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EVE ? It's a Trap !

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#61 - 2012-06-08 21:42:18 UTC
It's amazing how much we're controlling your game even after we lost the CSM chair. I have this wild urge to say "You struck him down and he became more powerful than you could ever imagine". But it's not really true.

You people are literally quaking in terror from a threat that realistically won't affect you if you pop your heads out of your asses and pay just the slightest bit of attention.

You know what this reminds me of? America after 9/11. I'm more likely to be struck down by a flying cow than I am to be killed by a terrorist, but you batshit fruitcakes are so terrified that I have to get groped anytime I go to an airport.
Wilhelm Arcturus
Goonswarm Federation
#62 - 2012-06-08 21:45:15 UTC
Alavaria Fera wrote:
Wilhelm Arcturus wrote:
Quartzlight Evenstar Icefluxor wrote:

The whole thing must be abandoned as is.

EVE ? It's a Trap.

Can I have your stuff?

No point, he's left a few times already.

And then look, here's another thread.

Plus I see that Jagerblitzen beat me to it.

Glad to see the CSM is on top of these things and making sure all the formal rituals are observed.

A whining "I quit!" thread without a "can I have your stuff?" response would be unpardonable.
Devilish Ledoux
Goonswarm Federation
#63 - 2012-06-08 21:51:25 UTC
Groups that are not a race:
1) Miners
2) Goons
3) Mongoloids (fun fact: they're not actually from Mongolia)
4) The Gays

BTW, am I the only one who finds it funny that the OP is following Mittens on the Twitter?
Dheeradj Nurgle
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#64 - 2012-06-08 22:10:34 UTC
Have the goons thanked you for your tears already?

Thank you for the not so amusing thread.
Sunshine and Lollipops
#65 - 2012-06-08 22:19:34 UTC  |  Edited by: Tippia
…sooo, if I understand the OP correctly, the industrial extermination of several peoples and millions of humans belonging to said peoples is a rather innocent endeavour.

That seems… extreme. Shocked
Haulie Berry
#66 - 2012-06-08 22:26:39 UTC
Still wondering how the OP went from this:

You are trying to apply logic to a group of people whose mindset and actions are not rational at all.

Best to have some Hot Chocolate, Relax, and Adapt.

If you had read any of the history of EVE's development, it was designed with a degree of griefing sPECIFICALLY built in.

Alter that and you have another game entirely.

And as much of a High Sec miner/industrialist as I am, I would be OUT OF HERE if these things stopped.

Better to focus your actions on the game's real issue: RMT and Botting.

To his current, whiny state.

Also, deeply amused by his signature boldly pronouncing how much he doesn't care about goons when it's all he ever posts about.
Ludi Burek
Unchained Alliance
#67 - 2012-06-08 22:53:14 UTC
OP should do all or at least some of the below:

Must dos:

See a shrink. The ones the dispense pills, not just the run of the mill psychologist.

Spend more time outside.

Finally quit eve.

Probably needed:

Find real people to speak to and stop stalking pretend internet spaceship pilots.

Maybe go do some humanitarian work in the 3rd world to get perspective.

Also recommended:

Self medicate.
Powers Sa
#68 - 2012-06-08 23:26:04 UTC
Quartzlight Evenstar Icefluxor wrote:
Those who want a 'totally safe high sec': leave the game please.

Those who want 'a Goon-type All PvP only': please leave the game as well.

The balance worked for nearly a decade.

Unfortunaely, CCP has made a fatal mistake by allowing an EXTREMIST GROUP to take the reigns. Game or not, any form of extremism always, in RL or E-Life, utterly breaks the system.

And I don't blame any player for not wanting to join in a limp, unwinnable recreation of the Allies vs. Axis here. The Mittani, a genius ? BS. He does nothing but take sickening cues out of history books and calls it 'brilliant' because he is doing it 'on the interwebs.' Whether it's Jews or Miners, racism is racism, prejudice towards an 'other' is prejudice.

Have we really gotten to the point where we will hand over our entertainment money for a simulation of the worst aspects of humanity ? Of course we have. Sadly.

But one can speak with one's Wallet. The Jews were not so lucky.

EVE requires a lot of time and financial investment to build up, and now one individual thinks others do not deserve any of it.

I take that back. They are incapable of considering it as undeserved. None of it really means a thing at all to them, except the utter elimination of anyone non-Goon.

As EVE has been described as more of a hobby than a game, I guess the equivalent would be building a huge model railroad as one's lifetime hobby, then discovering you made the landscapes for it out of radioactive material.

The whole thing must be abandoned as is.

EVE ? It's a Trap.

You were given a free excuse to take a little time off, blow off some steam, think about how seriously you took this game, and grow as a person. I login to EVE-O today to find you did none of that, and that you are hung up on the same things/issues. You take this game to seriously and personally. If you just played the game, had fun with your friends, accept the occasional loss, you wouldn't be in this situation of rage and contempt. These kind of feelings of vitriol, hate, and rage. Eve is about accepting loss and growing from it.

You just associated goonswarm with nazism. We do not hate jews. A good number of our members were raised jewish. This thread is so extremely tasteless and offensive to me. My great-grandparents were holocaust survivors. How can you equate the events in a videogame to the holocaust? This is so mind-blowing.

Do you like winning t2 frigs and dictors for Dirt Cheap?

Remeber: Gambling addiction is no laughing matter unless you've lost a vast space fortune on the internet.

Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#69 - 2012-06-08 23:39:30 UTC  |  Edited by: niishke
You must be mistaking us for some other alliance because WWII Germany isn't our gimmick. We do the North Korea autocratic fascist state thing.
CCP Spitfire
C C P Alliance
#70 - 2012-06-09 00:08:43 UTC
Ranting, thread locked.

CCP Spitfire | Marketing & Sales Team @ccp_spitfire