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New dev blog: Spaceship Murder Notifications

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Echo Mande
#141 - 2012-04-25 17:12:05 UTC
CCP Punkturis wrote:
Andrea Griffin wrote:
CCP Punkturis wrote:
Fiona Hellkitten wrote:
For example, the compact lists in chats was like the best feature ever.
you're welcomeBlink
I'd like to second this. The compact list, as simple a feature though it may seem, has been a HUGE improvement for me and many others.

I know! it's my own personal little thing I've made, that and the filtering in the skills listBlink

Hmm. Not to threadjack too much, but is there any way the compact list could also be implemented on the station guest (who's docked) list?
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#142 - 2012-04-25 17:12:21 UTC
This is the best ui improvement literally ever. Literally.

Also, Punkturis, your posting has improved (somewhat)
J3ssica Alba
Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#143 - 2012-04-25 17:18:22 UTC
CCP Tuxford wrote:
We want to put everything on the market but we just haven´t done it yet.

So contracting system is on its way out? Shocked
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Lemming Alpha1dash1
Lemmings Online
#144 - 2012-04-25 17:19:39 UTC
a DJ LMP kill report


new name aprroved Bear

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Lemming Alpha1dash1
Lemmings Online
#145 - 2012-04-25 17:20:23 UTC
a DJ LMP kill report,

let me think about that....

new name approved Bear

Information is Ammunition,

War does not tolerate Ambiguities.

May you live in an interesting Empyrean age !

Asteroid Farm Unlimited
The Bastion
#146 - 2012-04-25 17:28:57 UTC  |  Edited by: tbagger98
Maybe this had been mentiond before in earlier posts, However, if your going to make a KILL Report would it be possible to add the duration of the battle that took place? If duration is implemented how about adding the time each member was involved in the attack. What about what did the victim do as far as damage output to the involved parties? One more thing. What if other members of the victim's corporation or alliance where on the field. Maybe too detailed but a report give the details of almost if not all of everything. Just a few suggestions/thoughts
Adhocracy Incorporated
#147 - 2012-04-25 17:32:28 UTC
1. Eff yes.

2. Copying kill information good. Copying kill information with option in tiny-ass right-click menu less good. Since we all know that these eventually end up on killboards, can we just get a nice big button somewhere on the kill report, maybe next to the "save fitting" button, that copies the kill info so it can be posted to our location of choice quickly and painlessly? At least until there's some kind of official CCP killboard.

3. Are these only replacing what we get now when we double-click on entries in our combat logs, or are you actually changing the combat log itself as well? It's not bad now, but any given kill or loss is tucked in a submenu of a submenu kind of deal. They also take a little while to load the ship portraits, so I wouldn't say no to the option for a cleaner text list of my recent conquests.

4. Can we get entries in the kill log for kills that we are on, but not the killing blow? I'm just thinking how I would access this shiny new kill report majigger if I didn't get the final shot in, except for being linked to it by whoever did get it or just seeing it when they post it on the KB...
Tez Saurus
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#148 - 2012-04-25 17:37:36 UTC
CCP Punkturis, UI Empress of My Heart. Great stuff!
Kaylen Vimanis
#149 - 2012-04-25 17:38:55 UTC
Not sure how difficult would it be, but you could have something clientside that looks at combat logs, which also includes stargates jumped addressing the issue being finished off by an inty. A certain amount of time needs to be a limit on this obviously so damage isn't tracked over several hours for instance.

And once you die or target dies, that creates an interrupt (from the person that just died) and sends some information from the newly dead to an out of game server that is purely made for processing these many many combat logs which marries pilot damage, reps, system and the eve time then generates the KRs and also sends the information back to the players involved according to the KR it's just generated.

This way it relieves some server stress so things keep running smoothly as it won't be used for things regarding KRs which if the overall fleet count and amount of kills/deaths generated can require a huge amount of processing power if only for a short time. It would hopefully be able to calculate it on the fly so KRs won't have to be batched per minute like they are now.

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Xen Investments
Xen Combine
#150 - 2012-04-25 17:43:27 UTC
Will dropped implants be shown in the kill report on destroyed pods?
Nova Fox
Novafox Shipyards
#151 - 2012-04-25 17:46:36 UTC
Raketefrau wrote:
Since a lot of items (supercapitals, etc) are only available on contracts, how does it determine isk values for such things?

they're on sale on the market now or insurance pricing based for ships.

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Madlof Chev
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#152 - 2012-04-25 17:49:25 UTC
CCP Punkturis wrote:

You are my favorite dev.
Ranger 1
Ranger Corp
Vae. Victis.
#153 - 2012-04-25 17:49:51 UTC  |  Edited by: Ranger 1
J3ssica Alba wrote:
CCP Tuxford wrote:
We want to put everything on the market but we just haven´t done it yet.

