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  • Eve market people, I need some quick help in EVE Gameplay Center

    I have to do a presentation tomorrow, it's just going to involve sorting/filtering data in excel. For an example spreadsheet, I was looking for a fairly long, full looking dump of data that has plenty of fields/info.

    I figured using eve would be kinda cool as opposed to any 'sample' spreadsheet, and since I know nothing about API, market data, or any of that stuff (I'd just usually shoot things) if you can generate a quick google doc of something full of... stuff.

    I've tried using the google to no avail and I'm running out of time.

  • Wedding Invitation! in EVE Gameplay Center

    All I want to know is..

    Nutmeg, did you burn your guns out this time? : )

  • If you are lost . in EVE Gameplay Center

    I was formerly Lost, does that count?

  • Star Citizen v EVE in EVE Communication Center

    Trii Seo wrote:
    Scatim Helicon wrote:
    There's so much promise and hype being heaped on Star Citizen right now that we can pretty much guarantee it will be a hilarious meltdown of failure and crushed dreams. I mean we're talking Daikatana, Duke Nukem Forever, IL2 Cliffs of Dover, Racing Legends, and Half Life 2 Episode 3 levels of disappointment all rolled into one neat package.

    The forum threads are going to be amazing

    The level of crash and burn will be atomic. Sunglasses on!

    About Stealth - yes, nicely explained "how it will work in fluff/theory" but how will it be viable in the game itself? And, as I said, it was just an example. There's a lot of text about "how will things work" but none of that is actually implemented. Some of the advertised features are bound to get axed as they simply won't fit the deadline. They haven't been gameplay-tested and testing tends to reveal fatal flaws in design - they may come out entirely different.

    It's not a "but they can never deliver" thing, it's more that SC will at best not match the hype. There's a lot of said hype - people treat it like a messiah of gaming.

    A real actual replacement for EVE? We'll yet see how it holds up. The "problem" with EVE is its emergent gameplay. We're yet to see if SC will be an actual living universe or WoW in space where you may as well be alone.

    The problem I see is that you're already arguing about stealth mechanics in a game not even in alpha.

    Let's take things in steps. When Eve was first released in beta it was "bare bones" compared to now. There weren't even battleships in the game. No d-scan. Definitely no cloaks.

    There were and have been huge holes in Eve. And CCP has made promises and not been able to deliver either. One must have a rational mind to understand the differences between wants and the ability to fulfill those wants.

    There are so many levels of limitation the game needs to address that will make things very hard to deliver as promised and the vast majority of SC backers are well aware of this. The cry3 instance engine has many conflicts with CIG's vision of a persistent universe. There's even a recent youtube video on the limitations and a few proposals to address it.

    I'll be the last person to think this will be some super-awesome perfect game. Only time will tell.

    I'm hopeful, but not foolhardy. I'll be critical of the game, but trashing a concept in the works especially one that has an insane amount of funding behind it is quite a stretch.

  • Star Citizen v EVE in EVE Communication Center

    Commissar Kate wrote:

    So the stealth in SC will sort of work like real world stealth? Not invisible but very difficult to detect at range?

    Right, just won't appear on scanners and probably more difficult to track.

    There is also the SWACS version of the hornet to counter the stealth.

  • Star Citizen v EVE in EVE Communication Center

    I don't think officially there are any cloaks in the game (yet) and hope there are none. There are "stealth" coatings for the F7C-S and I believe the Cutlass has one as well.

    The "ships for 1mil" is just a carryover from the Kickstarter- like milestones. Even if the milestone isn't met, the ship will be released when the game comes about.

    It may sound dirty, but it's no less dirty than EA saying, "pre-order this game and you get an exclusive gadget."

  • So, I left Daktak in EVE Gameplay Center

    D3m0n sam wrote:
    Sith1s Spectre wrote:
    Posting in a Red Coat thread with a white coat

    How about no coat?

    You look like you're shivering.

  • So, I left Daktak in EVE Gameplay Center

    I rolled doubles when posting.

  • Star Citizen v EVE in EVE Communication Center

    Sarka Tzi wrote:
    Hello folks. I've just sold my baby daughter and I got about £4000 from the deal. I am wanting to invest in Star Citizen but I am not sure what to buy? Any recommendations?


    Stop posting

  • Star Citizen v EVE in EVE Communication Center

    Trii Seo wrote:
    Well lot of major titles are ****, occasionally riddled with microtransactions. There's a lot of treadmilling, devs recognize grind as a good thing. In the end though people still buy it so publishers get the cash. Kind of our own fault things look bad.

    The issue I suppose is that botching up a release for a publisher ends with financial loss or a lawsuit. Crowfunding pays up front, especially in this case where it pays for the entire game. Quality or ratings don't matter so you can screw up.

    Having played scifi "pilot" games in the past I'm all for the return of the genre. Paying blind upfront though is as wise as giving ISK to a doubler because he has a referral from TheMittani.

    I didn't pay blind. I sat on it for over a year.

