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  • So i lost 4 billion.......... in EVE Communication Center

    Lucifer Saissore wrote:
    I do think its a cra-ppy feature of the game i lost 4bil the other guy lost a cheap hull.

    The guy in that Tornado is the reason the profitable trade was there in the first place. Maybe it's not that crappy after all.

  • What insta-killed me in wormhole (and how can I avoid it)? in EVE Communication Center

    Your ship and pod where destroy be a 280mm Howitzer Artillery II. You may want to check your overview settings to include T3 destroyers.

  • CCP, you Customer Service is Literally WORSE THAN COMCAST!!!! in EVE Communication Center

    Sanai Nobuseri wrote:
    The second and the one that im really pissed off about is I did not get my x2 Gnosis and Sunesis ships on my account. I have been subscribed for 5 years ANd pay for my eve time in 3-6 month incriments. And when I put my ticket in and provided proof the GM just totalt ignored me and said a robotic answer you didnt get it because you have to be subscribed. I BLOODY WAS!!!!! And then he closes my f'ing tickt.

    Petition the GM in question. He clearly doesn't want to work there.

  • ISK Limit in EVE Communication Center

    Lena Crews wrote:
    Any older players remember when that stopped?

    Buy orders for mins where removed less then 2 years after release. They provided a low margin and players where asking for much more anyway. Sell orders for T1 items where removed much earlier. Neither played much of a role. The economy was player driven right from the start.

  • Subscription Purchased through STEAM, not updating! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    What does the top line of the transaction history say?

  • Subscription Purchased through STEAM, not updating! in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Nicodemus Shadowfall wrote:
    it simply says your subscription has been added

    Where does it say that?

  • Are we just a meat for the grinder? in EVE Communication Center

    Kenny Frighand wrote:
    Thanks for everybody for the replies, they are helpful indeed but i want to ask some question regarding the accessibility of income resources.

    There are plenty of ways an alpha can make good ISK. All of them involve limited resources. Don't expect to be told to win the competition by your competitors. You will have to use your own brain to find riches in EVE.

  • Missile Range script not working? in EVE Communication Center

    The Larold wrote:
    When I hover over my T2 torp launchers loaded with javelin torps, it says they should be able to hit out to 98km. That's also what I get in fitting software.

    They would hit up to 98km if they would not have to accelerate.

  • Jumping for new missions or am I missing something? in EVE Communication Center

    Bramlugh Trueaim wrote:
    As a new player, should I join a corp?

    This is the only question you asked that will matter in a few weeks time. EVE stands and falls with the players you play with. My CEO just send me of to a secret mission. The best you can hope to see from any NPC is to be send to grind some ISK.

  • A valuable lesson about trade for other new players.. in EVE Communication Center

    Kris Koen wrote:
    Literally a second after i confirmed the update my wallet flashed a big red number and it dawned on me what had happened Roll a 245 Million ISK buy order had become a 2.4 Billion ISK buy order. I bought 1 Bhaalgorn for the price of 10 and my wallet went from 10 digits to about 200 Million ISK.

    You may want to think about this a little longer.

  • Old player returning to Semi deleted character in EVE Communication Center

    Natasha Jovich wrote:
    So basically wondering if anyone knows if a character removal/rollback was done for non active accounts

    No account that has been paid for at least once was touched while inactive by CCP. (They remove pure trial accounts once.) If there are issues with your char petition it. If it turns out it was a problem on CCPs side ask politely for a refund, if you send some money their way aleady. The petition queue is fairly long right now. Expect to wait for weeks,

  • How did you do it?? in EVE Communication Center

    When lvl4 missions where added to highsec the NPCs stayed on the player that warped in first. Any following wave did also stay on target and all waves spawned at the same spot. They did hurt tho and there where no rigs. Tanking them wasn't easy. A mate of mine was tanking and I was sitting with a gank fitted mega (that was before the stacking nerf on dmg mods) blastering with 4kdps left right and center. We build a whole fleet of BS from the loot (that wasn't nerfed back then either). I have fond memories of missions where you can't get stuck on a gate because there was not gate to start with. IIRC it took us a little over a week to make 1B just in bounty each.

