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  • New Bomber Skins? in EVE Communication Center

    The only time I would ever consider throwing in money to get skins is when I can see pin up girls on my ships that are decorated with dozens of solo kills.

  • What is wrong in EvE in this picture in EVE Communication Center

    Chiara O'Nyx wrote:
    Do you see what is wrong in this picture?


    It's three things.

    Still nothing?

    Well let me tell you then.

    It's everything we had and don't have now, is what's WRONG with this picture!

    We had vivid and colorful neocom and station icons. We had immersive sci-fi font, and we had Undock in neocom on the bottom left, the way Mother Nature intended.

    And what do we have now? Bland, unimaginative and lifeless icons, godawful font unfit for a sci-fi masterpiece that is EvE, and crime against nature Undock button placement.

    CCP you are better than that. Please fix!

    The glory hole should be on the wall, not on the floor. The rest, no idea.

  • Free, yeah right in EVE Communication Center

    Cien Banchiere wrote:
    But, it is free? You can play as an alpha for free. And alphas can be pretty effective, and this isnt the one ajd only iteration. Just like RuneScape let you do things without a sub. If you want to do more things you need a sub. It's literally the point of these types of things to dangle the carrot.

    Effective at what exactly?

  • The New Experiences of an Old Player in EVE Communication Center

    So, how old exactly are you?

    But first, let me guess by analyzing your content:

    1. Knows how to write: Check
    2. Just recently found out what tl;dr means, because it is written in caps (same happened to me): Check
    3. Absolutely beautiful paragraph structures: Check
    4. Makes use of steam sale (no mom CC, otherwise who would care if something is on sale).: Check
    5. Played Dust 514 (as an adult vs those 12 year olds, must have had a 0.014 K/D ratio, "Did enjoy playing it for a while", hmm, I guess you were farmed for a few days and told yourself "F... this S...!" : Check
    6. Writes currencies in capital letters. Must have traveled a lot and is not easily fooled by exchange rate scams: Check
    7. [...] continued in next post (Cares about making transitions easily efficient for the reader): Check

    Ok, I do not have to continue. This post is by far, the most amazing post I have ever read in ages. On the bad side, CCP won't give a fart about it. However, I thank you for your contribution, I know you mean well, and let me guess, you are 48 years old?

  • How to Make ISK as a Noob in EVE Communication Center

    Kim Joo Won wrote:
    Step 1: Get a Venture
    Step 2: Take Smack in local
    Step 3: Buy a new Venture after locals blow yours up.
    Step 4: Talk more Smack in local.
    Step 5: Buy a new Venture after locals blow your up.
    Step 6: Look at your Wallet!


    Why so complicated? Just go to Jita and text every minute or so "Someone spare a coin for a beggar?". That'll get you more.

  • Thanks for making the game free in EVE Communication Center

    OP = Glass half full person
    Eve Community = Glass half empty people

    Can you people not even once let someone believe in something that does not exist? Over a billion people do that in RL already, so let people at least dream on in a game....

  • Support ticket response time in EVE Communication Center

    At least once they reply now, it is in understandable English and regarding the issue at hand. Heh, you had to see how it was like 8 years ago. They replied within a day, but you ended up being even more confused and gave up altogether...

  • CCP any Christmas Gift ? in EVE Communication Center

    no worries, you will get some useless in-game crap. It is just tedious redeeming it all just to trash it again. No, I am not the type of guy that finds 50 bucks on the street and complains it was not 100 bucks, I am just waiting for my 10 year present, a Concord Battleship or so will do for my collector's hangar.

  • Alpha State Faction Restriction in EVE Communication Center

    Scourge Zephyr wrote:
    I love the idea of the free to play option in eve.
    The only problem is.... The current way it works it limits freedom quite abit too much in my oppinion.

    In my case, i have a minmatar character who is specialized into Amarr ships in the time i played (7 mill skillpoints)
    Now he has been nulified to being useless in the alpha state. Unable to fly anything of minmatar with any good efficiƫncy.

    I would really like to see this TINY restriction lifted, allowing everyone to simply pick the alpha restrictions on any faction no matter

    All CCP wanted is to to get some more people to feel limited, and then sign up for Omega, to make some extra cash. In a greater perspective, alpha clones are as useless as a soup sandwich, calling this free to play is completely inaccurate, you obviously have to pay, unless one of your only goals is to fly with underpowered (underskilled) frigs with a lot of people, blowing crap up, but if that is their plan of getting new people to join, they failed (as the only slightly increased numbers that I saw, I expected more). Took me 42 secs to delete this again, because I expected way more people to be playing, but I can foresee how these alpha clones will not at all keep new players interested for longer than like two weeks or so.

  • New purchases not showing up in cargo hold in EVE Communication Center

    Gallente Citizen 93647440 wrote:
    Just purchased 500 Thorium hybrid rounds and they're not showing up in my cargo hold. The funds were removed from my wallet but I don't see the rounds in my hold. Any ideas? Is it a bug? Is there a workaround for this if there is? Thanx to all who can help.

    Haha, you must have chosen one hell of a name to be granted the honor to be called Gallente Citizen (numbers)...... welcome to Eve, you are on the right track !

  • Gone for a while and I heard something about OGB... in EVE Communication Center

    Memphis Baas wrote:
    CCP has announced that they are getting rid of off-grid boosting, soon, but have not removed it yet.

    Soon means it can happen in any second in any patch.

  • Yes, you can have my stuff! in EVE Communication Center

    Ranzabar wrote:
    See you again in 3 to 5 months.

    Doesn't have to be as he is going sky diving. After I did my AFF course back in the days, I forgot about Eve and went jumping. I had all these plans to get the required jumps for a fly suit, etc., and then I moved countries. Where I live now, the weather is mostly ****, you require additional training, the people that fly you up there use smaller planes but hordes of people want to jump, so you pay a fortune to maybe do 1 jump each 2 hours, because the few times it is nice the whole world here will want to go jump... trust me, I am considering moving countries again, this being a big reason. I wouldn't keep your hopes up that people exchange sky diving for playing eve...

  • First AT Ship With 999 Kill Marks in EVE Communication Center

    Completely wrong title. It should have been First and last AT Ship with 999 kill marks. You are the first that did this, so you're cool in my book. All others that do it now will just get laughed at, poor souls.

  • Anyone who thinks that Eve Online isn't the most beautiful game around in EVE Communication Center

    Not just the exterior is nice, but also the interior parts of stations can be beautiful.

  • Support Yolo in EVE Communication Center

    customer support with CCP ranges from amazing to abysmal, it really depends what your issue is. If you say it is money related, something that companies typically hope that people forget about, I can assume it will take longer than when you are stuck in the game and are unable to play for whatever reason. No worries however, they will answer.

  • Currently in the land of Goondom in EVE Communication Center

    Natural CloneKiller wrote:
    I hear being in goons requires players to be able to press undock, F1. Dock. I advised my six year old he is too advanced for goons now and he should move onto a better alliance.

    I don't know about that. I went on a small solo roam in low sec and got ganked by 5 guys, their garmur did unfortunately for them not make it. Took me a bit more than just to press F1 to win that isk war vs 5, just saying...

  • 1st Phase Of Citadel Destruction :( in EVE Communication Center

    Ships, structures, etc. in eve serve only one purpose: To be blown up. Think about it before you set up the next one.

  • What to do here in EVE Communication Center

    I really don't know what to say, but I gave you your first like anyway.

  • Eve Online Vape in EVE Communication Center

    that's deep bro

  • Can we turn off the new jump animation? in EVE Communication Center

    just close your eyes for a few seconds after you hit jump. Problem solved.