    I remember following the original kickstarter, and not giving anything because I wanted to see what would pan out.

    When the first cinematic was released, I again held out because a flashy Youtube video means nothing to me.

    When the hanger was released and I saw the engine in use, I began to follow it more closely. I began to watch videos of the hangars. I would watch the WMH podcasts. I went over back issues of JP to follow the development.

    I read CR's AMAs on reddit, and interviews.

    I decided to fork over an extra $40 for the Alpha/Beta access to do two things:

    1) I miss FS2. I miss using my joystick to control a ship in space.
    2) If there was a serious undertaking to bring that back, I would support it.

    Granted, I think funneling thousands into the project is risky, but so are other investments. And yes, these ARE investments. These people are investing in personal satisfaction and having fun. It's their money and really none of anyone's business how they spend it.

  • Exploit: Bumping in order to prevent E-Warp in EVE Information Center

    BigSako wrote:

    Battleships and below will literally align in 15 seconds, which is NOT enough time to be probed down and warped onto. So your statement "Someone lost a shiny ship and now suddenly its an exploit" is absolutely wrong, because noone has ever lost a NON shiny ship to this game mechanic (and I consider carriers, freighters and above as shinys).

    When I was in TL and we were invaded by Polarized/N0MEX/etc they probed and killed an Orca who logged in after a safe logout. Shame our pilot never thought to see if it was petitionable... I believe he lost several bil.

  • T3 Nerf coming soon (tm) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Rroff wrote:
    Don't see anything wrong with the buffer subs myself the only thing I would say is that where they give battlecruiser like levels of base HP, etc. then they should also come with appropriate penalties to sig or agility, etc. its the only aspect I think t3s are overpowered at all.

    As an illustration (with L5 skills):

    Drake: 6563 shield HP, 295m sig
    Tengu with supplemental screening: 7219 shield HP, 157m sig

    Not saying they should be exactly inline but IMO with that sub-system sig should be in the region of 220-240m on the tengu - rather than some silly knee jerk reaction of lets slash the tengu down to 3000 shield HP.

    You're really comparing apples to oranges.

    A drake costs as much as a single subsystem on a T3.

  • Star Citizen v EVE in EVE Communication Center

    Desivo Delta Visseroff wrote:

    LoL.... Can someone post this to the SC forums and link me any rage/tears that may follow. I don't have access and am too cheap to spend money on a non-product just to troll.

    Hang tight, this might be too complicated for you. Just read it slowly.

    You don't have to pay anything to register. In fact you don't have to pay at all. Not even until the game is released. Fascinating, I know.

  • Star Citizen v EVE in EVE Communication Center

    Crumplecorn wrote:
    >Buy ships for real money
    >2 years before release

    I'm not sure what's more impressive, that they set a new record for a MMOG to degenerate into P2W at -2 years, or pushing the boundaries of selling non-things from the realm of things that only exist virtually into the realm of things that don't exist at all.

    Considering the ships are mostly ships you get within 2-3 weeks of playing, and most only have 1 or 2 of those (and the vast majority have what's equal to a T1 frigate) I don't see it as p2w.

  • Goons revolutionize WH PvP? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Thomas Hurt wrote:

    I left WH space and 3 weeks later you guys evicted a bunch of easygoing dudes who wanted to pvp in wormholes and who don't even know what a "Goon" is. smdh

    I don't think many people care.

    We'd react the same way for any null alliance in here.

  • Hunting WH's in a stealth bomber (solo) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Jonas Staal wrote:

    If you read my post, you would know it's not about "the fight", rather than "working towards the fight".

    EDIT: stopid of me ofcourse, asking for help in the EvE forum.

    Here's your help:

    Step une: Find hole
    Step deux: Enter hole and probe for life signs.
    Step tree: gank
    Step fawr: recloak

  • Hunting WH's in a stealth bomber (solo) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Jonas Staal wrote:

    however I believe tactics will be kind a similar..

    Holy crap.

    How would tactics of a brawling proteus be similar to that of a paper thin torpedo thrower?

  • Hunting WH's in a stealth bomber (solo) in EVE Gameplay Center

    If you need to be taught through youtube videos, you're doing it wrong.


  • Who is the most in EVE Communication Center

    Cally or whatever his name was that pulled from Eve Bank

  • Hard Knocks Inc. - WH C5's, Money and Ho's (AU, EU, US coverage) in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Waldemar Pawlak wrote:
    Vincent Gaines wrote:
    Apparently my corp joined you. Hire me and I'll host a cuddle party.

    I'll drop by your pub channel tonight after I rage quit BF4.

    Sure, pls fill out our recruitment form and I will process you asap (link in the pub channel: Hard Knocks)

    To all other ppl:

    If you want to do stuff and things, pls join our pub channel: Hard Knocks
    We need decent pilots!

    I missed the form in the MOTD but then again I saw No'Wai and we started talking about BF4 so I got distracted. I'll jump in tonight after I ragequit again.

    evemail me the link if you want, it's friday and I have nothing to do here at work.

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