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New T1 tackle frigs vs Interceptors: Why use an Inty Anymore?

Deez Icho
Caldari State
#41 - 2012-08-22 09:09:47 UTC
Why compare only slasher and stiletto?

Lets compare other inters:

Atron and raptor.

Atron have better agile, 2.7 vs 3.0 align time.
better speed, 4587 vs 4402
better tank, due more PG and addition rig slot.
better capacitor 334 vs 285 (with mwd), rcharge time 128.3 vs 158.2
better weapons due more PG.
Raptor have additional bonuses upon interceptor skill.
better warp speed
better ship sensor strength (versus falcon this doesn't make sense).

Now we have TECH2 ship like TECH1 analog or worse.
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