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Am I a bad person, had a dream

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Unimaginative Guy
Dutch Squad
#21 - 2012-06-26 02:02:09 UTC
I ALWAYS have the same 3 re-occuring dreams:

1: Im doing anything anywhere(as in any random dream) and my teeth are loose and/or falling out.

2: I'm In a gunfight and the pistol bullets never go where the iron sights are pointing, or I'm firing empty shells.

3: I'm trying to run but my legs act as if they;re in sludge when they;re not.

Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
#22 - 2012-06-26 02:09:44 UTC
Nearly each of the dreams that I end up remembering have enough material to fill several action/thriller/spy/sci-fi movies, and I don't have any recurring dreams. I sometimes don't get up when I half-wake-up just to see what would happen next in the dream. Most of them I end up mostly forgetting in a few days, but they're pretty vivid for a few hours.

A former corpmate actually based the idea of a book on one of the more weird dreams I had, a dream which I told him the story of a while after having it.
True story.
As in, this is the actual book :

Rashmika Clavain
Revelation Space
#23 - 2012-06-27 14:40:44 UTC
I keep having recurring dreams about Zombies. Not nice stuff tbfh.

/blame Left4Dead2
/blame The Walking Dead

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