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  • The Eve Fallacy That Drives Me Nuts in EVE Communication Center

    Scipio Artelius wrote:
    Tippia wrote:
    …but that's not what we're discussing.
    It's exactly what I'm discussing and you can think it's bulk fine. I don't think it's bulk.
    We are not discussing the benefits of training skills to different levels. The OP specifically includes " when you start training skills to LVL V".

    It a different perspective on the same sentence. In the original quote, you've placed emphasis on the first half of the sentence, where I've focussed on the second half included above.

    You are quite simply discussing something the whole conversation is not about. That is pretty much it.

    The benefit from skills have nothing to do with the topic. It quite simply is about the training speed you gain from Implants and in that regard it quite simply does not matter if you train a level 5 or X level 1 skills. The benefit in terms of training time will be the same.

  • The Eve Fallacy That Drives Me Nuts in EVE Communication Center

    Scipio Artelius wrote:
    Tippia wrote:
    Implants make the same difference no matter what level you're training at.

    In percentage terms yes. In absolute terms no.

    Just the same as I said before.

    Implants do not provide the same absolute time benefit in going from 0 - 1 as they do to go from 4 - 5.

    Before you are training to level 5, they have less value and the time taken to train cybernetics is potentially better spent elsewhere.

    There is even a new player skill plan that somewhere says:

    It should be noted that these lists contain a frightful mix of all kinds of skills, so the use of shortcuts such as implants and remaps can't really be applied optimally.

    I totally agree with that, as I have throughout this thread. Later on, they can be applied optimally.

    We clearly have different interpretations of the same statement which is fine, but going round and round the same round about is pointless.

    You are quite simply wrong on this one and seem to be unable to admit it.

    Here a simple example:

    You train a skill in spaceship command to level 5 taking a total of 30 days without implants. If you put in implants you will safe x days.
    Compared to that you train multiple skills at lower levels in the same catergory for a total of 30 days without implants. If you put in implants you will safe x days.

    I really should not need to point this out but: x in case one equals x in case two -> no matter if you look at relative numbers or absolute numbers the gain from implants in both cases is exactly the same. And that is what the topic is about.

  • WTF CCP -- 2nd Weekend In a Row??? in EVE Communication Center

    Just help me to understand this please....

    Are you really claiming that patching your eve client also broke the routing for your browser (also lol IE)?

    And just because your test did not finish you expect that it is definatly CCPs fault and under no circumstances could have anything to do with your ISP?

  • (Dis)honorable dueling - A call for a revamp of a broken system in EVE Communication Center

    Erotica 1 wrote:
    This thread needs 100's of pages with people just saying that annoying word TEST guys used. What was it, hodar or something?


    Also if you do not know what that is about you really should go and watch Game of Thrones :).

    On the topic:

    Fights in EvE are not fair and if you ever go into a fight expecting it to be fair, you simply made a big mistake and taking away any options to "outsmart" your enemy would go against the very nature of EvE.

  • Why are some people "afraid" of EvE? in EVE Communication Center

    Krixtal Icefluxor wrote:
    What ? So, suddenly size matters ? Lol

    Yes.. for ppl like devine size matters.. as if a bigger ship would automatically generate kills which is the main problem when you join EVE and think like he does.

  • Why are some people "afraid" of EvE? in EVE Communication Center

    Divine Entervention wrote:

    There's only like 6 things we can do:

    Tackle in a fleet

    Fly the most ineffective logistics ships that transfer like 30 shields per second (while friendlies are taking 400 dps, making it near inconsequential)

    Fly ewar, which low skill makes it so you have to get close, with ewar being targetted first always so you probably don't even get one jamming cycle off before you're obliterated.

    Mine - booorrrriinnng

    Do level 1 missions - moderately interesting at first, until they start repeating over and over again and you realize how shallow the mission depth is, while it pays you next to nothing for the time invested compared to mining

    Or haul goods around in a paper thin, liable to be destroyed by anyone at anytime for LoLs industrial ship hauling goods around, literally risking everything for next to nothing in comparison.

    If you want to fly a logistics ship... a logistics ship, they actually are quite helpfull. Bring 2 or 3 of those and the transfer amount goes up a lot. A single logistics ship will barely be better than a local tank on a ship.. a small group of them however is much more effective. Also a logistics cruiser is trained quite fast as well if you aim your training at that. But you expect to be able to do everything at the same time early on in the game.

    Its as if you play any other MMO take a DD class and then whine about not being able to heal your teammates. You wanna be the healer in eve? Then plan your training accordingly...

