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ccp romplestomped incursions

Simi Kusoni
#61 - 2012-04-27 04:45:49 UTC
Korgan Nailo wrote:
Well, to me, there were 2 things to work on, but they changed a 3rd too.

- ISK from VGs was wrong. Period.
- Blitzing was wrong. Period.

Both things were not intended to be done as such.

- making the sites suicidal is simply bad.

We are not talking about people who had never done incursions. First Assault site I go in after the patch and see one guardian, one legion and one Vindicator popping. That was an ASSAULT site. People can say that players just didn't fit properly, and my answer to that was that the FC was one of losses, and he/she knew what he/she was doing.

Then, new site, this time, we lost another logi, another BS AND I got from full shields to 40% hull in a 110k EHP battleship. You may say logis were slow, or that my fit was wrong, say whatever you want, but the overall "feeling" was bad. One FC mentioned they ended up with 8 logis in one fleet before they felt comfortable.

To me, they just made it too risky.

Result now is that either you have a Pirate / Faction / Marauder BS, or you won't be able to fit full turrets because you need at TON of tank.

If Incursions are meant to be run by fleets of 2/3 bil fits, I guess I'll just miss them as they were before this patch, not for the ISK but for the fun that simply isn't there anymore, or at least wasn't in the sites / fleets I did after the patch.

TLDR: closing the ISK faucet and blitzing was ok. Making the sites more dangerous was unnecessary.
Unnecessary, but amusing.


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