  • Farming Tutorials in EVE Communication Center

    Scipio Artelius wrote:
    Go submit a support ticket if you think the volumes are going to break the Merlin market or whatever the issue is supposed to be.

    When I learned one thing in the last 13 years then that both support tickets and bug reports are completely useless.

  • Farming Tutorials in EVE Communication Center

    Nana Skalski wrote:
    Ask him how much he makes ISK/h

    Mini skill injectors are down to 50M on sell contracts. That would mean 200M/h. He didn't do it for the ISK. He went that slippery slope because I told him that I believe for a very young player PI only makes sense if he happens to step on a skill injector. That way he can get PI skills up to a reasonable amount (he didn't spend the SP until he became Omega) and make the invested money back in a few weeks. Would be rather easy for him because we got nice planets in our WH and the old farts will buy the PI products off him.

    It wont stay at 200M/h because those who can use the injectors don't got the money to buy them and they are easy to farm.

    The problem is not the ISK/h, the problem is the by product that will skew prices for that by product beyond reason.

  • Farming Tutorials in EVE Communication Center

    Paranoid Loyd wrote:
    Not to mention this borders on discussing exploits which is not OK.

    If you believe farming mini skill injectors is an exploit you should report it. I believe it's not an exploit by any means. The item in question is capped by the sum of the SP a char got. It would be better if there would be a one time use limit but that's beside the point. The whole tutorial is just an exercise in bad game design and I believe we the players should care about that.

  • Farming Tutorials in EVE Communication Center

    Nana Skalski wrote:
    Do this russian farmer create such amount?

    If even 400 of them wil get and farm those, market will regulate price on it. Soon farming of them will become unworthy of their time.

    A corp mate of mine who just stopped being Alpha (bless him) told me he got it down to 15min/tutorial. If Kisogi alone got 130 players the other 12 systems must at least produce 400 T1 frigs per hour.

    The market can't regulate the price because that T1 frig is a by product. The farmers are after the mini skill injectors. If you set up a buy order you can buy Merlins for 40kISK. Mineral value is slightly over 300kISK. That means mineral prices sans mega must drop to 13% of current prices. That sounds kinda wrong to me. The market never regulates anything because the market doesn't exist. It's an abstract concept.

    (All calculations in this post where done with Perl 6. Join us at

  • Farming Tutorials in EVE Communication Center

    Nana Skalski wrote:
    Do they?

    The ships that are handed out by the tutorial are not build and therefore don't consume minerals. They can be refined or just used as they are. Point is that in those games where you can find a bags of gold you never find bags of gold. You get a few pieces of copper if you are lucky. You also get lvl1 items handed out that become completely useless once you cross lvl5. In EVE we don't got vendor trash. Any item that is not marked as civilian can be molten down. That's why there are those civilian items and that's why they where used as hand outs when I was young.

    I don't know at what threshold free minerals become a problem, that's why a dev will have to have a look.

  • Farming Tutorials in EVE Communication Center

    Scipio Artelius wrote:
    I can take my industry alts Merlin BPO and create multiple, multi run complies at a faster individual rate than these can be farmed.

    Do you create the minerals required for building 400 Merlin per hour out of thin air?

  • Farming Tutorials in EVE Communication Center

    I just got the rather disturbing EVE Mail from a russian fellow who believed an insult is in order just because I placed a bounty on him.

    Not going to look up that link, but I'll inform you that you've put a few bounties on my alts that are deleted 12 hours later. They are farming tutorial. You're wasting ISK, not a lot, but wasting nonetheless.

    I don't care much about the Mini Skill Injector but we might as well remove all Merlin BPOs from the game. Kisogo got 150+ players right now where it used to have 30ish. Chribbas fine char creation chart has become useless as it doesn't account for recycled chars.

    Would be nice if somebody could poke the dev in question to have a look if this may become a bigger problem.

  • what skills do I have? in EVE Communication Center

    Any skill that is listed when "My skills" is selected are in your head (you can stick still into your head you don't have the prerequisites for yet). The number 512'000 is the amount of skillpoints you need to skill them from 0 to 5.

    Hull upgrades can be skilled up to lvl3 on Alpha.

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