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  • C5, C6 Mass discussion in regards to capitals. in EVE Gameplay Center

    With the coming of new capital modules (plates). Masses for C5 and C6 wormholes are going to have to be changed and altered to take this in to account.

    At the summit I brought up the subject of maybe allowing more capitals though a wormhole. Which people felt was worth getting player feedback. Since the mass on these have to change anyway. This would be fairly simple to do.

    So if people would like to discussion if its a good or bad idea on maybe allowing more than 3 caps through a wormhole.

    There is obviously pro's and con's. But we'd be interested in getting feedback on these.

  • Yachts, yachts, yachts. in EVE Gameplay Center

    We're still looking for feedback on these in regard to rolling wormholes.

    Some ideas that have been presented.

    Make it so higgs riggs can't be fit on them.
    Make higgs riggs remove nulification.
    Make higgs remove Cov ops cloak.
    Make it so yachts can't fit BS prop mods.

    More ideas are always welcome as well as discussion on them in general.

  • Noobman for CSM XI. W-space Candidate in Council of Stellar Management

    Jim Womack wrote:
    promise not to run off and join goons if you get elected?


    ooh the burn ...would it help if i said i'd rather have noobman than someone from your corp?

  • [Focus Group] Capital Ships in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Sgt Ocker wrote:

    You really couldn't have a more biased focus group if you tried.

    I feel sorry for the couple of WH guys - The odds of being listened to are well against you. As for the rest of Eve, again we get change to suit the worst aspects of Eve.

    You know there is 8 or 9 decent wh people. I don't think we'll have problems being listened too.

  • Two Step: killing the gravy train... in EVE Gameplay Center

    Tug Speedman wrote:

    My proposal be broadcast chain to all eve and let the content come to you. More frag, more fun!

    that sounds like using null sec and dotlan, goons is recruiting.

  • Two Step: killing the gravy train... in EVE Gameplay Center

    Winthorp wrote:

    Onto escalations as i have said in the trweetfleet wormholes slack channel, i believe we are about to get a WH escalations nerf. Day 1 of the summit minutes discusses WH PVE and then NDA's the discussion. Combine this with our current WH CSM that wants to nerf home WH escalation and encourage more actual group site farming with escalations based on ships other then capitals. (I hove spoken with Corbexx about this in the past and i really support a WH escalation nerf even though i am one of the bads abusing said mechanic).

    His previous ideas i believe would encourage people to be in a lot of different ships out and about in more unsafe chains. What could anyone not like about that. Whether his ideas would ever line up with CCP's ideas on to how to solve this i would reserve judgement lol.

    pretty much this. alot has been NDA'd out. I think a fair few would agree cap escalations are used for printing isk, but you know what its in the rules and I don't blame anyone for milking them for all there worth. I sure have.

    I still don't think they are good for w space, though and want them changed.

  • new scanning user interface testing on sisi in EVE Gameplay Center

    Tipa Riot wrote:
    corbexx wrote:
    We ask you kindly to not distribute this link.


    Not a issue I copied the parts I was ment to. Although I've taken it out and people will have to message me to get that link till I get clarity from CCP. I think its more they are worried people will just fill in the survey without even trying it.

  • new scanning user interface testing on sisi in EVE Gameplay Center

    this is from the team working on the scanning UI.

    Team Psycho Sisters invite you to try out our new Scanning interface on the Singularity test server. We have made some changes to the interface based on feedback on the new map, and have pulled scanning out of the map entirely to reside in its own window. The feature can be accessed by Ctrl-Left Clicking the Probe Scanner button. This is a temporary place for the feature while we perform some user experience testing on it.
    For help on how to connect to the Singularity test server, please see this helpdesk article:
    Please try out all the scanning use cases you care to, especially ones you use frequently on Tranquility. To give us feedback, please fill in this short survey following your time testing out the new interface.

  • Recently occuring wormhole bugs in EVE Gameplay Center

    apparently gas clouds are also respawning which i've let ccp know about as well. and this stuff is being looked at but no eta i'm affraid.

  • Structure blog and sounding board in EVE Gameplay Center

    Thanks very much to everyone who attended, apolgies to people I had to turn down. I won't lie after the last one I was very concerned. Its one of the reasons I was so strick and wanted to limit numbers.

    As it was my 15 to 20 turned in to 35 even after limiting it and having to turn people away on the day. Everyone was fantastically well behaved, Better than i could have dreamed of. So I really appreciate that. I'll also hopefully allow more people next time.

    CCP found this constructive. Once the sound cloud is out we'll have it here and also put it on confluence so the rest of the dev team can listen to it.

    thanks again.

    edit holy **** mikes got it up already

  • Structure blog and sounding board in EVE Gameplay Center

    i'd really rather not i'm trying to keep stuff as simple as possible. If we do that then everyone will want to do taht and its going to make it a huge pain in the ******* arse for me to keep track of.

  • Structure blog and sounding board in EVE Gameplay Center

    closing this now as we are super full.

