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  • Jester Trek Latest Blog in EVE Communication Center

    Salvos Rhoska wrote:
    That Erotica1 is sourcing victims from within the game, for exploitation outside the game, is very much CCPs business.

    If CCP takes no punitive action against Erotica1's account, I expect one hell of an official statement that absolves the company of their responsibility to the well-being of their playerbase.

    Players provoking other players so as to humiliate them should neither be condoned nor allowed.

    The scam ought to have ended the moment Erotica1 received Sohkar's in-game assets to remain in the wellness of game-mechanics.

    Pressing on, Erotica1 and others involved crossed a very visible social line which is not permitted in spirit of any playground. When Erotica1 then re-introduced his bullying of Sohkar back into the Sandbox, and onto this forum, he certainly entered his actions into the purview of CCP.

    This event is already a scandal. CCP needs act and remedy the situation.

  • Pod and Pilot Fiction Contest is back! in EVE Communication Center

    A big thanks to everyone who made this contest possible, even the contestants!

    Congratulations to Rhavas for a phenomenal win.

  • Why do the Empires seem to be ceding power to capsuleers? in EVE Communication Center

    Voluspa Dreamweaver wrote:

    Picture this: The four factions have had enough of capsuleers. They take measures that include
    - Destroying all medical and jump clones in faction stations
    - Barring access to all faction stations. No more BPOs - no ships and modules
    - Shutting the market down
    - No missions

    Capsuleers can't exist without the four factions' goodwill, but the latter would survive without capsuleers.

    The situation regarding the capsuleers is much more ambivalent, and far from being simple enough to tackle with black and white solutions. There's much good to be had and much bad from capsuleers that side with the empires and go off doing their own thing, respectively. (Mind that some capsuleers are featured NPCs, and are not just the player population.)

    To look at capsuleers traditionally and from the view of the empires, all factions appreciate the capsuleers for their combat ability. A capsuleer that fights for a cause will always make significant waves.

    The capsuleers are phenomenal for industry. When players are not selling to other players, they're selling to NPCs. NPCs are always in the hire of capsuleers. Financially sensitive empires, the Caldari for certain, will think twice before ridding the cluster of the capsuleer for their shear benefit to all the empire's corporations.

    Purging the cluster of the capsuleer is tantamount to genocide. Looking at the Gallente traditionally, there would be an uproar and resistance to any proposal that suggests killing off an entire population.

    Viewing the Minmatar, there are pilots that fight against the Amarr, pilots that fight to ensure Minmatar freedoms. All those missions that pilots do for the Minmatar (any empire really), are usually offered a mission that strikes directly at the opposing empire. No one agent would advise crippling the capsuleer for the reason that doing so would interfere with any major effort of the company and the agent's respective empire.

    The Amarr would probably be the most open to the idea of reverting the cluster to the old status quo, and be the greatest proponent in purging the capsuleer, but then again, all the other detriments that the other empires see as a result of that action, will fall upon the Amarr as well, and the last thing that the Amarr need is chaos on their hands. There are already heirs vying for power. Any significant sign of weakness could break up the control of the empire and there would be a terrible case of infighting that could result in, with the most extreme circumstances, civil war.

    The Jove would be the greatest voice in ensuring the place of the capsuleer. Their mysterious actions have always been supposed as resulting from an interest in balance. They have been known to interfere with cluster affairs in the interest of balance. They would undoubtedly interfere to keep capsuleers in the cluster and would not let any change occur from a top-down method.

    Change therefore must begin from the bottom, and must spark from the revolts of the many baseliners that often are exposed to the neglect and the goodwill of capsuleers. Whether they feel wronged and desire change, it must come from them, and not from CONCORD, or any other cushy seat of a CEO, Empress, President or Sanmatar, because as of now, the boons affecting their wallets and peace of mind, come from the capsuleer, and outweigh any problems or misunderstandings caused by the capsuleer.

    Something incredibly horrible must happen directly to their interests or themselves for them to even consider getting rid of the capsuleer, though before that happens, it could be too late.

  • Why do the Empires seem to be ceding power to capsuleers? in EVE Communication Center

    Joia Crenca wrote:
    Why do the Empires not conduct expansionary work of their own?

    It is arguable that initially the expansion of the empires was an effort that began with the Capsuleer. Since space faring, the Empires behaved very much in the way that nullsec alliances do today, by attacking each other and and attempting to claim one another's territory.

    The Gallente-Caldari war was fought, not for the purpose of creating a stalemate, but because each of them wanted to expand, encroach, and conquer the other.

