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How to fix armor tanking

Reaver Glitterstim
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#41 - 2012-09-03 05:35:18 UTC
Nestara Aldent wrote:
Putting races into roles (RPG 'class' system) is harmful, yet its what CCP did so far. IMO every race should have ships viable for all the roles (skirmishing in small gangs, or ships with significant buffer and projection fro large scale fights), yet remain distinctive, and have weak and strong points.

They do. Each individual ship is different from each other ship. The racial roles are a general trend, and many of their ships match it.

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#42 - 2012-09-03 10:41:23 UTC  |  Edited by: nahjustwarpin
midslot propulsion booster mod, that boost agility and/or speed increase of ab and/or mwd
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