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  • What do you do for ISK? in EVE Communication Center

    Planetary Interaction baby!

    When you've got those suckers purring, they're just churning out the isk, 24/7. Sure, you've gotta dedicate some time every few days to restart those reactors and shift some stuff into orbit. But once it's done, it all starts up again, chomping away at those tasty planets.

    Before long you've got all that snatch flowing into dedicated planetary factories. They too, start churning away, grinding out even more of that sweet, tasty isk. Just gotta be willing to haul it around once all the smaller stuff starts piling up. Roll And how far up the chain you wanna make is entirely up to you!

    And once you start hitting the isk, Plex another account and get that sucker working too! Cool

    The rest of your time is free for anything!

  • [Brainstorming] Indy haven in low-class wormhole in EVE Gameplay Center

    C3 or lower, then i'd recommend capitals, capitals, and more capitals. Nothing says more about a dedication to protecting your wormhole than massive ships built within that can never leave. Secondly, you need pilots. Dedicated and active PvP pilots basing from your system, but also acting as your own personal concord to pwn any law breakers and counter any invasions.

    Unfortunately, as good as the idea of a freeport goes, it's a super tricky project. Half the protection afforded by wormhole dwellers is the remoteness of the location, which is completely lost when you're trying to advertise and encourage people to find their way into your hole, regardless of their corp or alliance. If any of them is a spy then you better seem like a hard target, or otherwise you're on route to another Oasis.

    I really liked the idea tho, and thought it was a shame to see Oasis burn. Let's hope people learn important lessons from the event, and build an even better one the next time around! Lol

  • Extra ISK while you explore! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Noxisia Arkana wrote:
    Step 2: burn down citadels on SISI to figure out which ones are pinata-y enough to take down.

    Step 3: Be a giant **** and invade 5 man corps with 70 pilots and 100% TZ coverage.
    *edit* forgot to add - 'whine on reddit when said corp doesn't come out to fight you in a pitched battle of 5 vs. 20.' Filthy bears.

    'emergent' gameplay.

    You too can be paid pennies for your work while helping wealthy and large wormhole corps earn some extra pocket change and extract the maximum amount of tears from clueless hoarders and industrial corps.

    Want to know more?

    Simply this. Don't help the big Alliances destroy wh-space!

  • POS Vs Citadel in EVE Gameplay Center

    So I'm back after a short break (more children!), and am keen to get back into wormhole space. My first gut instinct is to get straight out there and slap down one of those tasty new medium citadels. Twisted

    But the question still remains, just how well can these things defend themselves, compared to the large death star POS?

    My large tower was even called The Citadel, and I could man the guns considerably across my accounts, and it stood undefeated in over two years of operation. With a full range of guns, ECM out the wazoo and replacements galore, it would have taken an impressive fleet of T3 cruisers to take that C3 wormhole from my grasp. Quite frankly, who could even be bothered with all that hassle?

    So, how does the medium citadel compare? I trust there is someone out there who's already gone ahead and taken the risk! Do they still represent a threat against small fleets, or are people refusing to abandon their POS'?

    I'm a strong believer that WH space is the last, true bastion for small corps to claim space to call their own. I hope my previous fears that citadels were another step towards the standard alliance - blob - warfest are unfounded.


  • I'm calling out the Dev's making changes to WH's in EVE Gameplay Center

    Pinkylein wrote:

    Third: I will be honest, i did not check on detail on the upcoming defense stats on citadels, but it sounds like the DPS and possible ewar that comes from a citadel is way more threatening, then most POS-guns/ecm/webs i have seen around most of the towers.

    I was with you 100% up until this point. If someone wants you out, there's not a chance in hell to stop them if you are a small corp. But WILL citadels be more powerful that a POS? I mean, a well setup large tower with ECMs coming out the wazoo, plus tons of guns, and then masses of offline backups and we're looking at a right pain in the *** to attack. It still seems vague about citadels, and just how they'll fair up in comparison to that.

    Personally, I think the added benefit of Citadels dropping all the shiny loots in Wh-space will highly encourage the random destruction of citadels. I only hope CCP gives them, at the very least, the sort of annoying difficulty that we currently find with well setup large POS. Otherwise, the last true place left in all of new eden that holds the potential for small corps to claim a tiny sliver of space will be lost forever.

    That would suck! Sad

  • Fleet warps. in EVE Gameplay Center

    I usually like change, and I'm the first to embrace CCP's continued improvement of EvE, but this idea is just terrible.

    Screwing up everyone to fix a single problem is a really bad plan. Especially to us wormholers. I look forward to this enigmatic "systems and ideas to mitigate these effects." Shocked

  • AT XIII Petition in EVE Communication Center

    Woot! Cool

  • Is salvaging worth it in a C3 without a salvaging alt? in EVE Gameplay Center

    The short answer is yes.

    Bookmark the sites as you go, come back in a dedicated salvage ship later. Just be sure to do it before the wrecks de-spawn, and be careful of people that could be waiting for you to do so. Shocked

    Obviously alot quicker and easier with a salvaging alt though.

  • How to get a T3 in a C1 WH? in EVE Gameplay Center

    HTC NecoSino wrote:

    It's not funny when you have to explain it...
    No Vacancies is recruiting.

