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  • Biggest Pain for New Players in EVE Communication Center

    Sensors and lock time are also really confusing. I mean, intuitively if my ship says it has a scan resolution of 1 mm I'd figure that means it should be able to lock a space insect at a hundred kilometers, but it's actually the other way around and means that it would take forever to lock anything smaller than a Titan! I think they should just change the units to "points" or something.

  • Biggest Pain for New Players in EVE Communication Center

    Christy D Floyd wrote:
    unrollloops wrote:
    Trying to make the overview work with large fleet fights.

    TBH if your in large fleet battles and the overview is not working for you you might not be a noob but on the other hand you could be a noob in a large corp who hasnt taught you anything so my advice would be to leave said corp and try something else or you could just be trolling a useful post that is meant to show new players everyone has/had the same problems they have.

    no I"m serious, even after getting a ton of presets and setting it up right it's a real pain once you go over about 40 ships total in a battle. the names are confusing until I can remember what class and function every ship has and there aren't any real fast ways to sort them outside of having a selection of 5 overview tabs ready. It gets easier with practice but important info still tends to get lost on the screen

    the most difficult part of the game to me so far is that if I have the wrong overview pulled up all sorts of important things are suddenly completely invisible which sucks when you're trying to learn pvp and battle the interface at the same time. I'm not really complaining since I've been finding ways to work around it, but this topic was asking what was difficult

  • Biggest Pain for New Players in EVE Communication Center

    Trying to make the overview work with large fleet fights.

  • EVE Fiction Contest - Extreme graphics card, EON subscriptions & 26 bil isk in prizes! in EVE Communication Center

    This sound p cool. I like the short word limit, good short stories are the best stories. Time to read up on wormholes and Gallente club culture

  • Fleets Vs. blobs in EVE Communication Center

    Having more ships doesn't necessarily make you a blob. Often times it simply means that you were such elite PVP pilots that you were able to build a bigger fleet than your underhanded opponents could possibly blob. Outfleeting a blob is truly a commendable accomplishment.

  • What just happened? in EVE Communication Center

    If you want to keep traveling through hellsystems like Rancer, its best to set up some bookmarks a few hundred kilometers off the gates and learn to use d-scan.

  • Tips required for a complete noob (introduction to PvP) in EVE Communication Center

    I would start flying with people in something really cheap (frigate or destroyer). There are dozens of ways you can die very fast if you don't know what you're doing, you can get a head start on figuring them out in something you can already fly and don't care about losing.