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  • New Feature - Emergency Jump in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Someone has just finished watching Battlestar Galactica, I see.

  • A Ghost in the NPE: A Plea to CCP's Newest Spook in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Ok, so now we have a new CCP dude meant to revamp the NPE and get more of those 1.5 million newbs we had last year to stick around. In the time-honored tradition of shitting up reddit and expecting a particular Dev to listen to our every whim- CCP Ghost, welcome to the team, please listen to my opinion above all others.

    Welcome to the New NPE Show With Ulthanon Kaidos and (hopefully) CCP Ghost

    First, get rid of the current "Background" selection. Being an "Amarr Border Runner" means nothing to a newbie, so instead of asking them who they are, ask them what they want to do. Give them simple choices (with pretty graphics) that break down into other only-slightly-more-complex choices. "Do you want to build things or blow things up?" Could lead into "Do you want to blow up other players or NPCs?" "Do you prefer lasers or missiles?" Give them a tidbit more info every time they refine their choice but don't overdo it. Stress that anyone can learn anything and that a person can completely reinvent themselves without too much trouble. Based on what they chose through this more informative and intuitive selection, then you can offer them some pure lore-fluff "background" option right at the very end if they want it.

    Have those 5-or-so choices lead into an introductory storyline based on what they chose. These should have cinematic introductions like what we see in the expansion trailers. This will link the pretty trailers to the more brass-tacks UI that we use, rather than shocking people with "Wait, what? This doesn't look anything like what I saw on Youtube, I'm out of here. BDO seemed cooler."

    At the same time, cannibalize the Opportunities into achieving their mission objectives. Start with flight basics that have VERY obvious goals- "double click in space here; this is how most people steer their ship, though you have other options like WASD if you want them. We'll go into that later". And make accomplishment of these new "Opportunities" (though they'd be more like mission objectives at this point) reward a person with SP.

    "But newbros don't know where to apply their SP!" No, shut up, It doesn't matter. People respond to quick rewards up front. We want to hook people, remember? Give them a special newbro "reward interface pop-up window" or whatever that gives them three simple choices. Tell them to pick between laser damage, ship speed, and armor toughness (for example)- and again, remind them that intro skills are EZPZ and that any "mistakes" can be fixed. No pressure, little beans. Do this a few times throughout the newbro intro storyline.

    More cinematics. Intersperse these throughout the intro storylines. Play to the strengths of the game's beauty and not to its potential weakness of the confusing overview.

    More to that point, get voiceovers. And not just professionals- get the community in on it. Have a competition for people throughout the community to submit comms recordings or voiceovers for any one of a number of topics. You could even have the community write some of the tutorials. This Is EVE was the best video you ever put out and it was because of the connection to the real people that play this game. Tap into that. Reward nerds with a plex or two if their tutorial writing/voiceover is used, credit them when they speak in the cinematics, and again stress that these are real players- now, not only are we hooking people with the short-term dopaminergic reward of 10k SP, now they get a taste of the grand scale. "Holy ****," says the newbean, "If I get good, I can be immortalized in the ******* game tutorials?!"

    Keep the tutorials (and the voiceovers) up to date.


    In closing, think of the NPE as training wheels. EVE is famous for allowing you to do anything, but right up front, people might stick around if things were just a little less Sandbox and a little more Theme Park. Phase the Theme Park stuff out as the intro story moves, but give them little "booster shots" of Theme Park if they continue with more advanced intro missions- the SoE epic arc could use a re-work and could be a great secondary stepping-stone into full-blown "alright, you're on your own, go make your own cinematics".


  • [December] Command Destroyers in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP, please don't take this away from lowsec.

    If you need to nerf it, remove or nerf the "double jump" ability as it currently exists, but don't remove the whole ability from lowsec.

  • [Focus Group] Capital Ships Signup in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Aloha. I think I will be a key voice in this focus group.