    Ewar: there are other forms of ewar than jamming which are more reliable but can be just as effective, and they will let you sit on longer range.

    Yes mission grinding does become boring, but again.. show me 1 game that is different.. just because they add 50 different kinds of mobs in other games it does not make it any more interesting. In the end no matter which mobs you kill you keep hitting the same keys over and over again to slay totally ******** npcs.

    Well.. running out of time.. gotta go...

  • Why are some people "afraid" of EvE? in EVE Communication Center

    Divine Entervention wrote:

    Waiting for the big ships does not bother me. What seems problematic to me is that I cannot seem to fly even the most basic ships, T1 frigates, to their maximum potential. I've been playing for almost a month now and I am still extremely limited, even with the most basic ships.

    If you are a combat pilot and within 1 month can not get skills trained up to be effective in a frig than you simply fail at planning your skill training. Basically after a few hours of training you can fly a tackling frig. All you need is electronic warfare and some basic navigation skills to fit a prop mod.

    Divine Entervention wrote:

    I do not necessarily want to join eve and have access to a battleship. But seeing as how the Frigate is the weakest combat ship, I cannot hope to achieve effective efficiency even with it.

    Again the false mindset of "bigger is better". Frigs are not the weakest combat ships, hell i have seen ppl in badgers taking down battleships and frigattes sure as hell are more deadly than battlebadgers.

    In EvE there is no best, it is all situational and well flown low skill frig under the right circumstances can take down a Battleship.. even solo.

    Divine Entervention wrote:

    I understand that I can join a fleet and be "useful" in absorbing a few seconds of someone's attention while the heavy hitters do their work. I understand I can tackle a ship so allies can get in position and fight him. But what I cannot do, what I want to, is fight on an even playing field solo against anyone.

    Actually... you can fight people solo and win, given you know what you are doing, what to expect from the enemy ship and by learning how to counter the setup he most likely is using. Being able to make your decisions from your enemies behaviour and adjusting your tactic to the enemies setup is what makes the difference in most 1v1 fights unless you think of fighting as 2 ships standing still in front of each other and just unloading into each others face -> which is the only case where skillpoints would actually be the deciding factor.

    Divine Entervention wrote:

    I think alot of other new people would like to do that as well. Be able to fly one of the T1 frigates to it's maximum potential to make frigate fights a contest between skill and not who's spent more time logged out. Yet in this realm, it's unrealistic.

    Nobody is stopping you from maxing out your frig skills and it does not take nearly as long to be on par with other in that ship class as you seem to be thinking. Having 100 mil sp spread out over 4 races and all subcap classes gives me the chance to choose from many ships, but the amount of sp effecting each single ship classes is a lot lower than that, especially for frigs.
    And show me just 1 game with character progression where a higher level char will not stomp you into the ground.

    Since I played a bit SWG the last days again I will go with that as an example.
    If a Level 30 char runs around in a level 20 Area and 100 level 20s go and attack him he will take exactly 0 damage and will slaughter them all.

    Something like that is not possible in EvE. No matter how many sp you have... even a team of 2 low sp chars can take you down easily if they know what they are doing. And yes.. you will have a hard time solo for a long time but even though you will never admit this, it is because of the lack of experience and knowledge that you will get killed and with your mindset this will never change, no matter how many sp you get. Especially in 1v1 situations.

  • Why are some people "afraid" of EvE? in EVE Communication Center

    Divine Entervention wrote:
    Alastair Ormand wrote:
    The thing with Eve is it takes a while to get anywhere.... People want their super shiny stuff NOW. Like a baby who's been denied a lolly in super market que they'll kick and scream to get what they want and kill the game at the same time (World of Warcraft). Thankfully CCP has not bowed to these same pressures as much as other developers have and kept the game tough. It weeds out the weaklings and crushes their skulls.

    So basically, wait?

    New people should sign up to EVE and then wait. Wait a long time.

    Yea that sounds fine. Lets try advertising the game like that:

    Look at these awesome space ships! Fly battle ships! Fly Carriers! Fly TITANS!!!!!!!!! After a long wait. Yes, we want YOU to sign up for EVE today and wait a year so you too can fly those awesome amazing super cool ships!

    Join EVE now and begin WAITING today!


    What is wrong with having to wait for a while to be able to fly the big shiny toys? Who says that you can not go out and have a blast with tech1 frigattes. It simply is your mindest that is limiting yourself.

    If you wait until you can fly a faction battleship or any other expansive ship before you start actually having fun in the game i really hope that i will be the first person you try to have a fight with in that ship.

