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  • is the game down in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Maybe he just missed extended downtim advisory.

  • Magic Plex Vault in EVE Communication Center

    SNeAkYbRiT wrote:
    Hi all, little confused with my plex vault, before downtime I had 1 plex in my vault now I have 43.

    Have I missed something or do I really have a magic plex vault?

    Dont get me wrong Im happy that my 1 plex can replicate.

    EVE has news you know. Heck, it's displayed in the launcher. Early surprise, but there is an update on it

  • Devs why was remaining game time removed? in EVE Communication Center

    Nana Skalski wrote:
    Cypherous wrote:
    Nana Skalski wrote:
    Its looks rather pathetic to tell people to use third party tools, using your own API system, because you cant deal with programming it into your first party application.

    Looks like you really dont love your clients that dont ever use third party applications.

    What 3rd party tools, the links at the top lead to the official account management page hosted by CCP games, all that has been said is that 3rd party tools "can" still see that information, you can just use the links provided instead :P

    Actually Ann Eyvarsdottir said about not seeing correct information there in 3rd party, few posts above. As for account, I have seen some people complaining it doesnt work there also.

    GM's must have a lot of work. I think they should just throw it all and go shoot this monument CCP made in Iceland. Maybe someone inside CCP will change his mind about delivering half baked patches.

    Same issue here. Getting the idea there's some miscommunication internally, or something else. Had a petition where the GM told me I was still able to see correct counters through the API, using Third Party Tools like Evemon.

    Well, no. Some accounts give an active status through the API but with an expired date. Some give an expired status with a date in the future. Some give an expired status with a date in the past. Yet all are Omega active.

    So I had a look at some other Third Party Tools, surprisingly it's the same deal there.

    It *is* kind of funny that it coincides with a lot of MT changes and a compensation transition (Aurum/Plex) and special offers. But hey, no need for paranoia right. If CCP were out to get you they'd take you to lunch first I trust. Shalimar would be nice. Just saying.

  • Dev blog: Increased Skill Injector Flexibility Coming On May 23rd in EVE Information Center

    Aernir Ridley wrote:
    What is with the insane amount of hate going on in this thread.

    Not hate, distrust. It reminds too many people of other places like ST:O, Shallow MT, shallow behaviour. With EVE's strengths deriving from entirely different behavioural dynamics it's only natural that the strict mechanical and commercial focus is regarded with, well, distrust. CCP has come a long way in the past years, but their track record has a tendency to go overboard in a given or chosen focus.

    As a practical example, that idea suggested earlier of T3 kills dropping the lost skills as micro injectors fits perfectly in the behavioural approach of storytelling and overcompensating for being (behind the) pixels. Yet what we see is (again) the strict mechanical approach which sidesteps the original (succesful) baseline emergent dynamic principles of functionality (and growth), which are extremely vulnerable to some of EVE's (other behaviourally determined) keys: patience, economics of scale, etc.

    So yeah, I can understand the distrust. I can also understand CCP's motivations, but they are cutting it close. This is not something one can keep a finger on the pulse of with mere sql queries and statistics. The irony is that (by now quite a few) years ago an icelandic student produced a thesis on this exact kind of thing. While it wasn't particularly briliiant, it did emphasise some interesting ripple effects of sidestepping operational growth requirements rooted in behavioural rather than mechanical psychology. Back then CCP (rightfully) waved it around as awesome, but it seems they have forgotten it :P

  • Dev blog: Increased Skill Injector Flexibility Coming On May 23rd in EVE Information Center

    BESTER bm wrote:

    It actually explains the price hike of injectors.. as with PLEX when the new PLEX was announced. There is obvious insider trading going on in game

    And yes, the comment about the market being stable after the introduction of the new PLEX is just layghable or is a huge tell on what CCP intends to achieve here..

    Welcome to the human species. It's a really weird species. As EVE is pretty much a pressure vat, it's no surprise that things happen.

  • Dev blog: Increased Skill Injector Flexibility Coming On May 23rd in EVE Information Center

    FearlessLittleToaster wrote:
    GOB III wrote:
    Give mini skill injectors a chance to drop whenever you kill a tech 3.

    Ok, I know it's outside the scope of the team working on this, but this is actually a cool idea. Maybe add a "skill core" or something that can be used to fill a skill injector.

    It would make hunting T3s a whole hell of a lot more interesting, and it would give the jaded vets who fly them a great reason to not get killed. I've been playing for eight years, and I give zero ***** about losing a couple days SP when I get killed in a T3. On the other hand, I would HATE HATE HATE to give those SP to the mob of dickheads that killed me.

    Best concept in this entire topic indeed. Plus it actually makes sense. Fun stories once again.

  • STARTER TOONS (FOR SALE 7 / 10 SOLD) in EVE Marketplace

    Dude, starting to think you're trying to pull a scam. A few hours you said?

  • STARTER TOONS (FOR SALE 7 / 10 SOLD) in EVE Marketplace

    Amphal Deka wrote:
    comfirm I am for sell.

    ISK wired and details sent via evemail.

  • STARTER TOONS (FOR SALE 7 / 10 SOLD) in EVE Marketplace

    poke ^^

    Amphal Deka wrote:
    Other toon sold! Updated a few more to the list!

  • WTS 5.1m 2015 alt in EVE Marketplace

    Got the confirmation - cheers bru!

  • WTS 5.1m 2015 alt in EVE Marketplace

    ISK and required details sent.

  • WTS 5.1m 2015 alt in EVE Marketplace

    Sent you an evemail, let me know!

  • What am I worth? in EVE Marketplace

    Wrong forum section dude :P Try Price Checks, look for Marissa's Character Appraisal Lounge and don't fall for the farmers in the other PC topics Pirate

  • **** in EVE Marketplace

    Evemail sent.

  • 5.1mil SP Orca Pilot in EVE Marketplace

    Got a link to character sheet? Eveboard?

  • STARTER TOONS (FOR SALE 7 / 10 SOLD) in EVE Marketplace

    Amphal Deka @ 4B, sent evemail.

  • 22 - Manufacturing/Research/DST/BR(T2 transport)/Freighter chars in EVE Marketplace

    ISK & details sent to Trucky Shanyan!

  • 22 - Manufacturing/Research/DST/BR(T2 transport)/Freighter chars in EVE Marketplace

    Trucky Shanyan 4B

  • Sold in EVE Marketplace

    Hitting it off with a gentle 4B

  • closed in EVE Marketplace

    These still available?