    "But Ulth," you say, "Although you are devilishly handsome and have a voice like sweet onions and portobello mushrooms caramelized in butter, you don't have any caps. Why would you be key in a Capital focus group?"

    An excellent question, friend. Allow me to elaborate.

    1. I'm not a capital pilot yet but I could aspire to be one, if the changes seem cool enough. Why is that important? Because EVE has a problem, and that problem is player retention. Capital changes alone aren't going to solve that, but having a big shiny hunk of awesome is a powerful motivator. Think of the cap changes like food. However technically balanced the ships are (the gaming equivalent of tofu), if it doesn't look engaging and radical (like pizza) you're going to get far less buy-in from a bunch of relative newbies. And newbie buy-in means subscriptions.
    2. I'm mostly a PvE guy. A lot of these changes revealed at EVE Vegas seem PvP related. And that's great, but Vegas also revealed that at least half of EVE players are a "silent majority" of social/entrepreneur-style players for whom PvP might not be the first concern. Now, I'm anything but silent, but I understand the need for EVE to keep its PvE game healthy and robust. Capital changes alone won't fix all of the game's myriad PvE problems, but they will be an important indication of a healthier PvE ecosystem overall.
    3. Did I mention I'm devilishly handsome?

    Clearly, I'm your guy.

  • Making the Rorqual Less of a Yawn-Zone: A Reddit Repost in EVE Technology and Research Center

    • Moon Mining Array- Stolen shamelessly from /u/INITMalcanis on the subreddit, we could use the Rorq as a platform to shift those sweet, sweet moon minerals away from an Alliance-level only income stream and into a source of revenue for those willing to put their Herald of Geologic Rearrangement on the line. The Rorq could use a short but intense Siege cycle to harvest the moon minerals- maybe 2.5 minutes or so- which would use a ton of fuel but would allow for a decent yield. I'm really salty I didn't think of this one myself, because moon minerals are some of the biggest conflict-drivers out there, so props to Malcanis for reminding me about this option.

    • High-Res Asteroid Scanner- Probably one of my more "My God, he's gone mad with upvotes!" ideas, but whatever, Tuesdays are not for the faint of heart. Give the Rorq some sort of scanner or whatever that allows a more accurate ore extraction plan for a given asteroid. The effect would be one of two things: Either Players mining that rock would get a set amount of bonus ore per miner cycle (such that, for instance, a rock with 10km3 would leave a fleet with 12km3 by the time it's mined out), Or the scanner would alter the nature of the asteroid itself such that it becomes the next-best quality of that flavor of asteroid (so a vanilla rock becomes a +5%, a +5% becomes a +10%). This last option would mean that the Rorq could essentially create a +15% asteroid variation.

    I need a cigarette and a wetnap.

  • Making the Rorqual Less of a Yawn-Zone: A Reddit Repost in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Brass tacks: The Rorqual is awesome. Its boosts are ******* amazeballs and its gameplay is some of the most engaging in EVE. Recently, I investigated how one should go about optimizing their time in this industrial powerhouse, and after discussing the topic with the briniest nullcrabs in Bovril I have distilled the essence of Rorq piloting into three complex but essential steps:

    • Take a Wing/Fleet Booster role
    • Turn on your boosts in a POS
    • Go on vacation

    Now I know this is already thrill-a-minute kind of stuff, but as a member in EVE's premier asteroid-combating corporation, I still feel as though I could offer some slight tweaks to make this thing less of a Snooze-fest and more of a Crews-fest.

    1) Capital-Sized Mining Lasers/Bonuses. I want to lube you bitches up with the easy fixes first so I don't split you down the middle with the industrial shaft of genius. If we want to coax the reclusive Rorqual out of its POS, we have to give it a reason to leave- and with on-grid boosting still somehow *unpossible*, the most *duh* suggestion out there is to implement Capital-sized everything. Strip miners, ice miners, gas huffers, the whole slew of them- T1 and T2 variations- and the crystals to trick them out even further. **OR,** if you don't want to install all-new assets for essentially one ship, give the Rorq ungodly buffs to normal-sized mining gear. But that would be the :poor: choice, wouldn't it, CCP? And we don't like :poors: in this house.

