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[Proposal] Remind CCP About Value

Darth Gustav
Sith Interstellar Tech Harvesting
#21 - 2012-10-17 01:23:07 UTC
Dersen Lowery wrote:
You don't have to convince me that mining is dull. I hardly ever do it outside of corp ops; at least then I have people to talk to. Nor do you have to convince me that more exciting mining would be more exciting, and should be more rewarding. My point is that your attempt to argue the problem from an economic perspective isn't working.

Darth Gustav wrote:
Default Easy Mode will create a supply glut, regardless of whether ISK devalues or not.

That's a recipe for economic disaster...

Will? Mining has been in EVE for how long, unchanged? Any supply glut would have shown itself long since. The recent buff just moved the solo miners from cargo-expanded, max yield hulks to Mackinaws--a trade of convenience over yield.

If a mineral becomes too devalued, people either stop mining or buy a ton of it cheap and sit on it until scarcity, planned or otherwise, raises the price.

If I were to point out any problems with the current resource system, I would point to insane mineral compression in the form of certain modules (and drops--metal scraps? really, CCP?). But that still has nothing whatsoever to do with the value of ISK.

I was under the impression that the new Mackinaw outmined the old hulk, yield for yield. Is that mistaken?

What about new players entering the mining profession? Is it good for the game for players to hear, "Don't mine right now, there's too many minerals on the market?" What about players who just don't care about the least common denominator, such as AFK miners and bots? They won't stop, why should they? More ISK is more ISK than no ISK is, so no matter how low minerals get, miners will keep mining.

We are in agreement about mineral compression I think. But where you see it as one blemish, I see it as systemic.

I can respect that you don't think this is an economic issue, but I can't agree with you. It goes beyond economics, which is what makes it so important.

No new miner should ever have to discover that the lack of barriers to successful acquisition mean that his income is literally as low as it can possibly be. That is just not a good message to send with game design or with a free market.

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Asuka Solo
Tactical Narcotics Team
#22 - 2012-10-17 16:05:05 UTC
This thread again.

Where's the opportunity cost modifier in this equation?

Eve is about Capital ships, WiS, Boobs, PI and Isk!

Darth Gustav
Sith Interstellar Tech Harvesting
#23 - 2012-10-17 18:53:13 UTC  |  Edited by: Darth Gustav
Asuka Solo wrote:
This thread again.

Where's the opportunity cost modifier in this equation?

It can be clearly seen as a spike in demand in the equation:

Value = Demand / Supply

I hope this helps.


It's laughable this would get so much protestation.

I'm not even asking that the CSM propose some specific game change here.

All I'm asking is for the CSM to send CCP a memo letting them know that they need to keep value in mind.

The values of commodities are effected by changes. The values of professions are effected by changes to values of commodities associated with those professions.

Why would anybody object to a simple request for CCP to keep value in mind in their future game design?

It absolutely does not make sense. This is a perfectly reasonable request.


He who trolls trolls best when he who is trolled trolls the troller. -Darth Gustav's Axiom

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