    I still need to hear from hk and ssc on who they want to go

    we're more than I wanted tbh so people will have to be on best behavor. if people cause issues i'll just kick them.

    There will be no need to record this we'll sort 2 people to do that and put it on sound cloud for everyone to listen to.

    mails will be going out in next hour or so.

  • Structure blog and sounding board in EVE Gameplay Center

    Owing to the amount of people who have posted I'm going to have to limit it to 2 per alliance, So if SSC, HK and Isogen5 can let me know which 2 people they want to attend that would be sweet.

    Apologies again to SSC and TDSIN, for having to cancel last night due to over running, we'll sort it out for another time so don't worry.

    I'll send mails out tomorrow lunch time with all the details please when you do come on ts, make sure you use the name you posted on this thread with.

  • Structure blog and sounding board in EVE Gameplay Center

    Galdur Trudaihnel wrote:
    Will there be a discussion about putting the number of WH space to null connections and the time they are open for back to previous levels ?

    there maybe. but that wont be this one. and it would be pointless to bring it up since its not CCP Nullabors team. You'll also annoy me for not keeping it on topic.

  • Structure blog and sounding board in EVE Gameplay Center

    Maria Kitiare wrote:
    With a limitation at 20 attending, it might be a good idea to get a nice spread from the different areas of w-space instead of just first comes first served.

    Anyway, x'ing up. But also asking, If I end up not being able to attend, can I send a different SSC'er in my place? :)

    if we get over the number (depending on how many over) then yes i will be picking a cross section to get a decent spread of people.

    yes you can send some one else but they will have to post on this thread.

  • Structure blog and sounding board in EVE Gameplay Center

    Braxus Deninard wrote:
    Signing up for the structure soundboard as well.

    I enjoy a lot of these changes but think the asset safety is a significant concern in w-space.

    asset safety is up for discussion in w space.

  • Structure blog and sounding board in EVE Gameplay Center

    The next structure blog is up

    CCP Nullabor is happy to come along and listen to people discuss issues on this topic.

    It will be 17.00 eve time 18th of August.

    This will be limited to 15 to 20 people.

    TS details will be sent out the day of the sounding board and you'll need to log on to TS with who ever posts in this thread.

    Here is a FAQ with some more stuff that may help.

    CCP is also open to discussion on there being no asset safety in w space. so please discuss that as well.

  • Citadel Question - W-Space rules in EVE Gameplay Center

    Chance Ravinne wrote:

    Corbexx unless I've misunderstood the reinforcement cycling, and I am fairly certain I haven't, initial reinforcement does not disable any structure functionality. Without getting into stuff we can't talk about, the preliminary vulnerability does not have this effect.

    This is outdated, but for reference:

    I'm really not sure what this has to do with anything I just said. unless you miss understand what i mean by shutting down a system.

    Chance Ravinne wrote:

    It should also be stated that without a supply line of entosis fuel, a trollceptor camping a system will not be able to singlehandedly pull this off. He will need to scan out exits and bring in fuel.

    This is a super minor issue and incredby easy to get around either with a second cloaky hauler alt or just a can anchored in a safe spot (ok you might have to be careful getting stuff out).

  • Citadel Question - W-Space rules in EVE Gameplay Center

    Market McSelling Alt wrote:
    Wait, can one of the CSM guys or fake WH CSM guys tell us how they plan on letting us "put up any size Citadel you can get in" but prevent us from making supers/titans in our holes? Are the modules themselves for building XL Capitals going to be tied to Sov at least?


    you need a sov upgrade to build titans and supers.

    edit damn people are fast.

  • Citadel Question - W-Space rules in EVE Gameplay Center

    Chance Ravinne wrote:
    The entosis system certainly draws a line in the sand. If a structure is going to sit abandoned 99% of the time, it is going to be a sitting duck. Luckily basic trolling attempts will be shrugged off since the attackers are unlikely to come back for later rounds of reinforcement. But if you can't be added to repair the building or man the guns for the final timer, GG.

    Not really. One of the big issues is if your citadel does get reinforced, It effectively shuts down the system. This applies much more to tiny small groups in w space. But once reinforced your not likely to go run sites do your general day to day stuff if you have very few characters in the system, the risk of being podded could well leave your citadel undefended.

    We also know people are prepared to have alts (or mains in your case) sit in systems for months to spy, trigger anoms wait for ganks etc. meaning people will happily dump alts to grief people if they arent around.

    Repeated harrasement has also been used multiple times to get people to leave there wormhole (3 aharm guys repeated rf'd rnks pos in there off time zone till they got sick of it and left) The fact this can be done with a trollceptor is a issue.

    also regarding pos defences they won't work unless manned.

    ooh and,
    Pook600 wrote:
    kennethfeld 5:04 PM I imagine corbexx has been in overdrive...
    CCP Nullarbor 5:04 PM yes we chat a lot

    Mostly about Nullsec where Goonbexx lives and maybe how a Dev can throw him a bone once in awhile during a chat to make it seem like he isn't a total Judas dbag....

    feel free to take any w space issues you have to chance.

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