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Inferno 1.1 Sisi features

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Isaiah Harms
State War Academy
Caldari State
#681 - 2012-07-26 04:00:31 UTC
Weaselior wrote:
CCP Goliath wrote:

• Adding some new items to FW LP stores
• Removing EWAR from all FW NPCs

Isn't speedtanking FW complexes a huge issue? Shouldn't you be adding webs or something else to fix that inbalance (this is, apparently, completely breaking the caldari/gallente war)?

Also what kind of items - brand new items, or ones from other LP stores?

Yeah.. I know those Gallente pilots are crying tears about controlling most of Caldari low.. Gee.. Those missiles must truly be hard for their 18 man FW fleets to handle. Especially against the mindboggling awesome resist bonuses a gallente ship gets to kinetic.

Isaiah Harms
State War Academy
Caldari State
#682 - 2012-07-26 04:27:48 UTC  |  Edited by: Isaiah Harms
Maraner wrote:
Agree with Jade, at least try and find a mid point please CCP. This 1.1 change is too much of a nerf.

Having received the adoration of Maraner and Co. before (3 consecutive wardecs lasting 8 months) I wish to state something you all need to consider:

You do not win in EVE through mechanics

You win by not giving up, and learning how to make the opponent give up.

A few short weeks after being formed, my old alliance (Dragoons.) came to the attention of an alliance called Boglyft (changed to Capitol.Punishment, now Capital Punishment.)

3 weeks into wardec #1 our entire industrial corp fled the ranks. By week 5 most every other corp had also abandoned the alliance. It looked like Maraner and his men were going to squash yet another alliance. Admit it, being perma-camped by 3 carriers and support fleet makes it hard for new alliances.

I think the rock bottom point was when I logged into ventrilo and only 3 others were online. What do you do when your enemy control the space and you got a handful of guys active? You get mad.

We switched our stance to a guerrilla war. Our enemy would win the fleet fights. But we'd pick off expensive ships flying solo, and slowly the campaign efficiency numbers turned around.

So my whole point: Quit trying to finagle favorable mechanics. Learn to really fight. It's humans behind the computer screen after all.... Learn to combat THEM, not their ships. You'll start to win no matter how big they are.

P.S. You're worried that Goons is too big to fight? My 150 man alliance (12 guys active) demolished a 700 man alliance last October. They were about 12-45 guys active at all times. If numbers intimidate you it says you don't know how to PVP in EVE.

Go back to WOW.