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Is there any good reason for the 10 hour character termination wait?

Alison Naskingar
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#21 - 2012-05-29 14:12:33 UTC
Jafit wrote:
Doc Severide wrote:
It used to be 24 hours I seem to remember....

Suicide is irreversible...

You can petition it and they'll un-biomass a character for you, even if someone has taken its name they'll let you pick a new name. I did it with one of mine once and it ended up back in School of Applied Knowledge with a full employment history.

Hey, a redditor.
#22 - 2012-05-29 14:14:38 UTC
Cebraio wrote:
Alison Naskingar wrote:
Terrorfrodo wrote:
It exists to save the mentally weak from their own overwhelming rage, so they may reconsider and be humiliated again.

Btw, is it really possible to re-use any character name, even if that character has been bio-massed? I'd think not.

You only delete the character, NOT the character name.

Yes, I also think it's not possible to ever use the same name again. Please let us know if otherwise. Cool

Think what you will, but it was possible last I checked... and since it's not in any patchnotes you can fill in bugreport if not Twisted

Alison Naskingar wrote:

You only delete the character, NOT the character name.
Actually, you don't even get to delete your character, it simply moved into NPC corp... "doomheim" or somehting.


Every single character used in this post is a work of fiction. Any similarities with real-world alphabet, or - god forbid - language is purely unintnetional!

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