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Out of Pod Experience

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What would you say if you woke up to the Avatar above you in your bed?

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Darth Gustav
Sith Interstellar Tech Harvesting
#3101 - 2012-06-21 21:48:05 UTC
The ISK is on the table.

He who trolls trolls best when he who is trolled trolls the troller. -Darth Gustav's Axiom

Talon SilverHawk
Patria o Muerte
#3102 - 2012-06-21 22:17:19 UTC  |  Edited by: Talon SilverHawk
Darth Gustav wrote:
The ISK is on the table.

Silent scream and Panic Shocked
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#3103 - 2012-06-21 22:36:59 UTC
ouch, stubble rashUgh
Lina Alar
Royal Amarr Institute
Amarr Empire
#3104 - 2012-06-21 23:02:22 UTC
That's a partial relief... I thought I had a gas leak in here. Take that out to the balcony, would you?

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Kiteo Hatto
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#3105 - 2012-06-21 23:04:42 UTC
You are lucky, you got to spend the night with the grandpa! Did he tell you many war stories ?
Reaver Glitterstim
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#3106 - 2012-06-22 00:19:48 UTC
So, do you have any skeletons in your closet? On second thought, forget I asked. No really, please don't let them loose!

FT Diomedes: "Reaver, sometimes I wonder what you are thinking when you sit down to post."

Frostys Virpio: "We have to give it to him that he does put more effort than the vast majority in his idea but damn does it sometime come out of nowhere."

Serena Serene
Heretic University
#3107 - 2012-06-22 02:08:26 UTC  |  Edited by: Serena Serene
Don't be so mad just because you didn't get what you want.
But nice of you to fly me home.
Alice Saki
Nocturnal Romance
Cynosural Field Theory.
#3108 - 2012-06-22 13:43:42 UTC
8/10 Where your hair gone xD

FREEZE! Drop the LIKES AND WALK AWAY! - Currenly rebuilding gaming machine, I will Return.

Helion Dhamphir
Necromatic Inc.
#3109 - 2012-06-22 13:45:58 UTC
Don't look so sad, you'll walk straight again in a week or two.
Lin-Young Borovskova
#3110 - 2012-06-22 13:51:26 UTC
The dog couch is over there, why did you sleep on the floor? -My pitbull is a very nice doggy.


Cause Effect
Cause and Effect Inc
#3111 - 2012-06-22 13:58:33 UTC
I knew that rohypnol would come in handy!
Arcana Imperii Ltd.
#3112 - 2012-06-22 13:59:31 UTC
wtf...did you drug me???

Founding member of the Belligerent Undesirables movement.

Cause Effect
Cause and Effect Inc
#3113 - 2012-06-22 14:00:53 UTC
FloppieTheBanjoClown wrote:
wtf...did you drug me???

Yes, with the rohypnol I mentioned above!
Serena Serene
Heretic University
#3114 - 2012-06-22 16:48:05 UTC
... Can't always be lucky.
Goremageddon Box
Guerrilla Flotilla
#3115 - 2012-06-22 16:49:48 UTC
Serena Serene wrote:
... Can't always be lucky.

Trin Xi
#3116 - 2012-06-22 18:10:36 UTC
Winmatar indeed.

Post with someone else's main™.

501st Amarr
#3117 - 2012-06-22 19:23:23 UTC
Trin Xi wrote:
Winmatar indeed.

Not bad. Lol
Kos Equinox
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#3118 - 2012-06-23 16:52:16 UTC
"For the last time, stop wearing your sunglasses to bed".
Serena Serene
Heretic University
#3119 - 2012-06-23 17:10:21 UTC
"You look sad .. let me cheer you up."
Sarah Schneider
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#3120 - 2012-06-23 18:45:28 UTC
Can i have your number now?

"I'd rather have other players get shot by other players than not interacting with others" -CCP Soundwave