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  • Please remove the ability for players to name ships/POS mods. in EVE Communication Center

    i was here!!!

  • Isboxer, why is it allowed? in EVE Communication Center

    Robert Caldera wrote:
    illirdor wrote:

    First of all pumpkin its CCP,s game so yea its up to them to define what they think automation is.

    yeah, and because its their game they decide whats red or blue, right?
    Yes, they can allow and do allow isbox despite of its automated nature.

    Yea they can, and if you dont like it then stop playing.

    Robert Caldera wrote:

    illirdor wrote:

    Second why is it that they only get a profit from isBoxer user but not the bot user ??

    probably because botter were responsible for too much inflation and player anger, isbox hasnt induced similar degree of rage among players yet.

    riiiight.. funny i have never seen ppl rage over botting in the similar degree that they rage over isBoxer.

  • Isboxer, why is it allowed? in EVE Communication Center

    Robert Caldera wrote:
    Tippia wrote:
    …because one is actual automation of gameplay and the other is not.

    what is automation and what is not is not upon you or CCP, its a well defined term and you can google for it.

    Tippia wrote:
    If it were a matter of profit, CCP would allow far more things than multiboxing. The notion that it's about profit becomes downright silly and ignorant when you look at the thousands of accounts they close down on a regular basis.

    where can I look at those "thousands of closed accounts". Link your source.
    There is no obvious reason why they allow isboxer, aside of profit. Because they would be otherwise banned.

    First of all pumpkin its CCP,s game so yea its up to them to define what they think automation is.

    Second why is it that they only get a profit from isBoxer user but not the bot user ??

  • CCP - Why is plex is so expensive?! We are being ripped of in the UK in EVE Communication Center

    ImYourMom wrote:
    Sarpy Aranori wrote:
    ImYourMom wrote:
    Sarpy Aranori wrote:

    thanks so now your just rubbing it in

    learn to read. Just make an account on the US website and buy them off that.

    Grow up and stop throwing childish "What are you, autistic" insults over the internet.

    You're playing a game about virtual spaceships.

    learn to read? it was just a picture. go away

    also this does not answer the question of why in the UK we are paying more. so get lost.

    Thats not a picture you effin moron...

  • It figures CFC are behind this in EVE Communication Center

    Desert Ice78 wrote:
    I guess you could say that this post is one of those times when you should just take a deep breath and ask yourself "do I really need to post this?"

    Thats abit ironic when you look at the alliance name ;)

  • First death in Low-Sec...I feel so used. in EVE Communication Center

    Aurix Kane wrote:

    And I AM keeping a spreadsheet of everyone who kills me as a n00b. I will get my vengeance! (after I've skilled up)

    Why would you need a spreadsheet when you can just look at your KM ??? Roll

    ahh Lilliana Stelles beat me to it XD

  • What was in the ninja patch @ 11.2.2014 in EVE Communication Center

    They nerfed everything you love and care for... time to rage and unsub.. no need for a quick search about small "ninja" patches.

  • New capital wrecks... in EVE Communication Center

    Erufen Rito wrote:
    Kagura Nikon wrote:
    Jassmin Joy wrote:
    Kagura Nikon wrote:

    These peopel are still far etter than the ones that spend 10K US$ in their computers, the make pirate copies of the games becaus the "games are too expensive".

    You just made not one, but two generalizations on groups of people based on their rigs, and did it in a way that would make my four year old cousin look clever, i'm not even going to bother going into details or argue about this, it's just astounding people like you remember to breath without thinking hard.

    You're dumb.

    Yest I am hundreds of times more inteligent than you because I did missinterpreted what someone wrote, replacing it completely but whatever crap was in my head. You just made yourself look dumber than my 4 year old dog.

    NO WHERE IN MY STATEMENT THERE IS ANY GENERALIZATION!! If you read any there, you need to learn to use your brain!

    Simple lesson to you A ->B is not same as A=>B .

    Bolded it for you.
    Actually, let me break it down.
    The ones that spend 10k US on their computers pirate software
    The ones that spend 10k US on their computers can't afford expensive games (lolwat)

    And you think yourself smart?

    You might wanna read the part you bolded yourself he does not state that all ppl with 10K rigs does that... moron

  • Titan Buff in EVE Gameplay Center

    black tie lottery wrote:
    Batelle wrote:

    Because all players either own multiple supercaps or mine in hisec. And if you aren't concerned about the awful plight of the former then you must be a member of the later. Troll somewhere else.

    Why don't you stop trolling this super serious forum post?

    Super Serial

  • ESS Discussion Thread in EVE Communication Center

    Dave Stark wrote:
    illirdor wrote:
    im soooooo gonna fly around and dropping this baby just to **** ppl off XD

    but you can't deploy them in high sec...

    awwwww really ?? well im gonna have to settle with null then to bad they dont whine...

  • ESS Discussion Thread in EVE Communication Center

    im soooooo gonna fly around and dropping this baby just to **** ppl off XD

  • Corp Thief: Morvinn/Zetrick in EVE Gameplay Center

    bwahaha poor poor SCUM. XD

  • Should Chribba and The Mittani be banned? in EVE Communication Center

    awww come on guys leave james whatshisname alone. he is somebody and a really important forum thingy...

  • whats up with eve-files chrib? in EVE Communication Center

    Mr R4nd0m wrote:
    Unsuccessful At Everything wrote:
    Confirming that Eve Online General Discussion Forums is the correct place to ask question about third party sites.

    there's always one that has to play the 'wrong forum' troll isnt there. You got nothing better to do?

    FYI eve-files is a little more than just a 'third party' site sonny

    second party site ?

  • Fitting ships in EVE Gameplay Center

    Im gonna go with reindeer.. is that correct ??

  • Bastion + Missions = Timebomb in EVE Gameplay Center

    Glyphe Temare wrote:

    Glyphe out.

    Ohhhh god!! XD HAHAHA why are no one commenting about that part!! **** the bastion module lets talk about the most badass way of saying "im not gonna reply to this thread no more" !! XD

  • Petition to Ban Isobox/Vec, bots and other similar program in EVE Communication Center

    Robert Caldera wrote:

    Things doing something on their own with no user directly controlling them are automated by any mean.

    Your some special kind of stupid. isBoxer dont work without input.. anybody knows that (well except you maybe and mister necrowhatshisname).

  • Curse and Recon in EVE Gameplay Center


    Pilgrim is a whole another story. Suffice to say, pilgrim and its 10km range and armor slowness make it WORST BOAT EVER.

    It would be nice if it had a cloak so it could like sneak up on ppl ;)

  • I need ideas about how to reap tears flying solo. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Isaac Janara wrote:
    I hate frigs so no frig crap. Im looking at stealth bomber

    Shocked WUT ?!?

  • Titan Skype, a meeting of the big dogs (Titan Pilots Only) [Original Post Bugged] in EVE Communication Center

    This has to be the best troll post ever! XD

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