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IMPORTANT - Tournament Layout and What To Expect

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#1 - 2012-06-29 18:30:37 UTC  |  Edited by: CCP Loxy
We've made quite a few changes to the format on the back-end this year. Most of this will be fairly transparent to you guys. CCP Veritas has done us the solid of building us an actual tournament management tool this year so a great deal of what has been manual labor in the past is now done via an interface instead of using command after command on TQ. Because of this there are some changes you should have in expectations.

Here's the things you need to know:

1) Be docked in a station 30 minutes prior to your match
2) Be in the ship you plan on using, docked in the station 30 minutes prior to your match
3) Be in a fleet with your team captain, in the ship you plan on using, docked in the station prior to your match

For general questions we've created a channel which will be staffed by one of our wonderful and talented customer support representatives who can help you with any questions you might have prior to your matches. "ATX Captains" is the channel and it SHOULD mainly be ATX CAPTAINS in there.

A GM will be in contact with your captain to ensure that you're in your fleet and ready to go. GMs will no longer join your fleet or do anything other than broker communications with you during the event.

Once we're ready for you we will ask you which beacon you'd like to start from. There are four beacons you may choose from. The entire team must start at the same beacon. You will be warping from these beacons into the arena so in essence the beacon you choose can make a difference in positioning. Here's a map of the arena and beacon positioning to help you make your decisions:


Once you've chosen your beacons you will be teleported to them in a special arena system. When we're ready we will tell you to warp to the arena we're using at a distance of no greater than 50k. If you go greater than that you will be penalized or moved.

You then wait for the countdown in local for the match to start. Once the match is started you kill each other. The radius of the arena is 125km. If you exceed that you will be blown up and the other team will be credited for a kill.

Once the match is over you will cease firing. You will be given some time to loot the field time permitting. You will then be moved back to the place from whence you came. The new system also automatically announces the match winner as soon as it's over.

I think that spells it all out. I'll see you all in space tomorrow!

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