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State of Slavery in the Amarr Empire

Azahni Vah'nos
Vah'nos Family
#21 - 2011-10-28 09:19:50 UTC
I think the following text from a mission sums up how slavery is viewed by the Amarr. Also because this involves one of the Heirs, then this attitude towards slaves would filter throughout the Empire.

The slave in question appears to be Minmatar as you recieve negative standing from them when completing the mission.
The Heir's Favorite Slave

Mission briefing
A slave named Jaliti has escaped from the house of the one of the five Heirs to the Imperial Throne. We don't know why or how, but she has commandeered a luxury transport and is still on the run. The Heir in question, who will of course remain anonymous, demands her return, for he greatly enjoys her beauty and company. She is also privy to a great number of personal secrets that could cause great embarrassment to the Heir, and perhaps even to the Imperial Council.

We intercepted a transmission indicating that she intends to meet a contact in the Polfaly system. We don't know whom she will meet, but you must stop her and bring her back, any way you can. Alive if possible, but dead if necessary. I'm sure if you're successful, the rewards will be substantial. We are dealing with an Heir, after all.

Amarrian Society
Most of the difficult labor in the Empire is performed by legions of uneducated slaves, who serve at the beck and call of those who are both clearly and naturally above their station. From conquered races to hereditary servants, Amarrian slaves are diverse and numerous, and they spend their entire lives working toward enlightenment under the guidance of their rightful masters.

The last part about Amarrian Society which appears at the bottom of the mission text is a fairly clear indication of how the Amarr see slaves within the structure of their society. So as far as any laws that were passed regarding slaves, it seems likely that they are really only enforced when these things come to the attention of the other races otherwise it's business as usual.

The more I look at the release of the slaves the more it just seems like a political ploy rather than any sort of change in direction for the Amarr. Releasing slaves whilst retaining the same view of them and then proclaiming an intent to initiate a Reclaiming does not add up. Especially in light of the "From conquered races" slaves statement above, which would basically include any world and peoples reclaimed.

So basically the TLDR version is that Empress Jamyl is using smoke and mirrors to pander to the other races at the moment, but don't worry because sooner or later they'll be back under the guidance of their rightful masters where they belong. Smile

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I'm 5particus
#22 - 2011-10-28 13:40:47 UTC  |  Edited by: I'm 5particus
"Jamyl 'emancipation' is a crude attempt to infiltrate a fifth column into Minmatar society. However the Starkmanir prove that the chains of blood ties are stronger than the chains of Amarr lies."

The emancipation came while the republic was still struggling to absorb the Startmanir and can easily be considered a very overt political play, the possible 'outside' influence on Jamyl might be responsible, but that doesn't automatically mean we should conclude that influence has benevolent motives towards the Minmatar.
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