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  • [Pakhshi Peace Conference] Your Concerns in EVE Communication Center

    Katiya Khadiija wrote:
    Pieter Tuulinen wrote:
    ...can you be clearer about which corporate interests you represent?

    To keep it concise, my principal aim is to ensure the rights of corporations are not curtailed. As I'm sure you are no doubt aware, peace agreements historically place limits on certain aspects of society. As a delegate for corporate interests, I intend to help maintain corporations' ability to do business freely among the empires, in a reasonably unrestricted fashion, so as to be able to make a profit and proceed according to their own goals.

    I hope you replied to this because of the doubt itself and not because you feel you owe anything to a said "citizen-employee of the Kaalakiotaa Corporation and a delegate on behalf of the Patriot bloc", right?

  • Introducing the Interstellar X-Prize in EVE Communication Center

    Saede Riordan wrote:

    *All participants must register a team, the team must be registered no later then 31.12.YC117,
    *All teams must consist of at least one capsuleer to act as liaison and pilot.

    Greetings Ms. Riordan.
    Perpetual Alliance, represented by DuPont Enterprises, would like to register itself as a team on this research/competition, one that we saw and analyzed with great enthusiasm. Jeane DuPont will be the liaison of our team.

  • Scientist Needed in EVE Communication Center

    Viron Tash-Murkon wrote:
    I am but a courier. My employer needs a scientist willing to do quite illegal scientific work.

    Why would someone make public a demand for a scientist to run illegal scientific work?

  • A concert - The Elysion in EVE Communication Center

    Halcyon Ember wrote:
    Whilst the idea is appealing, public decency suggests more substantial clothing be worn


  • Who should I wardec? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Solecist Project wrote:

    So I picked my target really well, I hope ...
    ... and will go ask around for some funding. ^_^

    I need my siblings activated.

    Until then I'll just relax in space .....


    I may be in love now.
    If all capsuleers had your mindset, EVE would be less boring. =)

  • Who should I wardec? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Vimsy Vortis wrote:
    Groups that look like they have a strong sense of identity and long term goals. The more elaborate their website and the more social media they are represented on the more will to exist they will have. Expression of "anti-pirate" sentiment in their corp description is usually a good sign too.

    Other than that just sit in osmon or look for mining ops.

    Have to agree on that.
    Intaki Liberation Front [Intaki Prosperity Initiative] for example would fit perfectly in that. Only drawback, they are in lo-sec, in a region that currently has great presence of E-Uni raids besides pirates comming from Syndicate and Black Rise to explore Militia Warfare.

  • Who should I wardec? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Yourmoney Mywallet wrote:

    SumCorp protects its members from grief-players with its dedicated pvp wing. Sum1 is the man in charge of that wing.

    You should know that we are about to make the big move to null-sec!

    If the above sounds good to you apply now! Please no pirates, scammers or the like."

    That's what you're looking for. Bonus: Sum1 actually has two (2) gank cata kills on BC doing a total of ten (10) damage with his T1 Acolytes.

    LMFAO, think you found another target, OP P

  • Bitter Vet - High Sec War Decs are Broken. Lets Talk :) in EVE Gameplay Center

    Danalee wrote:
    Vechtor, in part I follow your thoughts.

    Only thing is without PVP of the 'shooty shooty ship' kind, everything looses worth and the game will suffer for it.
    You agree/understand?



    OFC I agree/understand. Our corp is currently in a hi-sec war I dec'ed. Few fights have taken place since I started dec'ing this Corp and even tho I had bad luck not to get final blows for DUPO, we are winning in terms of isk lost/destroyed.

    OFC EVE has to have pew pew PVP type working. My point is: it always had. What I do see, tho, is people who lacks capacity of adaptation complaining they don't know how to adapt. Doesn't make any sense.

  • Bitter Vet - High Sec War Decs are Broken. Lets Talk :) in EVE Gameplay Center

    I think people have misconceptions of what PVP means.
    EVE provides many forms of PVP.

