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  • I hear putting a second stream... in EVE Communication Center

    lol well I mean thats how you run a fall back!

    Have it share something.

  • The instability of the stream is unacceptable. in EVE Communication Center

    Jay Wareth wrote:
    Ath'daru wrote:

    Why not use twitch?

    Because Own3d paid CCP to use their ****** service. That's the only plausible reason why anyone uses own3d.

    Yet CCP said it is not own3ds fault they just dont know wtf they are doing.

  • Predict the winner of PERCUSSIVE PIZZA TIME DIPLOMACY vs. Shadow Cartel in EVE Communication Center

    Tech issues.

    On the off chance we see it


  • Stream update: in EVE Communication Center

    LOL you act like this is all for us... please this is PR and free ads for CCP.

    Don't act like they get nothing out of this LOL.

  • Predict the next down time in EVE Communication Center

    20second into the next match

  • Alliance Tournament status on Sunday, July 15 in EVE Communication Center

    HAHA nice... same deal lol...

    It looks NICE in the studio... but the part that matter don't work

    Sounds like eve.

  • Alliance Tournament status on Sunday, July 15 in EVE Communication Center

    I seem to recall CCP talking about lax work place etc...

    Maybe time to get a normal workplace, people lose jobs over fails, etc.

    Also want to say thanks for the uber LOULD return of the stream...

    Taking it off the surround sound.

  • CCP give up no more AT this is just embarrassing... in EVE Communication Center

    Y U SO MAD BRO lawl.

    Sorry my PC is rock solid but nice try.

  • Amateur Hour in EVE Communication Center

    More like weekend lol... or eve..

    Not like TQ is rock solid either.

  • CCP give up no more AT this is just embarrassing... in EVE Communication Center

    Ya really...

  • Stream update: in EVE Communication Center

    George K'ntara wrote:
    Both Streams are offline.


  • Predict the winner of CCP vs. in EVE Communication Center

    How would you get a win? lol

  • Stream update: in EVE Communication Center

    CCP FoxFour wrote:
    Hey guys, just wanted to get some more official blue tag added to this. We all do understand your frustration and we are just as, if not more, frustrated about it as you are.

    First what is going on right now:
    We now have two streams, the primary and a backup, running. When watching the stream under it you should be able to see the EVE TV #2 stream listed as well. The secondary stream is running from a different computer with a different encoder with different inputs. Basically as different as we could make it.

    We actually hope to not need the secondary stream as we have also made a large number of changes to the first one. If however the primary stream does go down the secondary should stay up. We believe the problem to have been with some of the software on our end, the problem has not ever been on own3D's part. Having adjusted that software on the primary stream and added the backup stream with different software we believe we have covered our basis.

    While it is true we maybe should have had the secondary stream going from the beginning we did not have any of these problems in the first two weeks and really not many live streams have backups running so we didn't think about it. Yay for 20/20 hind sight.

    So again we really do apologize and I am also sorry we were not posting about this earlier but we were all really busy trying to fix the problems.

    With that all out of the way so far all the feedback we have been getting in the last match is that the stream is doing really good so hopefully the problems are all behind us.

    TL;DR: We think we fixed the broken, we have a backup, let us know how it is going. Really sorry. :(


    We can't even make a stream work.

  • Goons in EVE Communication Center

    Richard Desturned wrote:
    oh no our image in the eyes of npc alts is diminishing

    Oh no you are too dumb to understand that whole statement is ********...

    Only eyes that see you are real people.

    Ya goons butt hurt... showing more than... it is all the TEC that keeps them alive not skill.

  • OTEC AD in EVE Communication Center

    LOL people replied to this? nice.

    As far as rules

    • All video material must be Eve related!

    • The item/service being advertised must be Eve related.

    • The advert must be suitable for all ages.

    • Content must be respectable (no attack ads) and suitable for broadcast.

    I would say it is an attack ad (even if in return for the forum attacks)


    • The quality of the advert must reflect positively on EVE itself, we will work with you on improving the quality of the video until we can accept it. The earlier you get in touch and send us material the more we will be able to advise you, the closer to the event we are the less time we will have to help you.

    positively on EVE itself

    Another... kinda gray area here...

    Then again the blink ad is allowed and thats nothing but scripted isk making.

  • ty for gassing dubstep in EVE Communication Center

    crap music is crap

  • OTEC AD in EVE Communication Center

    So much for the rules of the ads too eh?

    More trolls from CCP...

  • Add to the news stream in EVE Communication Center


  • Taco Logi Best Logi in EVE Communication Center

    Hope you dont drive as bad as you fly.

  • Why its awesome that CCP even runs the tournament! in EVE Communication Center

    Um we did pay, we paied in tearms of dev time... and money that could have been used for something else.