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Spoon Thumb
Indecisive Certainty
#1 - 2012-09-27 12:36:23 UTC
I recently returned to captaining spacecraft after more than a year working in a different field, but upon contacting old friends and colleagues, the overriding sentiment is one of tired old hands, bitter veterans and those who are coasting, the afterburner's cut and their speed slowly tapering off.

It seems to me that many capsuleers of my generation have reached a sort of mid-career crisis; well off enough that they can afford the finer things in life and live in comfort, but without the drive and ambition that once marked them out as shining stars in a galaxy of bright lights and pushed them to exceed all expectations

I posit that this is the result of a slow, subconscious realisation by the capsuleer community that actually the power they wield is limited by the impermanence of all that they can create. Fortunes are made and lost, corporations come and go, nullsec empires flourish and cascade.

I feel as though we have discovered who we are, but not the great cause, the purpose for which our places in history will be etched
Diana Kim
State Protectorate
Caldari State
#2 - 2012-09-27 12:52:40 UTC

Honored are the dead, for their legacy guides us.

In memory of Tibus Heth, Caldari State Executor YC110-115, Hero and Patriot.

Spoon Thumb
Indecisive Certainty
#3 - 2012-09-30 19:16:50 UTC
You think military duty will elevate you beyond merely a bit part actor in the affairs of the State?
Amaki Mai
#4 - 2012-09-30 20:30:40 UTC
For me, I'm happy with objectives that might seem a little limited because I see them in the context of my family. I'll be able to elevate the accomplishments of my baseliner family for centuries, just from what I've achieved already.

Perhaps the problem with the Empyrean Life is that, if taken as a stand-alone life, it lacks wider context.
Berluth Luthian
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#5 - 2012-10-03 18:39:44 UTC
In Jove your glory waits.