    2) Asteroid Tractor Beams. Still fairly easy here- the Rorq is again encouraged to sit on-field, but it can tractor rocks within its range rather than having to slowboat around like some kind of peasant. This ship is the god of the forge given form, the ******* Hephastus of New Eden, and do you think this thing is going to be moving around from rock to rock? **** NO. The Rorqual tells the asteroids to *get their sexy asses over here* and the asteroids ******* listen.

    3) Fleet Hangars. Whaaaat? That's right, give this soot-choked cathedral some space to launch ships out of. Let's say... enough m3 for 15-20 Cruisers, with anything bigger than a Medium-sized hull disallowed. *But I thought the ideas were supposed to get cooler as you go on*, you whine. Well sit your thirsty ass back down because I'm about to drop a Spod-sized bomb on your ass.

    4) INDUSTRIAL SUPERWEAPONS. You know what to do.

    • Seismic Detonation: First of all, it would sound like this. Now then, with the important stuff out of the way: Whether through module or mode-changing, the Rorq would blow up all asteroids in a given area and turn them into ready-to-collect ore. To balance it, say that the Rorq has to "spool up" to do this for X many minutes; the weapon doesn't go off until the end of that charge period. During that charge time, the Rorq cannot move, warp, or jump, and it appears on everyone's overview, a la cynosural fields. This ability would come with a big cooldown and would cost a lot of fuel, and maybe disallow jumping for a time afterwards, like a Titan's DD currently does. If you want to go *really* crazygonuts, have it deal X much omnidamage in that area. Its not like ships didn't have a chance to get the **** out the way.

    • "Redoubt" Forcefield: So you and your merry band of nullbears get jumped on by some door-to-door content salesmen, and now all those long hours you spent (ahem) *tirelessly earning hard-won iskies* are up in the air as your Rorqual comes under assault. But all is not lost. The Rorq could pop up something like an ungodly lovechild of the current POS Forcefields and the planned Citadel DPS-Caps to give itself precious time to call for help. Again, the Rorq becomes immobilized and a big ol' beacon lights up on everyone's Overview like a neon sign that reads KILLMAILS THIS WAY. Friendly ships are allowed inside the FF and hostile/neutrals are not, and ships inside the FF can't be targeted- all like the POS. This particular forcefield takes the place of the Rorq's own shields, however- so while the Rorq's defenses are increased for the moment, help had better arrive quick because there are no reinforcement timers with this FF. Once its gone, its gone, and while a few passing cruisers probably couldn't overcome it, a dread or two certainly can, and so can a dedicated fleet. This FF might only last 10 minutes or so, after which time it cannot be reactivated again for some time.

    The idea is not just to make the Rorqual an ore-sucking behemoth, but to make it a content centerpiece. I always have a thousand horrible ideas for extra **** but the point is that this ship will be better only when it is *part of the action*, not just some sidelined quarterback and/or glorified boost boat. I see a Rorq getting jumped, popping its shields, miners reshipping into combat ships in the fleet hangar to try to kill off enemy tackle while both sides rageping for support fleets. Boom, ten minutes later (or sooner if the attackers bring enough DPS to overcome the FF's caps) you have potentially large-scale content, no need for alarm-clocking or waiting for vulnerability windows. No need for entosis mechanics. You just have pure, unadulterated *gudfights*.

    More after the jump.

  • Reimbursing Blood Raider Accelerator SP? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hey kids! Remember those Cerebral Accelerators that just came out yesterday? And CCP was all "zomgs they'll love these!"