    And if anything is discouraging new players to go out and have fun in the first days it is people like you who spread that nonsense around that you need millions of sp to actually be useful for a group. All those people including you do not have a ******* clue what they are talking about.

  • Does Eve need new players? in EVE Communication Center

    Lady Areola Fappington wrote:

    Ladies and gentlemen, please don't abandon your morals, in order to win a game. Taking the queen in Chess just proves what a kidnapping rapist mysogynst you are!

    That makes me think of that chess game scene in Mel Brook´s "History of the world" :) in case you do not know what i am talking about (jump to 1:45).

  • Does Eve need new players? in EVE Communication Center

    Infinity Ziona wrote:

    Why would anyone join to be honest? Its not the EVE that CCP developed in 2003.

    The usual nonsense of Ziona...

    Once again all you achieve is making me think that you bought your character and have not really been arround in 2003.

    Yes EvE is not the same as in 2003, but unlike what you seem to be claiming it is a lot easier for players to get into the game, which you would actually know if you would have played back in those days.

    Let me just mention a few things:

    - New players get lots of free stuff from tutorial missions which players back in 2003 (given they would have existed) would have had to grind for over several days.
    - New players have the advantage that they can learn a lot from old players while the people who played back then had to figure it out all on their own.
    - Getting scammed is a lot harder unless you are unable to read. (Everyone who knows the old escrow knows what i mean).
    - New players can make a lot more ISK and a lot faster these days, which makes ship losses a lot easier to replace.
    - High sec is a lot safer than it used to be back in 2003.
    - No more need for learning skills + higher base attributes + attribute remapping -> faster skill training for new players.
    - Attribute enhancers are a lot easier to afford for new players -> faster skill training for new players.
    - Ships are balanced a lot better these days (but of course in your book getting rid of fotm ships and iwin buttons is a bad thing) - does affect pretty much all players, including new players.

    That is just a few things which I can quickly can up with which makes the life a lot easier for new players. Yet you run around and claim EvE was better back in 2003.

    Which surely depends on the perspective. For people who liked a really harsh game where every single loss could actually hurt, yes for those EvE was better. For new players (the players this thread is about) it was by far worse than it is today.

  • Does Eve need new players? in EVE Communication Center

    Good Posting wrote:
    Victor Andall wrote:

    We're generating content for you.

    You should be paying us.

    I don't want to harm people. I only like site running and 80's disco music while site running while dancing while running the crimson hand.

    Do you waaaana funk with meeeee!! clap clap!!

    If enough frigs are coming your way a good old discophoon would surely fit quite well to listening to that music :)

  • Does Eve need new players? in EVE Communication Center

    Slade Trillgon wrote:
    Games always need new players........ and yes I answered without reading Bear

    Do not worry.. you did not miss anything ;).

  • A hypothetical fiting tool? in EVE Communication Center

    Freiday wrote:
    The problem I am having with EFT is that it's fine for standard cheap ship bits, but doesn't have all the costly ones, e.g. officer modules. I see the tool is still like that. As to where the thread should be, that is a different matter.

    No idea what you are talking about.... EFT has all the modules.. you just need to open your eyes.

  • WTB alliance logo in EVE Marketplace

    Hey... just stumbled over this thread.... if you have not done already.. you might wanna look into this thread:

    Also read the corresponding devblog and make sure you understand, what you are signing.

    Anyone who wants to make a Logo for you should take a look at this as well.

  • Dev Blog: Alliance Logos & You - Clarification on submissions in EVE Information Center

    James Amril-Kesh wrote:
    Ralph King-Griffin wrote:
    James Amril-Kesh wrote:

    read the blog

    So if I write something lengthy about why I require your property you'll hand it to me without question?
    I'd go ahead and do so but I suspect you have nothing of value to me.

    Because he already has given it all away for free :).

  • Insta lock gate camps in EVE Communication Center

    Hey CCP,

    I like camping a gate once in a while, but i find it really unfair that i need to fit my ship accordingly if I want to catch fast warping ships, please give all my ships a scan resolution of 1500+ so I do not need any sensor boosters or remote sensor boosters in order to catch small ships.

    The way it is now it takes planning and a very specialized setup for my tackling ship to get the task done, this mechanic is clearly broken!

  • EvE's aging playerbase and life insurance policy's in EVE Communication Center

    Knights Armament wrote:
    Ra Jackson wrote:
    So you think it is a good idea if somebody continued playing as Vile Rat?

    I don't know who vile rat is, but why not?

    Since you asked....