    PVP is when one player takes advantage over another player, doesn't necessarily mean this has to happen by destroying their ships. Combat is just one form of PVP. There are plenty others.
    There are lots of PVP in station trading. Lots of PVP in manipulating corps, infiltrating, spying, etc.
    There are lots of PVP when you have to do something in low or null simply dodging combat.

    I find it is really boring after all those years of EVE existence that we still have people complaining of game mechanics because of lack of PVP.
    CODE. for example found the dumbest kind of PVP I could think of but still, it is PVP. If a miner or something looses a ship to CODE., well, adapt and find other means to PVP, meaning, to mine in safety and take advantage of CODE.'s dumbness.

    People complain of wardec mechanics, that decs are broken, etc... A Wardec is a means for you to try to find combat. There are several others. If you go to lo-sec you'll find more combat. If you go to null you will find even more combat without the drawbacks from CONCORD. So, what’s there to complain?

    I never understood why people complain of lack of PVP in hi-sec. There is a reason for it to be called hi-sec. There is a reason for lo-sec to be called lo-sec and there is a reason for null-sec to be called null-sec. There is a reason for you to have such ample spaces in lo-sec and null-sec too. Not satisfied yet? Well there are also WHs which are null-secs appearing everywhere.

    Just my 2 cent.

  • [VGRD] Liberty Vanguard Statement of Founding in EVE Communication Center

    Liam Antolliere wrote:

    At this time, we do not have any formal plans for involvement in any military campaigns or statements of intent.

    I'm confused. I mean, don't get me wrong, but you just said the above but the information with regard to VGRD I could get from my circle of informants tells me you are going to join Faction Warfare. This is not criticism. Just a reasonable doubt.

  • Serpentis vessel with unknown hull composition? in EVE Communication Center

    Lan Wang wrote:
    Luna Hanaya wrote:
    Oh, boys and their toys...
    It is a pity to see that they are designed just to kill peoples or smuggle illegal things, they could have instead being designed for peace purposes and for serving the God.

    the ship was indeed designed for peace, to peacefully transport contraband to empire space Cool

    The difference between a legal good and a contraband is called bureaucracy.

  • Intaki Liberation in EVE Communication Center

    Zenariae wrote:
    Precisely what I mean. Culture doesn't reach a consensus. It's defined by every single aspect and person, the praiseworthy, the fallen, the individual, the family, and everyone else in between. It's a dynamic and a sum, not a selective appeal to loyalties.

    Nomistrav wrote:

    Perhaps it is simply best that we remain nomadic, dispersed, and ever contrary in our views for it is the true meaning of liberty and freedom to do so. In a way, we are more tolerant and negotiable than some Gallente because of that uniqueness of individuality above all else.

    Such perfect replies from you both, so aligned with what I believe. Intaki indeed has a level of freedom that may be one of the highest inside the Federation if you take into account the full spectre of what freedom means.

    Herzog Wolfhammer wrote:
    The trouble with Intaki is that liberated or not, nobody could tell the difference.

    It's not a trouble. Not at all... May be in fact our major strength.

  • Intaki Liberation in EVE Communication Center

    Zenariae wrote:
    Perhaps it is fortunate though that there are some ideas thrown about in this thread that demonstrate how dangerous it can be to invest in a patriotic identity. Patriotism damages discussion and makes it harder to see clearly beyond exclusionary simplifications of our cultures. Future generations could benefit from this understanding during their education, ultimately for the improvement of all.

    What patriotism? What every Intaki know with regard to patriotism is that an Intaki is an Intaki. Whatever this means to an Intaki is still very far from a consensus even after YEARS of attempts by Intaki Pure, Intaki Liberation Front, and many others.
    Perhaps capsuleers are unable to fully understand what this means, even the ones working for Intaki on a daily basis. Last thing I would want for me if I happened to be an Intaki living in Intaki Prime, like my family was, would be to be rulled out by capsuleers. Specially a Deteis fighting FOR the Amarr Empire.
    There is a proxy for that: notice that every discussion with regard to Intaki ends up - and I don't know why - in a Caldari Prime discussion.