    And then people were like "Hey wait these things cost an arm and a leg but they don't actually improve training time!"
    "Yeah they do," said CCP, "its just a UI error saying they don't work, but they really do."

    "No," people said a little later, "They really don't, and here's proof."
    "Damn," said CCP, a tear forming in one of their multifaceted, bee-like eyeballs, "We'll get on that and fix it by downtime."

    ...For those of us who used our boosters last night (thereby wasting some of their effect), can we get some SP reimbursed or something?

  • CCP/CSM Round Table: Jump Fatigue in Council of Stellar Management

    What are your thoughts about heavily reducing the jump fatigue and/or increasing jump range on certain ships (JFs, Black Ops, etc)?

    Have you heard the community response that these changes have made moving from place to place much more tedious and un-fun? If so, have you taken it to heart? And if so again, could you please be better at communicating "We've heard you; it'll take some time to dial in changes, but we've heard you and are working on fixing it"?

  • AFK Cloaking™: Ideas, Discussion, and Proposals in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I talk more about OAs here.

  • [New structures] Assembly Array and Research Laboratories in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Nortion Adoulin wrote:

    Well this kind of makes sense and looks a workable system although I’m not shore how it would fit in with the rest of what a lab is supposed to do as this only focuses on data core production.
    I would point out that this set up lends itself very well to giving the best sites and opportunities to Null sec and the big alliances that can secure interesting systems.

    Not really, who says these sorts of "Celestial Phenomina" wouldn't spawn in hisec? And this focuses on all sorts of other parts of industry, not just the new stuff- I just focused and expanded on the new things because they needed to be explained in full.

    These Phenomina could be transient, so that Solar Flare the "big alliances" are researching might only last a day or two. A science-based group would have to move around.

  • AFK Cloaking™: Ideas, Discussion, and Proposals in EVE Technology and Research Center

    1. Give the new Observational Array structure a new module and charge; the Cloak Combat Scanner and Cloak Combat Probes.
    2. Allow players to sit in the OA and use this module.
    3. This module works like regular Core or Combat Probes, albeit with a very small scanning range per probe, and all these probes detect is whether there is a cloaked ship within their range. This cloaked signature can be scanned down and warped to.

    Through this idea, AFK cloaking remains an option for the cloaked player, but they run the risk of being scanned down; the defenders can choose to install and fuel the OA and these modules (costing time and fuel) but are not forced to do so; and this mechanic would discourage AFK gameplay without prohibiting it, which is good because being able to influence the game while logged in but not at your computer is totally lame.

  • [New structures] Assembly Array and Research Laboratories in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Research Labs

    Within the context of the goals CCP has stated for the structure overhaul, I think it is important to start by thematically differentiating what the sizes of RLs ought to do. The two sizes of Research structure lend themselves to varying lengths of deployment; Large Research Labs for transient purposes (1 day - 1 week) and Extra-large Research Labs for indefinite deployment. With this difference understood, we can now define further: LRLs are where raw data collection take place, and XLRLs are where data processing take place.

