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  • CCP karkur - you're our only hope - new Little Things in EVE Technology and Research Center

    • Suggestion: Have D-Scan use "Custom Camera Tracking" position instead of ship's center of POV (or have a toggle for it)
    • Keywords: ui, d-scan, camera
    • Note: A toggle on D-Scan window to use/not use "Custom Camera Tracking" would also be great

    Now we have option to use "Custom Camera Tracking" position. This option is great, as we don't have to overlap our own ship against the ship/object we want to look at (great for skirmish PvP, hunting for targets, etc).

    Meanwhile, D-Scan pin-pointing has been greatly improved, with "Camera Tracking": select to object you want to scan at, and the camera automatically pans there. But that only works when your camera tracking is centered on the ship.

    Two awesome features, but they can't be used together X. Please don't make me chose between them.

  • CCP karkur - you're our only hope - new Little Things in EVE Technology and Research Center

    • Suggestion: Clicking on EWar icon above/below capacitor should switch to that target (if already targeted).
    • Keywords: ui, targeting, ewar.
    • Note: You can CTRL+Click to target, but if it is already targeted, then it does nothing.


    You can CTRL+Click the EWar icons above/below your capacitor to target them right there. However, if the ship that's projecting the effect is already targeted, then CTRL+Click does nothing. There is not even a right-click option to "switch" to that target. As larger ships take considerably longer to target small ships, most will have multiple hostile targeted ahead of time. When it's time to bail out, you need to figure the target to neut, who is it that has a scramble point on you.

    Currently the only way is to right-click, look-up and remember the name, then look for that name among targeted ships. Yes I know there are the overview icons, but then what's the point of the capacitor icons? I'll answer: cause they are much bigger and more obvious.

  • 20 days free multiple character training in EVE Communication Center

    Anyone having issues using this?

    I've followed the link, opened another training slot in Account Services. But in-game, it's still not letting me do dual character training. It says that one character is already training...

  • Elite: Dangerous v EVE in EVE Communication Center

    Herzog Wolfhammer wrote:
    An "I am invisible" switch - like a cloaking device with no local?

    When you go "Solo" mode (which can be enabled at login, in station, or between warps), you are literally playing on a Solo session.

    You don't see other human players, other human players don't see you. But you still experience the "persistent universe", as in the price of commodity you see in station is the same as other players see, or the political status of the region is same as others observe it.

    It's important to realize that a "different session" is like playing on a different FPS server (password protected to allow only you).

    Each session (solo, or even the 32-player online session), gets it's own copy of NPCs even. So, playing Solo you won't see NPCs suddenly explode cause some non-solo player killed them. The NPCs you see are local to your session.

  • Elite: Dangerous v EVE in EVE Communication Center

    Reiisha wrote:
    I don't think of Elite as an MMO, never have. Just an old school Elite with multiplayer options, that's all it is.

    Unfortunately, the marketing material calls it "MMO" and a lot of people will buy it for its false pretense (like I did), hence my warning.

    Doesn't help when people like the OP come here and preach that it's everything that EvE should have been. In fact, it's everything that EvE isn't (including the forum population of selfish anti-social single-player carebears that have been rejected from every possible multi-player community). Totally different, with the only common part being "space theme".

    There is room for both, absolutely.

    P.S. get this: saying "carebears" there will get your post removed and a warning issued. Yet they spew "griefer" at anyone that even thinks of interacting (i.e. shooting) with another player.

  • Elite: Dangerous v EVE in EVE Communication Center

    Indahmawar Fazmarai wrote:

    I think that you got instances wrong, as there is a single persistent universe for all instances

    Try again. Research the famously quoted "DDA", like that's some fraking gold bible, on how they say it will work.

    The only thing that's persistent is your character and your cash.

    When you are not in station, hyperjump, or supercruise, you are loaded into an instance of 32 players max. Don't like who you've been paired up with, change session and you may get another instance with different set of players. They are "persistent" through the universe, but you will only see a max of 32 other players around you. And I am not talking about "seeing ship models" here, you won't be aware of the existence of the other 32 players from other instances at all.

    Similarly, when you play "Solo-group", "private-group", or "all-group", it's the same character/cash/universe, but you can basically decide (upon session change), to be playing completely alone, in the same solar system in the "persistent universe" as others who are playing in another instance with 32 players.

