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Mr LaForge
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#841 - 2012-09-12 22:29:39 UTC
RIP good sir VR.

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The Scope
Gallente Federation
#842 - 2012-09-12 22:30:42 UTC
Rest in peace, my deepest condolences go out to your family and beloved.
deathmane sunwalker
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#843 - 2012-09-12 22:31:10 UTC
Rest in peace Vile Rat. Thank you for all you did.
Xavier Trading
Goonswarm Federation
#844 - 2012-09-12 22:32:16 UTC
RIP Vile Rat
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#845 - 2012-09-12 22:32:17 UTC
RIP Vile Rat, your family is in my prayers.

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Houston EVE Meet

Pandemic Horde
#846 - 2012-09-12 22:34:17 UTC
RIP Vile Rat

Even though we were always on different sides in the game, you were still a part of my game and many others'.
State Constructions
#847 - 2012-09-12 22:37:35 UTC
I'm in shock :(

RIP Vile!
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#848 - 2012-09-12 22:38:07 UTC
Sad day in EVE, I would like to see a perment ingame momorial. It could be a generial one to those that die, while alive had a vast impact on the game. I would have an info box on ingame on the momorial showing the names. How to chose who goes on the box is simple. Have the isk rasied by the players 100 billion get a players ingame name added. Thats equil 3500 dollars, should cover any programing costs.
Aethraen Azizora
Squirrels Inc.
#849 - 2012-09-12 22:39:30 UTC
RIP Vile Rat
Hard Knocks Inc.
Hard Knocks Citizens
#850 - 2012-09-12 22:41:29 UTC
RIP Vile.

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Sauber Sanchez
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#851 - 2012-09-12 22:44:58 UTC
Condolences, he and his colleagues made a great sacrifice for our nation yesterday.
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#852 - 2012-09-12 22:47:36 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Phantom
RIP Vile Rat. My thoughts and prayers to your family.
Bob FromMarketing
Space Marketing Department
#853 - 2012-09-12 22:48:36 UTC
RIP Spacebro

I wish I could achieve even 1% of what you've done in the game.

Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#854 - 2012-09-12 22:49:50 UTC
Fair winds and calm seas. Rest in peace mate.
Enochia Starr
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#855 - 2012-09-12 22:53:15 UTC

o/ RIP Vile Rat, you did the US Proud.
Elias Way
Goonswarm Federation
#856 - 2012-09-12 22:54:30 UTC
RIP Vile Rat.
REABC sends condolences to his family and the Goons on their loss.
Imperial Shipment
Amarr Empire
#857 - 2012-09-12 22:56:03 UTC
o7 RIP
Hawn Muvila
State War Academy
Caldari State
#858 - 2012-09-12 22:57:07 UTC
RIP Sean

You won't be forgotten.
Senshi Hawk
Goonswarm Federation
#859 - 2012-09-12 22:57:55 UTC
I think this picture says it best.
Inc Shimaya
Taco Bell Inc.
#860 - 2012-09-12 22:58:20 UTC
RIP. My condolences to the wife and children.