    Large Research Labs

  • LRLs can be deployed most anywhere, and equipped through mods, rigs or service slots to begin generating research. Lets say this raw data that they collect takes the form of a new item, "Raw Data Files", and they correspond to the current Data Cores (Raw Data File: High Energy Physics, for example). They could also correspond to other research-based stuff such as Invention or Reactions. Regardless, these Files don't do anything on their own, however, but more on that in a bit.
  • An LRL anchored in the middle of nowhere doesn't result in any Raw Data File production, even when equipped well. That is, 0 passive production when not near a Spacial Phenomenon (mentioned below). What is there to study in deep space? Boredom? Nah. For an LRL to be worth anything you have to anchor it near something cool and actively use it.
  • Props to the dudes who beat me to it, since "celestial phenomina" has been talked about already, though I would alter the idea a little bit. Instead of just rolling up to, say, a Coronal Mass Ejection and studying it in your thermal-tanked Buzzard, dropping an LRL near such a celestial anom/sig would "open" the feature to study.
  • A player could then "sit" in the LRL and use one of it's scanning arrays to "mine" the CME for Raw Data. Boom! The LRL's Raw Data File production is now awesome, since it's actually studying something. Players could chose to fit the LRL for tank/regen, to shield the LRL from the dangerous environments it would usually be deployed next to, or they could fit it for extra scanners, allowing them to risk the Lab's damage or destruction but buffings its Raw Data production rate even more.
  • If you wanted to create synergy between the new structures, you could have these new Space Phenomina be detected by Observation Arrays. Just a thought.
  • Players could also fly up in research scanner-fit ships and study the Phenomina once the LRL has "opened" it, though the LRL's scanners and specialized electronics would always yield the fastest generation of Raw Data.
  • You know what, just for kicks, allow the Etana to have awesome research scaners. That should make for lulzy killmails on the subreddit.
  • And finally, you could equip your LRL for passive, pilot-less Raw Data File production, but this would come with serious drawbacks. More in a moment.

  • Anyhow, the LRL sits alongside this Phenomina and generates Raw Data as long as a player(s) are cycling its scanner(s), or if its fit for passive production. Raw Data Files are put into its cargo hold and are ready for delivery. Here's the catch, though: Passive Raw Data File production is way slower than actively sitting in it and cycling its scanners, AND the storage unit for Raw Data Files can be hacked open by a Data Analyzer. So if you can't be bothered to sit in your LRL, people can steal your notes.

  • While attacking/entosising an LRL normally would warrant an alert being sent out to that structure's alliance, a CovOps hacking the LRL's Raw Data File storage would not elicit such a warning unless they failed their hack.
  • And as with the OAs, you could devote some of your mods/rigs to anti-hacking defense... but, this capability would compete for the same slots as resist profiles, LRL weapons platforms, Raw Data production rates, etc etc. So, there's a real risk to just letting your stuff sit there, but it remains an option for the lazy (and a source of content for the eagle-eyed and enterprising).
  • I might also support an addition that states, if the LRL is armed, those guns would not immediately auto-fire on neutral/enemy CovOps ships, though if the guns were manned at the time, the gunner could obviously taget the intruding CovOps manually. Again, we preserve the choice of afk gameplay but punish it severely since its totally lame.

  • Extra-Large Research Labs
    So you've got your Raw Data Files and I didn't swing through your system and steal them, because you were good and didn't passive fit your LRL. You haul your RDFs back to your XLRL, which can now process them!

  • XLRLs process the Raw Data Files into usable datacores, decryptors- and who knows, maybe even other cool stuff regarding the other structures. I could go on and on about all the sorts of cool stuff that Research Labs and OAs could do together, but I'll spare you my more wild flights of fancy. Back to the XLRLs.
  • They could obviously be fit for efficiency buffs to processing your Raw Data, or bonus chances to get extra Optimized Decryptors, etc.
  • Further upgrades could buff T2/T3 invention chances, better ME/TE/runs/copies stats on your T2/T3 BPCs
  • Upgrades could replace the current IHub bonuses to a system's Data/Relic site spawning and actually cause these sigs to spawn in the proper system on a semi-regular basis. Alternately/additionally, an XLRL could influence all of the Data/Relic sites in a constellation, improving their loot tables. They could even increase the chances for Sleeper Sites or Covert Research Facilities in that constellation.
  • [*] and finally, XLRLs could possibly improve the chances of Faction BPCs dropping from Escalation bosses in that system, or improve which Faction BPCs drop off of anom/sig Faction Spawns.

