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W-ORE ships

Rayzilla Zaraki
Yin Jian Enterprises
#81 - 2013-05-11 23:21:07 UTC
Maximus Aerelius wrote:
I read this as ***** Ships! I like that idea and this one!

ORE Industrials take time to train and for only afew ships it's a massive shame.


PS: WH-ORE ships could work as well for, well you know, Wormholes lol

Mobile brothel? If the pirates can haz them, why can't we?

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Mavis Tikalie
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#82 - 2013-05-13 02:19:04 UTC
I found this section very interesting and a little bit of a laugh. Especially when I looked through all and saw no CCP member has currently commented on this thread.

First of all since Odyssey is coming out with a skill change for the Orca and Rorqual they will both use the ORE Industrial skill. This will lower the requirements for the Orca to around a mere twenty days of training. You will see a bunch more Orca's around after this patch I believe. Though because of demand the prices will probably rise till the corps start pumping out mass numbers to compensate. From what I've seen so far I believe the Rorqual will take an even longer time to train up.

Now upon the Super Barge topic. I've imagines one of these things as a T2 Variant of an Orca. But the idea that it could process ore is kinda ridiculous they might as well just make a T2 Titan and turn it into a mining barge. A ship shouldn't be a mobile factory. Okay maybe that's a little over the top but still it don't' be able to process ore. This is what I'd basically have to be; a T2 Orca with no ship maintenance bay (That needs to be renamed as well I mean they don't even repair ships!), a very small cargo bay and a large ore bay. Most likely a new mining laser would also be made or it would be fitted with around six strip miners, which would look rather awesome. I'd also say it should have no Ice mining capability. It's tractor beam and up link roles should also be removed.

Anyway that's my idea so what it would look like. Feel free to send me messages in Eve to rage at me about whatever I just said. Anyway thank's for your time. -Tali
Maximus Aerelius
#83 - 2013-05-13 13:17:12 UTC
Rayzilla Zaraki wrote:
Maximus Aerelius wrote:
I read this as ***** Ships! I like that idea and this one!

ORE Industrials take time to train and for only afew ships it's a massive shame.


PS: WH-ORE ships could work as well for, well you know, Wormholes lol

Mobile brothel? If the pirates can haz them, why can't we?

Exactly Rayzilla, we're talking the same language!
Infinite Force
#84 - 2013-08-01 18:53:57 UTC
To the top.

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Trinkets friend
Sudden Buggery
Sending Thots And Players
#85 - 2013-08-02 04:26:03 UTC
There is a need for a blueprint hauler. Something with a giant target on it's back.
Sunai Karvinoinas
#86 - 2013-08-02 16:45:55 UTC
I don't like all of the hauler redesign made by CCP currently.

But the mentioned mineral and ore hauler are available. But not at possibly best solution within the ORE skill path yet.

In all other ways here's given a lot of input. Now anybody may check the "Assembly Hall" for matching suggestions. If there's no one (can't believe that really), we should open a thread there.

I have some favourites right now.

Frigate Class
1. T2 Mining Frigate for harsh environment (maybe cruiser sized and maybe with different bonusses for each model)

2. Fast Hauler/Speed Hauler
Manouverability of a logistic frigate but cargo size up to 1,000m³.

Industrial Class
1. Tug Boat
Containers (also specialized cargo containers) could be adapted. 1 container for each skill level "ORE Industrial".
Each container rises the align time and reduces the max. velocity. Warp speed might be about 2,5 AE/s.
What slots could be needed, I don't know. I don't need slots for such a high-sec micro freighter.

2. Gang Assistance
Each Ship/module/subsystem could provide 1 special gang support, like
- Fleet Hangar
- Maintenance Bay (incl. T3 subsystem maintenance)
- Repair Service
- Fuel Service
- Ore Compression
- Clone Vat Bay
- ...

3. T1-/T2-Subsystems for Industrial Capabilities mentioned above.
Subsystems could provide all the abilities needed for special goals in industrial beeing without creating the target plate at their butt. So far this was one of the first suggestions in this thread.

4. Factional Modules to customize a freighter for special abilities (ie. smuggling).
- Armor Module -> Armored Money Car (+ Armor, +scan defense, -Speed, --capacity)
- Signal Dispenser -> ++scan defense, --velocity (maybe the module can fake cargo informations)

5. Micro Freighter
Industrial sized, slow bulk transporter, with a huge amount of cargo up to 200k m³. No slots.

Capital Industrial Class
1. Ship Hauler (Mini-Carrier)
Ship can carry fitted ships up to cruiser or BC size. Call it flying fleet/gang/corp hangar. Hangar capacity might be enough for 3 common BC or a lot of Hulks... ;)
Ships has nearly no slots but a drone bandwidth for at least 5 heavy drones (125Mbps) flying around. No drone expansion rigs possible.
The drone bay capacity could be much larger (200m³) in order to assist gang operations in some kind.
Size and manouverability could be comparable to Orca.

2. Capital Exhumer for advanced solo mining
Big drone bay and bandwidth. 2 capital minedrill beam. Ability to use jump drives. Huge armor and shield.
Size and manouverability could be comparable to Orca.

3. Ore Freighter
Capital ore cargo hold but only smart common cargo bay. Might reach about 2,000,000m³ of ore.
Fully comparable to racial freighters (no slots, low speed and manouverability)

There were some more real good ideas in past. Some of them might be gone with the industrial overhaul of CCP. Of curse, there won't come all of the suggestions but it would be great if any.
#87 - 2013-10-03 06:13:17 UTC
Yes, more ORE ships!

Dunno if something could also be done to make lowsec mining more appealing? Some ship geared more towards holding its own against the odd gankers, but not withstanding a gang of pvpers?
Matthew Charbonneaux
#88 - 2013-10-03 06:41:30 UTC
I had an idea for a carrier type thing of similar description, but it got shot down. I fully support a ship like this... no jump drive, but some Orca/carrier abilities... something that could work as a flag ship, or support, or just a ship transport.