    Haha, I got it. The fit is hilarious. Who would even consider it to be serious?? Cool

  • "Generous" ISK-scammers in EVE Communication Center

    Put simply, it's bait for the hook. Someone tries that isk scammer with a low amount, they're almost certainly going to get it back doubled. That puts the idea of seriousness into the morons head, thinking about all the money they could have if they give just a bit more. Sure enough, this inevitably leads to some people going for the big score. After all, you get more money back that way, right? Wrong!

    Thus, another victim is born. That fact that these scumbags are so prevalent must indicate they are successful, at least to some degree. Morons really need to stop feeding these scammers.

  • Lost for things to do in EVE Communication Center

    Join a wormhole corp! They're the best people. The tight nit nature of sharing POS life in hostile wormhole space has a way to get you friendly with them pretty quickly. Soon enough you'll be throwing yourself at randoms in small-fleet engagements, and will be having loads of fun! Plus its a great way to make lots of isk in the process, via sites and PI, and even mining if thats your thing, and you won't have to deal with those CODE scammer/morons either, or any of the other scum that inhabit known space.

    Only downside is the constant risk of being blapped by randoms. But then, thats half the fun! Cool

  • Carnyx release - General feedback in EVE Information Center

    Well after a few small-gang engagements, I can confirm that the new symbols are great at quickly distinguishing between ship sizes. I can imagine this being even more useful for newer players that are unaware of the various ships in EvE. It's a million times more useful than the previous method, which I just ignored and focused solely on the type of vessel. Nice work CCP!!! Lol

    I always enjoy how every. single. patch. is followed with a wave of revulsion. How is it that EvE players are the least adaptable to change?

    My only question is why the original symbols that were floated in the dev blog here weren't used. They were a lot cooler, and I'm sure would have prompted (slightly) less disagreement. Perhaps you should try to change to them?

  • WTF in EVE Communication Center

    What is it about change and people hating it? I don't think CCP has ever changed anything in EvE without loads of people immediately moaning about how much they hate it. Then In time they slowly start to see the benefit and stop complaining.

    Personally, I love the change. Sure, it's going to take me a while (read: like a DAY!) to get used to their meanings, but I can already see how much better it's going to be in seeing which ship classes are in my overview.

    Seriously people, HTFU!

    One thing is for sure tho, the original symbols that were floated here were LOADS better imo. Lets hope they switch back to that!

    Keep up the good work, CCP!

  • Carnyx release - General feedback in EVE Information Center

    CCP Claymore wrote:
    Steijn wrote:
    Xen Solarus wrote:
    So far, like the new symbols. Going to take a while to get used to, but it's going to be super useful to see ship sizes at a glance. Nicely done CCP! Cool

    My biggest gripe is that EvE in windowed mode now dominates over all other programs. Nothing can be moved on top, browsers, team-speak, not even the damn launcher itself. Seriously, It's already ****ing me off big time. Anyone know a solution??

    what UI scaling are you using? On 90% they are really bad.

    We are aware of issues at 90% UI Scaling and we are looking at better ways to handle this.
    The issue is with UI Scaling and not the new icons.

    Was at 100% UI with the problem. Tried shifting down to 90% and the problem still persists. I'm happy that you are aware of the problem, and will just wait for a solution. Big smile

  • Carnyx release - General feedback in EVE Information Center

    So far, like the new symbols. Going to take a while to get used to, but it's going to be super useful to see ship sizes at a glance. Nicely done CCP! Cool

    Some sort of run down of what symbol means what would be nice!

    My biggest gripe is that EvE in windowed mode now dominates over all other programs. Nothing can be moved on top, browsers, team-speak, not even the damn launcher itself. Seriously, It's already ****ing me off big time. Anyone know a solution??

  • QEX Corp Theft in EVE Gameplay Center

    Kashadin wrote:
    Xen Solarus wrote:
    Wait, what? Account sharing is now legal???? Shocked

    What the ****, CCP!?

    It is against "da rules", however it is mostly just set up that way to (supposedly) stop people from being able to ask for their stuff back if the other guy with the acct info steals everything.

    Granted that seems to not be the case this time, but then again QEX seems to be saying that the person used a keylogger to steal the PWs for the accts. Since if I had access to the PWs that a person has saved/uses on their computer I know I would use that info to steal stuff from a video game.

    Yet the recently released information (assuming it's correct) indicates that he's admitted to password sharing. No keylogger business. Is CCP going to look into that??

  • QEX Corp Theft in EVE Gameplay Center

    Wait, what? Account sharing is now legal???? Shocked

    What the ****, CCP!?

  • Another Pilot Lost to Real Life in EVE Gameplay Center


    Bob will remember.

  • 3h per week. in EVE Communication Center

    Some low-class industrial-based wormhole corp would probably fit you nicely. They're mostly all hardcore carebears anyways, with little demand on their members for constant calls to arms. You could run sites and PI at your leasure, whenever you have free time to play, as long as you are able to log in for short durations regularly to restart the extractors.

  • This is what eve si coming to: This is what CODE is: Pathetic. in EVE Communication Center

    Everyone knows that CODE are scum. That's just a fact.

    Someone getting into and stealing your corp tho, thats EvE! Lol

    Best find yourself a new home, under some good leadership that won't abandon you at the drop of a hat.

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