  • [New structures] Observatory Arrays and Gates in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Observation Arrays

    For Observation Arrays, I have to work under a pair of assumptions; each assumption changes some fundamental characteristics of the OA. The first assumption is that null-sec Local will be removed as a baseline feature. Under that assumption,

    • Observational Arrays should, to some degree, return some version of Local Chat to their system. Keep in mind that doing so would burn fuel continuously; CCP has also stated that players will be able to anchor more than one OA in a system, so I think it would be fair to state that multiple OAs should return Local to its current state of operation, at the cost of all that fuel constantly running.
    • Other options for Local, should an alliance not have enough OAs for "Full Local" functionality (or if they're not turned on at a given time) could be: No local at all; a 'Doorbell' that provides a soft inbound/outbound noise played system-wide when a ship enters or leaves (but with no counter); or a 'Local Counter' as mentioned elsewhere that shows the number of ships, but not who.

    Now, if we work under the assumption that null-sec local will remain as a baseline feature, then they obviously won't influence the Local Chat window since it wouldn't be going anywhere in the first place. Anyway, moving on.

    If we envision OAs in the fitting window shown for stations, a multitude of different functionality options appear before us. For instance,

  • If an OA can be sat in, we'll assume it has a host of scanning equipment (because duh). We could tie OA scanning into the Beta Map and allow it to visually show us where D-scan pings come up; it could be equipped/rigged to scan down any signatures in its range; it could be equipped with specialized scanners that can penetrate cloaks.

  • After all, remember: the problem isn't cloaky campers, the problem is afk cloaky campers. If a dude has the day off and decides to spend it cloak-burning safes, bouncing around your system, ganking your Retrievers and then disappearing again- he deserves to do this. That player is active, and that's the key; he or she could dodge an OA scan by moving. An afk cloaky camper would get caught, which is good because that gameplay is totally lame.

    Disabling Observational Arrays

    Obviously shooting it or entosising it would turn it off, but here's a thought: Ships that entosis it or shoot it cause an alarm to go off, much like an ESS does today. "Ulthanon is attacking the OA!", and then everyone warps in and dumpsters me. Sadness reigns.

    BUT, I have another option. I can fly a CovOps! And if I come in with my Data Module*, I can hack the OA into submission without triggering a system-wide warning. Maybe upon successful hack, I can chose one or more of its intelligence streams to turn off. Maybe I shut down local. Maybe I make all of the anoms in the system go to 0%, needing them to be scanned down like signatures. The what can be debated but it adds an interesting dynamic that exploration ships have never had before.

    Obviously, if I fail the hack, I get locked out of the system and the warning is broadcast. Now everyone knows to scan for my Buzzard and I am once again hunted down like the dog I am. Maybe failure disables my cloak for a time!

    As for the OA's module slots, maybe these would be more toward anti-hacking defenses than actual launchers or turrets. Perhaps certain rigs/mods increase the system core's strength, while others have an increased chance to spawn Restoration Nodes. In this way, we keep the OA's theme intact (lightly defended but highly advanced), we encourage active gameplay (discouraging afk campers and passive OA boosts), we add a new and interesting dimension to a previously PvE-only skillset and we balance risk with reward for both sov-holders and hunting gangs.

  • Conflict As the Resource: A Potential Return to Bloodthirst in EVE Technology and Research Center


  • Each TEARs-burning structure could only service so many people at a time, so there couldn't be a one-structure-for-1000-people situation taking place. Not even close.

  • And, building on that, ship-destruction-related TEARs would be earned for both quality AND quantity. So if you're a small sov-holding group that specializes in hunting supercaps, you'll get enough TEARs for your purposes (based off in-game KM value of enemy ships [currently bugged BPO/BPC estimated values not withstanding]). And if you're a large blobbing group of nubs, you might not get a lot of Killmail Value-related TEARs but you will get TEARs based on the number of shitfit blaster Caracals you relieve your neighbors of. The exact numbers, of course, are unimportant here.

  • TEARs structures would be use-restricted by alliance. So when [HOOTS] buys Awesome Structure 1, their coalition partners next door couldn't use it. They'd have to get their own. This discourages the Blue Donut by refusing to recognize extra-alliance standings.

