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Dev blog: Introducing the new and improved Crimewatch

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MuraSaki Siki
#1301 - 2013-02-20 01:48:23 UTC
CCP Masterplan wrote:
Gizznitt Malikite wrote:
CCP Masterplan:

There are still several key points brought up in this thread that should be addressed:

1.) Reducing the unflagged despawn timer from 60 seconds to about 15 seconds. 60 seconds is enough time to scan down a ship and aggress them, giving them a PvP flag and allowing everyone to gank them. A major caveat to this, the despawn timer should NOT start until your ship attempts it's emergency warp. Otherwise capital ships can despawn in warp. Link to a thorough post on it.

2.) The "Assisting a non-corp/alliance/miliitia-mate with a PVP flag would get you a Suspect flag" comment is wonderful, but extremely problematic. Example 1: I can warp a noobship into an incursion and GCC it on a BS (ideally one with sleeper aggro). This will give that BS a PvP flag, leaving his OOC logies in a difficult position: Rep that BS and gain a suspect flag (opening them up to a gank), or let it die. Example 2: Imagine a freighter with a logi escort. When suicide ganking the freighter, the logi's are in a conundrum: If they rep the freighter, they go suspect meaning my backup can gank them. Have you thought about changing it from PvP flag to a weapons flag?

3.) The "Assisting your own corp mates* in a Limited Engagement is always legally allowed (it won't be punished per se, but you'll still inherit any W/P/S/C flags they have)" generates untouchable logistics ships. Essentially, if Pilot A attacks a suspect B, it reads like Pilot A can have his corp mates come rep him.... and really sounds like Suspect B will NOT gain any permissions to legally attack those logis. Am I missing something, or is this how you intend it?

1) Using Safe-Logoff (dev blog coming shortly with more details) should let you get your ship out of space quicker than disconnecting, AND let you keep an eye on dscan for incoming probes/attackers in case you need to get to another (safer) spot

2) This has been modified: Assisting a non-corpmate with a PVP flag who is at war will get you a Suspect flag

3) This has been changed: Assisting anyone who is in an LE will get you a Suspect flag if the other parties in the LE can't already shoot you back.

just want to clarify for the last sentence
ex : A attack a suspect B at low sec, and B start fight back. Both get weapon timer, PVP timer, and LE timer between each other. when C come to rep A, C would acquire what flag that A have; weapon , pvp and LE with B.
is that right?

if it is right, how the third sentences would happen??
Dav Varan
State Protectorate
Caldari State
#1302 - 2013-03-08 10:02:51 UTC  |  Edited by: Dav Varan
There seems to be a bug with remote assistance.

When engaging a blinky , In corp logistics are getting suspect flags and are opened up to attack from anyone.
From the OP post this was intended to esculate on neautral logistics only so they cant attack without risk.
In corp logistics and spider setups are allready exposed correctly to all war targets and dont need suspect flags.

This basically makes logistics or spider tank setups pointless ,
You cant attack suspect flagged characters ( included those gained from from neutral logistics ) without opening yourself up to attack from the whole system.
Leucy Kerastase
#1303 - 2013-03-12 15:52:44 UTC  |  Edited by: Leucy Kerastase
Is there an up-to-date comprehensive document on Crimewatch? The Blog and its charts are already outdated :(
Fortune's House
#1304 - 2013-03-12 16:57:22 UTC
Herr Wilkus wrote:
Concur that the 5 minute timer is too short, it should be longer, preferably equal in length to the 15 minute suspect flag, as it was before.

After we had to patiently explain to the DEVs why 'not allowing suspects to shoot back' was a seriously bad idea,
the proposed LE compromise was advertised at a standard '15 minute' length, and that seemed fair.

Why was it changed to 5 minutes at the last minute?

Would like an answer to this question as it makes me sad :(