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  • What would you say if you woke up to the Avatar above you in your bed? in EVE Communication Center

    ElQuirko wrote:
    Danica Kaliinen wrote:

    Do you prefer nerve induction or something more basic like ice?

    128 hours... I had to saw my own arm off to escape that cleavage...

    Call me! No I don't know how to get that out of your hair....

  • CCP Focuses on EVE Universe - A CCP Announcement in EVE Communication Center

    YAY we WON!!


    Well I am stoked to read about them taking the steps and this latest bit realy puts that effort in stone from my point of view. I am however NOT happy about job loss in anyway.

    Good job CCP for making the hard choice, sad it had to come to this but your ability to adapt is a strong one and a valuable asset.

    Truely sad that some people whom had a job are now filled with that nasty uncertain....GL to you guys and I hope you find some kickbutt jobs =)

    Fly it like you stole it!

  • Variety and Events IN SPACE. in EVE Communication Center

    Hairtrigger wrote:
    some of you's might not remember this but a few year ago ccp made the whole of eve nul sec with no conc etc for 1 night

    they seeded all stations for 100isk cap ships the lot

    devs/GM's whatever they call themselfs were all in caps and jove ships(crazy jove frigs with 99% resists with 7 torp launcher iirc) all over empire.

    now after all the crap we've had recently im sure we would all like to shoot at cpp and them back at us.

    that was one of the best nights ive ever had in eve

    doint it again ccp, have you got the conkers for it?

    This! How fun would that be!?!?

  • Too much of the same. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Giant massive stars, Nebs, huge rocks floating about.

    increase the size of some stars by as much as 1k. I realize some systems are so big you'd not even notice so increase those stars by 10k.

    Currently it feels like most the stars are the size of our moon....bleh...I understand we really do not fly to zero on a stars postion so the being cooked part is moot.

    I'd love to jump into a system and have the red super giant take up more then my screen, should I look at it directly.

    I'd also like to see large old derelict hulls floating about near gates in some lowsec areas...who knows what they are from or for....just massive...20k min dist from gates. I guess that could get in the way of covops maybe make them non collidable? meh...

  • @ Goons in EVE Communication Center

    Homo Erectus wrote:
    2nd day of quitting smoking, anyone have any good tips?


  • @ Goons in EVE Communication Center

    I find this all very fascinating.

    / both palms under chin with envy eyes.


  • What ship will be reskinned next? in EVE Communication Center

    Retexture needs to happen on all ships IMO. I want the HI-RES coolness. Higher poly models would lend to a better look on some of the legacy designs.

    Priority for retexture is hard to say.....I do know the Raven appears to have been textured in Win 98 MS paint...

    In the end, If they'd let me fly around the detailed models that are used in those Youtube videos showing the scale of ships...I'd pee and sing pony songs

  • CSM, Why Bring Up Nerfing WH Minerals? [Request Answer] in EVE Communication Center

    Simetraz wrote:
    I would just like to say 0.0 and WH 0.0 space is the same (both 0.0)
    As far as minerals are concerned neither one should be excluded.
    Besides 0.0 Normal space has minerals handed to them on a silver platter and it really doesn't get any easier then that.
    Leave WH space alone.

    ^^ This

  • Max graphical setting, is that all ya got? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Ok so I know Eve is a little (alot) dated.
    All in all it looks pretty good.

    So...I go into forums setting earlier and customize my background to amarr...up pops a shot of a very highly detailed legion in space with a hi-detailed back ground, I think to my self "wow, my games doesn't look at all like this". Is there some seceret setting I am missing to get the UBER cool look?

    I have all the settings ingame on High.
    LOD, HDR all effects are check boxed.

    My NV control panel is set up for Quality.
    Is there any setitngs in NV panel I can set to get more detail?
    I run two EVGA 580s in SLI (or solo per acc if im running both toons) have 32aa over ride set...what else?

    Thanks in advance

  • Turn off the Profile pics in forums? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I like the pics, I like the new Forum look but is there any way to hide these huge avatar pics while browsing forums?

  • What would you say if you woke up to the Avatar above you in your bed? in EVE Communication Center

    Call me!

  • What would you say if you woke up to the Avatar above you in your bed? in EVE Communication Center

    Is that a Pube inbetween your teeth?

  • Overheard in EVE in EVE Communication Center

    ah fun!
    Hey I ove Eve travel BTW, awesome!!


    Thorn Galen wrote:

    Who is being the ****** here ?
    You are the one totally stereotyping these groups. Blatantly and unashamedly!
    I think somewhere a village is missing their idiot, and here you are.
    I have very good in-game friends from all nations across the world, especially from the two groups you seem to be cr@pp1ng yourself about. What are you afraid of ? If you're afraid of such players, wtf are you playing this game ??
    Apologise for your stupid remarks or GTFO. I feel embarrassed on behalf of my Oriental friends and collegaues.

    I am going to request the moderator to remove this stupid, racist thread.

    LOL Butthurt fun

  • CSM meets CCP Senior Producer Zulu about your concerns in EVE Communication Center

    Does this mean we get sparkled Pony ships with lipstick and giant flying kittens? Shocked I can't hold out any longer!

  • Rate the Avatar above you in EVE Communication Center

    Destamon 8/10 David Bowie Kinda

  • What T3 for WornHoles in EVE Gameplay Center

    Legion will suit you just fine in C1, C2 and even solo C3's. Plenty of tank, easy 500DPS fits with sisters probes and about 340 m3 cargo. If you have POS you can swap in Heatsinks for my gank when the need arises

  • EVE Fit project: - pyfa 1.1.7 (Inferno 1.0) in EVE Gameplay Center


  • Best looking ships in EVE Gameplay Center

    Legion fit with locus, Plate aug, cap regen, crystal mag and fuel cat subsystems looks badass.
    Legion swapped on with covops and interdiction null cant remember the name of the Electronic subsys but that fit looks wicked to =)