    Imagine going to Jita, but seeing nothing but customs officers and rats, yet having all the same market orders. Not that it would matter in ED, as there is no player market.

    Oh and did you know that 95% of statistics are made up on the spot Roll

  • Elite: Dangerous v EVE in EVE Communication Center

    Here is some pointers, after trying out Elite Dangerous, to anyone considering partying with their hard earned cash.

    To those that don't read the fine print, and believe that Elite Dangerous has any resemblance to an "MMO" that it claims to be.... forget, it is not.

    Let's start with the world model:

    * 400 billion systems, (rumored) 70,000 inhabited.
    If you think finding targets in EvE is hard, try doing that in Elite. Good luck actually finding real players. The game is designed from a single-player perspective, and the world is populated, but by NPCs, taking role of local security, trade haulers, bounty hunters and pirates: all NPCs.

    * Next comes the instancing.
    Here it is quite similar to Star Citizen, and works more like an FPS rather than an MMO. You connect to a server/instance/island, and that server/instance/island can only hold 32 other players (NPCs don't count), like an FPS server being full. I understand it's a necessary evil for performance reasons, but both SC and ED leave much unanswered here.

    This is one of those things that I will mark as "let's see how it works". However, here is my view at it now. Want a "fair" fight? Get 16 people into group, and look for like minded group on some instance. Want to blob? Get a 25-player group and find unsuspecting few people. Want to never ever worry about risk of other players? Get a 32-player group, and your instance will be "full" to anyone else. But wait, there are "better" ways to avoid people.

    * I am willing to see how the instancing works out, however what I am not willing to accept is the ability to "escape" from an instance simply by loading another.
    So you jump to a station, in your hauler with no weapons, and there is a combat blockade. What do you do? Do you take responsibility for your stupid actions of flying un-escorted and unarmed into what amounts to be a 0.0 system? Nope, you simply jump out and jump back in, and you would have loaded a different instance, which may or may not have the enemy blockade. Avoiding risk by one-step-short-of-logout. But wait, like I said, there are "better" ways to avoid people.

    * Solo online mode.
    If you think that everything upto here doesn't really break the "MMO Open Sandbox" part, wait till you hear this. You, at will, can go "Solo", which means you will never see another player, nor will they see you. You still play in the same Universe, but in some kind of "shifted phase", so you don't interact with anyone. Imagine playing EvE, seeing local spike, and just flipping "I am invisible" mode and continuing on your merry business. This is not a "Solo server". This is not a "solo character". This is a "flip-of-a-switch-leave-me-alone" solo mode, that retains all your progress, but allows you to play risk-free, and once you've made enough money to go back to "open world", and then run away to "solo" again.

    * No market economy.
    Economy? What economy? There is endless credits faucet with no sinks. By from NPC orders, sell to NPC orders. Instant profit (no time to wait for the order to be sold). And they've made it clear that actions of a single player will never affect the economy prices. Only when a large percentage of population trades a commodity would it's price be shifted. "Dynamic player influenced economy" my ass.

    * No territorial control.
    All that space, and you can't even block an entrance to the station cause [see instancing].

    So, with everyone doing all the credits grind risk-free in solo/private-group modes, and people only jumping to "open world" mode for PvP, there won't be half the advertised game content (pirates, bounty hunters, mercenaries, security, unknown dangerous space ahead).

    It will be a single-player/co-op game, with a PvP arena.

    OP is a lunatic to say "Elite is everything EvE should have been". That only works if you expected EvE to be a single-player flight-sim.

    There is no "MMO" in Elite Dangerous. It is a single-player game with a multi-player option

    Dangerous? Ha. Harmless!

  • [EVENT] Sacrifice to the Capsuleers of New Eden 2014-09-05 @ 22:00 EVE in EVE Gameplay Center

    Welp... no US TZ participation at that hour... What? Just 1 hour later would still be feasible for EU TZ, and yet allow all the US TZ people to actually get back home from work...

  • Elite: Dangerous v EVE in EVE Communication Center


  • Elite: Dangerous v EVE in EVE Communication Center

    raven666wings wrote:

    babble babble

    You should go meet up with Star Citizen supporters, if you got the balls.