  • Dev Blog: Alliance Logos & You - Clarification on submissions in EVE Information Center

    hydraSlav wrote:
    And then you people ask CCP to give us alliance/corp logos on ships, and wonder why CCP hasn't done it. With the bitching and moaning in this thread, it's no surprise. I will be surprised if CCP just doesn't show you the finger and pull all alliance logos out of the game.

    This has nothing to do with bitching around. We are simply defending our own property here, which ccp is tryng to steal.

    And as an artist I can hardly stand by idle when entity X comes along trying to claim ownership of my work and wants to tell me that i can not do whatever I please to do with it.

    What do you think ccp would be doing when I would go ahead and sell copies of stuff they created and on top of it ask them to stop selling their version so that i can make more money? You think they are just gonna go along and agree with it?

    In the end ccp can be happy that people are willing to give them a license to use their work for any eve related purpose, including advertising, internet streams and so on, for free.

  • Dev Blog: Alliance Logos & You - Clarification on submissions in EVE Information Center

    Xindi Kraid wrote:
    Arkady Romanov wrote:

    TheMittani is. I'm sure amongst the 37000 odd CFC members we could scrounge up a couple more.

    Mittens hasn't posted here.

    Darius JOHNSON wrote:
    Xindi Kraid wrote:
    I love how people keep talking about US law or German law or {COUNTRY_NAME} law.
    You seem to be forgetting an important part: CCP Hf. is a company in Iceland subject to Iceland law.

    I'm not saying this seems to be a good move, but your arguments why aren't very sound. I should also note, most of you aren't lawyers anyways.

    You have no idea who is or isn't a lawyer in this thread aside from myself potentially and it's already been explained that Icelandic copyright law means precisely **** in this situation. Cool post though I guess if by cool post I mean you may as well have just said nothing as the content would be identical.

    :edit: Also "HOW DO I INTERNATIONAL TRADE AGREEMENTS" "WHAT IS THE EU ECONOMIC ZONE" just read something before you open your mouth and humiliate yourself with your ignorance

    Is being a gigantic douchebag a requirement for membership in goonswarm? If you're really worried about CCP having your IP, maybe you should change it to something more accurate like Assholes Anonymous, and not give CCP the name and logo.
    You're right I don't know who is a lawyer, but I can be sure most of the people who post on these forums aren't, but are just blowing smoke out their ass. In fact one of the people I was referring to specifically state they weren't a lawyer, and I wasn't referring to your posts at all, and, again the posts I was referring to don't mention internationally recognized, just "Well I don't really know legalese but this one paragraph in my one country seems legit"

    You could just read what I posted before stepping up to stroke your own self importance. If you wanna get mad why don't you get mad at ALL the ignorant posts.

    True.. i said i am not a lawyer, but i am an audiovisual mediadesigner so i get in contact with copyright laws every day. And if you look at my last post, where i copied everything regarding transactions of IP (which also is covered by International trade agreements) from the german copyright law, you might see where the problem is.

    And as german citizen german law applies to me and the law clearly protects my IP from anything ccp is trying to do here. So how about instead of playing the "internet lawyer card" acting as CCP Whiteknight, you get your own facts straight. You do not need to be a lawyer to learn things about the law.

    And ccp can write that crap into their EULA a million times, that does not put ccp above the law.

  • Dev Blog: Alliance Logos & You - Clarification on submissions in EVE Information Center

    Zappity wrote:
    Darius JOHNSON wrote:
    CCP has no ownership stake. Posts on forums aren't valid transfers of ownership. Registration with copyright offices is defining ownership. CCP is not a position to sublicense anything.

    This is clearly not true. You agreed to the contract when you uploaded the graphic or accepted the EULA. Of course ownership and licences can be transferred by contract. We do it all the time.

    § 29
    Rechtsgeschäfte über das Urheberrecht

    (1) Das Urheberrecht ist nicht übertragbar, es sei denn, es wird in Erfüllung einer Verfügung von Todes wegen oder an Miterben im Wege der Erbauseinandersetzung übertragen.

    (2) Zulässig sind die Einräumung von Nutzungsrechten (§ 31), schuldrechtliche Einwilligungen und Vereinbarungen zu Verwertungsrechten sowie die in § 39 geregelten Rechtsgeschäfte über Urheberpersönlichkeitsrechte.

    Translates to:

    § 29
    Transactions on copyright

    (1) Copyright is not transferable, unless it is transferred in execution of a testamentary disposition or joint-heirs by way of inheritance disputes.

    (2) are permitted the granting of rights (§ 31), debt legal consents and agreements on exploitation rights and the regulated in § 39 legal transactions on moral rights.

    Which means... even if i wanted to i can not transfer the ownership of my intellectual property.