  • Intaki Liberation in EVE Communication Center

    Aedre Lafisques wrote:

    What every Capsuleer can do today, tomorrow, is stop when passing through Intaki and its sister systems, and sweep it of the rats and wanted Capsuleers that plague the constellation due to its unfortunate CONCORD assignment. This is a fully plausible action that legal Capsuleers can actively participate in, for the improvement of, if not its security on paper, the security and prosperity of the people who live there. The ILF and the IPI work diligently to create a viable market hub in this area. Stop there, buy equipment, chase out the pirates, and it won't matter that CONCORD won't step in. This is something every one of us can do. --Including the less than legal types among us, to be honest.

    I'd love to buy things in Intaki if they were there to be sold. I could also try to sell things there but ultimately, I don't want to end up selling hardware to pirates.

    Nomistrav wrote:

    I will say, though, that I have been thinking about returning to Intaki to perform my own police actions free of the policy and procedure that the ILF seems to place on their followers... I believe in their message but not their manners.


  • Intaki Liberation in EVE Communication Center

    Dailar Toralen wrote:
    I am here today to make a declaration. The Intaki must be freed from the grasp of the Gallente Federation. While I am a Deiteis fighting for the Amarrian Empire (at least for now), I know there are many Intaki who wish to be fully liberated. For example, Mordu's Legion, the Syndicate, and the Capsuleer Organization known as the Intaki Liberation Force. The Intaki people should be free. Us Caldari know the hardships of the Intaki better then anyone. We were once forced to bow to the Federation. They call the Empire immoral, but they do the same to the Intaki, and formerly to the Caldari.

    I'm afraid you got something wrong.
    Intaki are not slaves. They are free people. They are not oppressed by the Federation. ILF/IPI complaints are with regard to the Federation giving them "less importance than what they deserve". They think their identity should be emphasized and preserved which I think it’s quite reasonable too, but no one ever said the Federation enslave them... so why he "freed" proposition?

    To tell you the truth Intaki experience so much more freedom than most people that the Intaki itself decided to live under a 0.1 security status so they could enhance commerce with the Syndicate. It is true that this attracts piracy. Also true those parts such as ILF/IPI tries very hard to fight this piracy. Still, economic freedom has never been an issue with regard to the Federation...

    I disagree with you. I'm an Intaki. I don't think the Intaki should be free from the Gallente because the Federation does not enslave them.

  • A petition to close the Intergalactic Summit in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Aria Jenneth wrote:
    ISD Ezwal wrote:
    This thread has been moved to Features & Ideas Discussion.

    Dammit, ISD! It's an in-character discussion!

    Send us back, plz?

    Lol that was the best way to throw in the garbage an in-character discussion I've ever seen.

  • Master and Slave? This Means War in EVE Communication Center

    Ottom Ephesianos wrote:

    Achieving equality is the galaxies only means of continuation. It is a force that you could imagine is the age of the universe.

    I too am against slavery. But that doesn't have anything to do with equality as the misconceived concept people often adopt.
    It is possible to have equality between the rich and poor provided both have economic freedom. This is the equality we should be concerned because it’s the one that matters most.
    So I'm against slavery not because of slavery as a moral error but because the slave doesn't have economic freedom to do whatever he wants with his labor force nor is capable to accumulate goods, and use them the way he likes.

    Universe will always have imbalances because this is what drives it. Even if you could destroy the entire Amarr Empire you wouldn’t achieve the equality you are talking about.

  • A petition to close the Intergalactic Summit in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Eran Mintor wrote:
    I feel like most people aren't finding the humor with the OP hence people getting upset.

    Rest my case.

  • A petition to close the Intergalactic Summit in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Sammie MacWinters wrote:
    The only thing that needs closing is this thread.
    Take your censorship some place else.

    It's not censorship, its a petition. Like many others people have placed here as well, some considered useless, some not.
    Replies such as yours only prove this one in particular being relevant.

  • A petition to close the Intergalactic Summit in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Not much to be said. Facts speak for themselves.