  • Anyone else uses Eve Music to run? in EVE Communication Center

    NightCrawler 85 wrote:
    While its not EVE music (except in the background) i know that someone listens to the audio version of the EVE chronicles while running, does that count? Big smile

    I had listed to all the chronicles while exercising. Wish there were more...

  • can someone explain the appeal of "the matrix" in EVE Communication Center

    Nathaniel Raynaud wrote:
    so, i just got around to watching "the matrix", and came away thinking that it was an okay film but not understanding why so many people are so into it.

    like a lot of science fiction, it starts off with a premise which doesn't act as a platform to facilitate character interaction or examine aspects of humanity but rather just kind of exists. "everything you believe is actually fake" is a fine premise, it worked for "inception", but whereas "inception" faded out of relevance about a year after it was released, the matrix has somehow remained a big cultural influence while being a sequence of slow-motion kung fu action clips interspersed with scenes of character interaction completely lacking in personality and some really mystifying wardrobe design choices.

    even lighthearted modern science fiction films like "snow piercer" come out ahead compared to "the matrix". the former concerns itself entirely with human interaction instead of its science fiction premise, and the result is a really fun and watchable film with an interesting cast and good looking guys doing violent things (you should watch it, btw). meanwhile, "the matrix" fails to develop most of its characters beyond basic archetypes and all the action scenes kind of blend together after a while.

    anyway, why do people like it so much

    Hold old are you?

    You either weren't around when the film was released, or were too little to watch it.

    It had a lot of firsts (camera work, slow motion, etc).
    The timing was right. The whole "plugged in" world was just starting to happen in RL, and then comes the Matrix with it's premise that it's all a lie.
    The characters are not "underdeveloped and emotionless". They portray the anonymous internet users interacting in text only (before smileys completely took over). The whole glasses and "questionable wardrobe" adds to that "mystique". They were done that way on purpose.

    Ask anyone what the greatest movie ever is, and the answer is Citizen Kane. Watch it now... and you will be just as bewildered... as you regarding the Matrix, because everything you see in movies today started in Citizen Kane when it revolutionized the camera work and audio of the movies at the time.

  • Star Conflict EvE Corporations/Alliances in EVE Communication Center

    Are there any EvE corps/alliances that partake in Star Conflict?

    I don't care who they are on EvE side, I am just looking for some "EvE-minded" people to join for some brief fun, preferably with TS

  • Dev blog: Size Matters: Introducing Burner Missions in EVE Information Center

    Never mind... answered in #32

  • Ship loss causing smart-bomb-like explosion in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Gully Alex Foyle wrote:
    Pertuabo Enkidgan wrote:
    Back in the day, ship explosions were massive, bright, beautiful and lit up your screen. If someone in the corner of your eye died you would be notified of it easily. like "oh **** what the **** was that, who died?'' now its barely a poof. Very underwhelming. That's one change that was unnecessary. Yes yes I know space vacuum and all but that wasn't needed. here is one.
    Very satisfying!

    What are those weird blue smoke puffs around the ship? Warp animation?

    Sensor booster

    And I really miss the old player ship explosions

  • Dev Blog: True Stories – What did you think? in EVE Information Center

    What's with the different drawing style? I couldn't recognize anyone.

  • Gajin's Events - Fun for the whole alliance in EVE Gameplay Center

    This was fun! Will do again.

    It's actually interesting how many people were prepared for the event, considering only 1 page of replies here before the event went life.

    Thank you for organizing

  • Auto Click Software? in EVE Communication Center

    I remember this post from a long ago about a guy putting a stack of coins on his F1 key, which was mapped to this MWD.

    Now that there is a shortcut for warping, you can do the same.

    Why coins? Cause he said "takes money to make money" Lol

  • Potential Idea for Discussion: Delaying signature appearance for K162s in EVE Gameplay Center

    CCP Fozzie wrote:
    or even one that is variable depending on the amount of mass that passes through the wormhole

    This please. Fits well with the rest of EvE.

    A lone scout can thus be sneaky and useful. But if a fleet is moving in to engage, the local dwellers are notified.

  • Any groups occupying a whole WH constellation? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Batuka wrote:
    with newer players living in the c3s and the more experience the higher level wh u move into

    My understanding is that constellations are of the same class, no?