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  • Farewell and hopefully see you soon in EVE Gameplay Center

    See you next week.

  • Alpha gank delay in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I know.. Lets give haulers an extra Bay, lets call it the Strontium hangar, and when u volley half the shields the ship in question goes into this speclal mode where u can't shoot it until the strontium runs out!

    It's amazing noone has thought of this kind of mechanic before. I am AWESOME!


  • A complaint about two things in wormholes. in EVE Gameplay Center

    No question that watchlisting is a broken and stupid mechanic that should be consensual and revokable.

    The OP is being a crybaby about it though and should probably man up.

  • New Wormhole Class in EVE Gameplay Center

    King Fu Hostile wrote:
    Can't help but think how much better this would have been if it only had w-space connections, and never any directly to k-space.

    This is true for every system in EVE though.

  • Bring Old Wormhole Nebulae Back in EVE Gameplay Center

    Our C4 wormhole is no longer diarrhea-brown. Don't touch it.

  • Eve Vegas Wspace Dinner - Hofbrauhaus in EVE Gameplay Center

    Awesome plan but I am on the wrong continent. Have fun Lazer & Co

  • CCP what did you do to Sleepers? in EVE Gameplay Center

    U know.. If I was the one that has spent so much of my spare time on sisi mapping out ISK/hr for C1-C4 wormholes, I would REALLY have appreciated a heads up about these kind of changes so I wouldn't be wasting my time......

    I hope corbexx has more patience for this kind of nonsense.

  • Operation Report: The Poutine Harvest in EVE Gameplay Center

    Nice to see these forums are going back to normal.

    As in: We're bashing eachother again, not CCP.

  • RE changes, Paging Corbexx and the new guy. in EVE Gameplay Center

    What makes you think that T3 rebalance will not happen ? There is no reason to assume CCP will decide to ignore that ship class but do all the other ones ? that is just silly.

    What I can predict however is that there will be a massive outcry when it does happen because the nerfbat will strike hard.

  • RE changes, Paging Corbexx and the new guy. in EVE Gameplay Center


    two changes

    1. RE allows making of specific BPC
    2. Rebalance of subs to make them all useful

    If 1 happens but not 2, you will no longer waste time/isk on shitsubsystem bpc's anymore so you should be happy
    if 1 AND 2 happen you get the added benefit of being able to use all your stored "**** bpc's" so you should be happy
    if 2 happens but not 1 you will be able to use your "**** bpc's" so you should be happy
    if neither happens, you should be happy because CCP already gave us all these lovely Hyperion changes.

    Did I get that right?

  • low class wormholers (1-4) I need some help. in EVE Gameplay Center

    I hope Pavel makes it on the show, with what I have been reading he's liable to break out in tears discussing all his misfortune Big smile

  • Frig holes show info patched in EVE Gameplay Center

    Speaking without any knowledge about the background workings of all this, but wouldn't it be similarly trivial to scale the size of the wormhole down by XX% to indicate that it is smaller ?

    I quite like the idea of scancruisers decloaking on these things so I can kill them, and with this notice in the show info you basically reduced the pool of viable targets to only the REALLY stupid ones :)

  • Help Us Corbexx Your our Only Hope in EVE Gameplay Center

    The second quote has been true ever since melted nanoribbons tanked in price. It is not an effect of the Hyperion changes.

    Making ISK has never been a focus for me or most people in my corporation. I do realise that it is a driving factor for other people in wormhole space, and since I would rather have a more populated and active environment.

    It also annoys me that nullbearing under the cover of local and most activities in highsec will net you greater isk/hr than the people in w-space that are actually risking their ships.

    People running c2 and c3 sites do it because they want to make their money where they live, and take the extra risk for granted. I think that deserves reward.

  • Help Us Corbexx Your our Only Hope in EVE Gameplay Center

    Lol Cal...

    Get to work already you slacker

  • Help Us Corbexx Your our Only Hope in EVE Gameplay Center

    Agatir Solenth wrote:
    Finarfin wrote:
    I like the changes. My corp is active and there is stuff to shoot at in our chain. Life is good.

    Is this an alt? This seems to be a common response from a small corp that just moved into a C4 with little w-space experience.

    We are a small alliance consisting of people that have lived in w-space since forever. When we looked at the changes on sisi we realised what was coming and packed up our **** from our C5, took the effort to figure out where we wanted to live next and worked to make it happen.

    We made the hyperion changes work for us. That doesn't mean we think they are good for w-space as a whole, but we are not suffering.

  • Low class wormholes approaching End Of Life in Hyperion in EVE Gameplay Center

    Low class wormholes need an ISK/hr rebalance. IF this doesn't happen C4-C1 space will slowly lose all the people that try to make a living there.

    Which in turn will leave people like me without anyone to shoot, and we don't want that to happen now do we?

  • [Hyperion Feedback Thread] Bookmarks and Bookmark Copying in EVE Gameplay Center

    OH my god the SPEEEEED!!


  • Dual static for C4's in EVE Gameplay Center


  • Dual static for C4's in EVE Gameplay Center

    So much for the "mystery" of W-space

    Thanks Cal Big smile

  • [Hyperion Feedback Thread] Second Static for C4s in EVE Gameplay Center

    umnikar wrote:
    Trinkets friend wrote:

    Get out of the way, the real men want to move in to C4s to make happy times with the boat violencing.

    Big smile
    How do real men fund their pvp stuff?

    I'm also wondering why real men didn't go into c4 before - if they wanted to...

    By farming your hulls