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  • EVE universe expanded in EVE Technology and Research Center

    i guess i need to sum this all up.
    my intention was to bring the idea of a new content to the game, to let people that need some kind of interesting missions and storyline (real one) to have fun. it wasnt my intention to copy-paste existing space without any major change, but to create something that would be more, say, rpg-like. i am very curious where sleepers did come from, is there any other life than humanoid races out there (in EVE), it's more like - more story, more things to get curious about, not more isk printing.

    i will try to summarize all the above:
    1. players are in urgent need to fix issues or to make some change in existing content, preferably nullsec. it seems that it became a stressful and unpatient to live with something that needs changing. that topic wasn't about that, but i understand that these needs are sunbstantially big.
    2. existing space is more than enough to succesfully play the game, that means, to make isk, become powerful, have fun with pvp and pve. my topic wasn't about that either. if You didn't catch me up, that means that i haven't pass my view in proper way.

    what i wanted to propose was something that some people play games for, some story, something that can bound thoughts to it and let myself to really feel like living here. all the Jove and sleepers content just ask for that. it's not enough for me i guess. i may be alone, but i hoped that this forum is a place to share visions. that is my vision. if i'm alone, that's ok.

    finally, thanks for Your posts here. even if they are not within my 'line of vision', they are valuable.

  • EVE universe expanded in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Dustpuppy wrote:
    Let's see if this could break down the big ones so smaller groups have a chance again to claim the already existing empty space.

    i totally agree, but i got no sensible ideas for that matter, so i choose to develop new content. these new planes/galaxies do not need to be the same and my vision was rather to live like 'american settlers among native indians' rather than just bringing all the extraction stuff to make isk. an adventure instead of isk printing. i feel that it would be hard to accomplish, cuz new things need time and lot of work to do, but it can be very interesting.

    i can extend my thoughts on the thing i posted, no problem, cuz new content is the thing here. anyway, my proposal is a long-term vision. it's not something that can be implemented in like next few months, but it can be worth thinking about.

  • PI expanded in EVE Technology and Research Center


    yup, risk is inscribed into 'more income' thing.
    as for present PI installations, i would allow all systems to be interacted, but it could be influenced by system security. hi-sec installations should be safe, low-sec installations either wardec-only or guarded by some modules (turrets, civilians may use wapons, that are currently an item 'small arms' or sth).
    DUST interations are just a proposal, it can be easily postponed or even resigned, but i see DUST rather as a joyful posibility than a threat.

  • EVE universe expanded in EVE Technology and Research Center


    well, my intention is not just to allow other players to settle empty systems (what includes taking part in 'rental' program), but adiing new content to the game. i may be alone with my thoughts, but EVE potential is not just 'settle-all-the-systems' thing but to explore. there is nothing to explore at this moment and i'm not happy with the idea of rental program. it's not 'space'y'. what are Your thoughts about our RL universe now? mine are like: 'vast, unexplored, infinite'. game developers can make this happen and some of us, players, may have more to do than just pay big guys to mine a moon. more content, please.

  • PI expanded in EVE Technology and Research Center

    PI is trivial. some of us trained these skills to find that we can prosper from it, but it's a short alley and possibilities can be easily widen out by adding more content.

    so, we can place command centre, extractors and factories. we can move our stuff to POCO. great. i propose to make another modules: civilian ones. civilians are already 'movable' as a cargo in some missions. if we would build some civilian facilities on the planet (this must be varied by planet type) cilivians may help with manufacturing by adding some % of production or can allow better extraction ranges and accuracy or resource to not to be so easily depleted. whats more? they would (probably) pay taxes. they will need resources: food, drink, oxygen, metal parts, whatever. some commodities may finally have their use bought and sold to npc stations and even market. devs may add new items (new market possibilities).

    more: DUST players may capture/defend civilian structures, they can affect it in any other way.

    more: DUST players OR/AND civilians (most probably scientists) could search for artifacts (sleepers-like in w-space; other in w-space, whatever).

    if a concept like mine was already discussed, please, forgive me, i searched for similiar topics and didnt find it.

    this is my second Features & Ideas thread. previous one was about expanding 'OUT'. this time a give it a try to present possibilities within contemporary game content.

  • EVE universe expanded in EVE Technology and Research Center

    EVE can extend. It needs to.

    what i propose is to make another galaxy. and another, and another. if EVE wants to be on par with upcoming scifi games it needs to explode and offer players fresh chill of space.

    i propose to start expanding arc missions by one or two that would be bound with Jovians or sleepers, that would offer to scan and travel thru some kind of 'wormholes', but leading to another galaxy/dimension/plane. these things need to be kind of random and temporary to avoid massive flood of players. i am aware that today's w-space is something like my concept, but it's determined by enters and exits to same EVE galaxy. let's make like 2 or 3 more as for the start. hey, those sleepers came from somewhere, didn't they?

    more about new galaxies/planes:
    it can have some random designations that can be named by players that discover them (and probably renamed later). there may be stations (of some kind) of cilivisations (of some kind) that also needs to be communicated with and explored (missions, arc missions, ...). there needs to be different approach to market, as different civilisations may have (or may not) different currency. exchange trade? as players would advance and build their own outposts 'normal' market can be offered, as players may want to use ISK to exchange goods. finally, it may become available to construct jump gates of some kind that would allow players to travel to another galaxy/plane thru it. i would see that as one jump gate building effort per faction that can be hastened by running missions and/or passing materials to faction npc's.

    all of these part-concepts can be easily discussed and expanded. i got plenty of ideas that would offer a new taste of freshness and really good fun to players. there is, of course, a need for all of us to participate in placing here new ideas and concepts. if my concept is something that was already discussed, please forgive me, as i checked this forum rules and didnt find any corresponding topic.

    when I started to play EVE and finished that chain of questions that determine my possible future occupation it turned out i (most likely) will become an explorer. well, my first aim in skilling was covert ops frigate. i made it - i started flying it, entered w-space, i even started my own scouting spreadsheet. but before that i realized that there's nothing to explore. exploration sites are well known all-around and no one needs an 'explorer'. EVE-space is fully charted, and - whats more - occupied by large alliances. boring. boring!

  • Asayanami Dei for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    well, there's not only a lore needed for such tasks, but also an ability to express and form in a proper way to other ppl.
    Asay's yt movies got real experience and time for all of these new responsibilities.

    as for me, u got +1 Asay.
    all the best!