and sloppy. I honestly dont know how it can be fixed ether, it functions mostly the way you'd expect any window system to and it really isnt your fault, theres just so much going on! I realize that many of these popups are not annoying to most people, but ask any carrier pilot who needs to make multiple trips before his cyno expires, managing windows can get very hectic!

CCP: just try to light a 3-cyno journey to a new home. You need to do 2 trips to haul all your stuff, so you'll need to refuel at the end points and empty/refill your cargo/ship/corp hangers. And do it before the cynos expire! Its very much possible, however doing this will show you exactly how complicated this seemingly simple task can get. Managing all those windows, searching your giant hanger for the isotopes, reopening and re-closing windows, pushing windows out of the way, fitting ships into your maintainance bay like a Tetris game, it all adds up and gets MORE frustrating the more often you do it.

Its not just carrier pilots, these frustrations come out in multiple situations

"War declarations are never officially considered griefing and are not a bannable offense, and it has been repeatedly stated by the developers that the possibility for non-consensual PvP is an intended feature." - CCP

Adriel Malakai
Shoulda Checked Local
Break-A-Wish Foundation
#217 - 2012-11-02 09:19:38 UTC
- Allow more than one jump clone to be stored in a single station.

- When clicking "View Contents" on a ship in your assets window, it should bring up the fit in the same style as saved fits in the fitting window.
Julia's Interstellar Trade Emperium
#218 - 2012-11-02 10:33:57 UTC
John DaiSho wrote:
TheSmokingHertog wrote:
John DaiSho wrote:
Aryth wrote:
Callic Veratar wrote:
My market orders are highlighted. Let me right click them to modify them.

You can do this already

Let me right-click them to cancel them, too! The drop-down menu is already there, just add that option into it.

o7 John

Have had an answer on that on twitter, don't want to google it, but it was in this fashion: CCP tested the option, but decided it had a to high risk margin, that's why we have to do it in orders. See my above post, I suggest to make it optional (as general setting), or make it so, I have an GO TO THIS ORDER in the order menu within the market overview, so I can cancel it on the orders overview after clicking the button "got to this order" in the market overview.


Having the option to activate this button would be the best I think, after all if I cancel an expensive order of myself its my own fault. People that dont need it can keep it deactivated and be happy. But it would make supplying a small market station alot easier for me. I cant wait till my order is buyed out. I need to resupply it before all stock is sold, so I need to cancel the old order, if I dont want to have several overlapping orders. I´m fighting with my order cap regulary anyway (even with Tycoon 4).


Same here :)

Orders Remaining: 48 out of 305 max open ... and that after a week not attending ;). (do you know the feeling your work keeps you away from EVE?


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Konzil der Drei
#219 - 2012-11-02 11:29:28 UTC
You made the great agent finder but 1 option is still missing. You can't look up locator agents. Add this option and it'll be perfect.
Ager Agemo
Rainbow Ponies Incorporated
#220 - 2012-11-02 15:05:01 UTC
Customizable Overview Brackets and icons!!