    You see capsuleers helping hold the expanse of the empires in some stories. For instance and most recently, we see in the Chronicle Falling Skies, Admiral Visera Yanala of the Shiigeru, as a capsuleer with her interest in the Caldari State close to heart. The titan crashes to the planet with capsuleers fighting in the interest of the Federation and of the State.

    From the same story, to address the simplicity of terminating a 'clonership' permanently, I read the chronicle with the impression that there must be a level of agreement from the capsuleer. It can be expected that capsuleers are resourceful and if the will exists in them (and more probably the ISK in their wallet), they can find people to prevent them from becoming biomassed, and sustain their 'clonership' elsewhere. We need only look to the autonomy of the nullsec corporations to see this acted out by the playerbase, and also examine features like security status.

    Faction Warfare is another instance, aside from the Falling Skies chronicle, where the capsuleers of the playerbase act out the interests of the empires who are constantly moving back and forth in their own expansionary work, albeit, they do not much go anywhere with their battles.

    This takes me to the next question:

    Joia Crenca wrote:
    So why do the Empires seem to be weakening rather than expanding?

    It would seem that in their bickering, the empires allowed themselves to lose what potential grasp of the unconquered systems that they could have had, had they the cooperation of the capsuleers. We see that in player ambition and lack of fealty to their origins, that what support could be in the empires' control is negated by the pull that players have on each other and on the NPCs. An alliance's purchase of Territorial Claim Units could be made to the benefit of the empires, but more often than not, alliances are more interested in becoming free of their bonds to the empires, and you will commonly hear that once you have a foothold in nullsec, you can do without ever going back to empire space.

    As has been pointed out, the Territorial Claim Unit is hinged in a small way to CONCORD. If you want to look at it darkly, players are effectively paying CONCORD to keep out of their hair, however, as I see it, CONCORD holds group relations at their core and do not behave as tyrants, but mediators within the cluster. Their interest can be seen in what their acronym stands for, which is Consolidated Cooperation and Relations Command, and while made at a time when only the Gallente, Caldari, Amarr, Minmatar, and Jove existed as sovereign bodies, they still acknowledge their role in service to any sovereign body, which includes entities created by capsuleers.

    I also want to bring up the DED, a division of CONCORD. Their interest is solely in security and upholding the law, and you will see that their arms only stretch out as far as the security level of a system will allow them. Capsuleers tend to be very good at working for the DED and snuffing out criminals that they advertise as lucrative catches. In many ways, the capsuleers are not all bad, which is surely what some individual in every NPC group understands.

    More closely to the question, why the empires seem to be weakening is because people in power are weakening, and unfortunately, all around the same time; coincidentally there is a level of interstellar upset in rulership that has come out of this. I imagine that in time, much like the promise of CCP's World of Darkness, players will eventually be able to push themselves into the spots of leadership, much like a vampire of CCP's other game in development will allow players to become a prince of a domain through politics or another kind of pull. It would not be odd that a respected Capsuleer Player fighter could assume some of the highest positions in the empire, as we need only look at Maleatu Shakor as having done the same for the Minmatar.

    There is a lot of evidence in the lore that points to the nature of NPC's and how their organizations and themselves are as sensitive to being shook up, similar to how our own are. The cluster is just coming to the point where players will be provided the window of opportunity to take direct advantage of these events, now having matured in the ruthless environment of New Eden. Some capsuleers will resist in the favor of the old powers, and some will prevail, except all that will be taking place ingame, and not in the form of us complaining or praising a devblog.

  • 3 Stories | Pod & Planet: 8000 Suns Category in EVE Communication Center

    And here is a fourth story that I am submitting into the 8000 Suns category as well.


    I think it outshines my others in construction, and avoids some other mistakes I noticed, but most importantly, explores a dynamic that I'd be very interested in seeing. Enjoy!

  • 3 Stories | Pod & Planet: 8000 Suns Category in EVE Communication Center

    Hello everyone!

    I am submitting the below three stories into the 8000 Suns Category for the Pod & Planet Fiction Competition.

    I hope that each of these, in their own way, might manage to pique your interest and appreciation for an image, an object, or scenario of New Eden, that you have been wanting to explore, but just have not received to your satisfaction.

    Go ahead and pick a link. They are in no particular order.




    Please do provide feedback—hate it, or love it. I would like to make sure I grow from this experience and make the most of it, towards the goal of writing a better series of stories for you lot. Thanks for your help in broadening the styles I write in, and I hope to return with plenty of techniques and narratives that you will enjoy next year.