So contracting system is on its way out? Shocked

I wouldn't think so, I would say the contract system will evolve into something slightly different.

Contracts as we know them should remain, perhaps with an eye to making it easier to sell fully equipped vessels. It also still has the advantage of making your items visible anywhere in New Eden.

The ability to have a reasonably accurate and up to date (within two weeks) value available, combined with new functionality (similar to the "Merc Contract" proposal) for contracts opens the door to some interesting things with regards to the Bounty Hunting profession.

Bounty Hunting:

One of the more popular ideas proposed to make bounties viable has been for the ISK total of the "bounty" to actually be a pool of ISK used to pay out bounties based on the value of the ship/pod kill report.

We all know that currently a bounty only serves to go into the pocket of the target. If instead a person killing a ship or pod would receive a payout of, say, half the value of what was destroyed (including clone and implant costs in the case of a destroyed pod). The bounty pool slowly depletes as people cash in over time, until the ISK pool is gone.

This makes the person the bounty is on well worth killing and even if he claims his own bounty he still loses money.

Decisions would have to be made on the part of the would be bounty hunter as to whether to go for the kill when the target is in a cheap ship, or follow him in hopes of getting a more lucurative kill.

This is a long term "harrassment" of the target, available to anyone who can kill them until the bounty is depleted.

Contract Killing:

This would be a direct private contract with an individual or organization to kill a particular individual. No one else, not even the target, would be aware of the private contracts existence. It wouldn't take much for the contract system to be made flexible enough to accomodate this, in return for an API verified Kill Report.

A low security status would not be necessary for a "hit" contract to be put on your head, and the payout would likely be larger than it would be with a standard bounty. It would generally require the death of the pod to be collected, but could also be made ship specific (say for a known cap ship pilot).

Essentially it would be a modified version of the future Merc Contracts that will apparently be coming in game.

The phrase "I have a contract on my head" will suddenly have it's appropriate meaning in EVE.

These things are only the tip of the iceberg now that we have an official average "market value" that is readily accessable and plans in place for a more flexible contract system.

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CCP Punkturis
C C P Alliance
#154 - 2012-04-25 17:54:15 UTC
Maul555 wrote:
Will dropped implants be shown in the kill report on destroyed pods?

implants are shown in the kill reports yesBig smile

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Lord FunkyMunky
Caldari State
#155 - 2012-04-25 17:55:25 UTC
Junko Sideswipe wrote:

This is great, and everyone is going to have their own little quips about it, and you can't please everyone. However myself and I'm sure others would still like to see that you still include the "Involved Parties" area which contains a list of the corporations involved with their total player counts in some shape or form. The reason for this is because when you have joint operations between some type of allied force, it's important in hindsight to see how many players are representing their corporations/alliances and participating in an operation. If however you are also planning on including a greater battle report feature at some point, I suppose the "Involved Parties" list would be made obsolete.

wow i totally missed that the alliance break down missing is sorta sad, hope they add it back :S
Lord FunkyMunky
Caldari State
#156 - 2012-04-25 18:01:44 UTC
CCP Punkturis wrote:
Maul555 wrote:
Will dropped implants be shown in the kill report on destroyed pods?

implants are shown in the kill reports yesBig smile

lol Punkturis you know he said "dropped implants" right lol, wow wouldn't that be interesting... a microsurgury skill to remove "damaged" dropped implants from corpses :S hehe
Dragoon Industries Limited
#157 - 2012-04-25 18:08:40 UTC
Is there any plans to show each module price in the kill report and not just the final total? It would be nice to see the difference in the values in items dropped versus items destroyed.

Also ya since this is a report now and not a kill mail, any chance everyone who is on the report can get it added to there list of kills?
Marcel Devereux
Aideron Robotics
#158 - 2012-04-25 18:11:19 UTC
CCP Explorer wrote:
Jemiria wrote:
CCP Explorer wrote:
I really also want to know why seconds are important. Big smile

Some players like to analyze in detail how a particular engagement went. timing can be essential, as is the precise order of things. rounded of to the minute really destoys the resolution you want to understand exacty what happened; how effects and actions are orchestrated. perhaps you should ask CCP Veritas about this subject ;)
Or we all should read what Masterplan said about how we batch the creation of Kill Reports and how therefore they are only accurate to the minute anyway.

That is just the batch processing. Are you telling me there is no log of when exactly something is blown up?
Otherworld Enterprises
Otherworld Empire
#159 - 2012-04-25 18:14:46 UTC
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Inner Fire Inc.
#160 - 2012-04-25 18:16:52 UTC
Will kills currently in the system (ie, all pre-Inferno kills) be viewable in the new KR format after Inferno launches?