  • Let the derision commence!

  • Conflict As the Resource: A Potential Return to Bloodthirst in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Much Ado About Sov Things

    Recently there's been another flurry of discussion regarding what could be done to encourage more conflict in EVE. Conflict, after all, not only makes the game more lively and interesting for its players, it also puts the game back in the limelight and drives subscription. When people hear of our pilots losing "hundreds of thousands of dollars" worth of ships, subscriptions spike- and this is good, because it revitalizes our reserves of newbros and helps CCP stay in business.

    Problem is that sov warfare, as it is now, is too much of a grind for not enough of a reward. Whether it was the HP grinds of Dominion or the halitosis mechanics of Aegis, large-scale warfare is too much of a hassle for what amounts to more isk. The major ISK faucets- mainly, moons- are owned by the powerblocks who have more money than God as it is; they don't need "Infinity +1" money. They certainly don't want "MOAR ISK" as a justification for the commitment of a months-long war. No, for us to see a major war, we'd have to have some insane new sort of resource that can't be bought or sold with ISK. But then, as I was at my job today pretending to work, I thought, "What if we're looking at this all wrong? What if conflict shouldn't be about resources?

    What if conflict is the resource?"

    Conflict as a Resource

    So what's the point of another post about Aegis Sov?

    Well, besides me being a sucker for punishment and derision, this system would provide both a carrot *and* a stick for sov null warfare of all sizes and descriptions; it would be implimented alongside a bunch of other purely-carrotlike incentives for holding sov, which could be expanded upon later, while necessitating scaling PvP for an entity to continue using those carrots over time, *without* penalizing non-PvP entites since- hey, none of the structures we see now would run off of this system. AND, the resource I'm proposing cannot be bought, sold, or traded- so alliances with a glut of ISK have the same chance to partake in this system as smaller entities! So, while its not perfect, I think that this system (or something like it) could help.

    Without further bloviating, I would like to introduce you to my proposal: That sov null begins harvesting TEARs.

    Technetium-Enhanced Aurum Repositories

    • Introduce a new currency- Technetium-Enhanced Aurum Repositories. Better acronyms will be accepted. Divide any sovereignty structure into two categories, for our purposes: Basic Stuff and Cool Stuff.
    • Basic Stuff will be any structure whose fuel source can be bought and sold for ISK. So, current Starbases would qualify, as would things like Outposts, JBs, Cyno Inhibitors, and IHub upgrades. Essentially, all of the necessities for maintaining current sov, or whatever their "New Structure" version is when those changes go live. To reiterate, these structures would not require any PvP action to buy, sell, or operate.
    • Cool Stuff would be the "new carrots" I mentioned; any new structure or upgrade which, as per this proposed system, would *not* be powered by traditional fuel sources (ISK bills, fuel blocks, stront, etc). These structures would be bought and sold with ISK, as per usual, but would not run unless powered by TEARs. What this "Cool Stuff" actually is could be discussed in another post, but the theme would be, "Things that make Sov-holding/taking worth while in ways beyond basic Sov administration or simple convenience"; we want these things to make even the saltiest salt miner stop and say, "Jesus that is freaking awesome".

    • TEARs would be a currency recieved by people in sov-holding alliances who participate in violent actions surrounding the defending, taking, or harassing of sov. Actions would include: Blowing up ships of a non-allied, Sov-holing entity, flipping enemy stations, winning command nodes, and taking another alliance's sov. Actions that would not result in tears would be disabling enemy station services via entosis link.
    • TEARs would be immaterial. You would not need to transport them.
    • TEARs could not be bought, sold, traded or contracted.
    • TEARs are not awarded to individual pilots but to those pilots' alliances, upon satisfaction of TEAR-earning criteria. Appropriate alliance officers could delegate into which structures, upgrades or services the alliance's TEARs are deposited, and those structures would run until they're out of tears.
    • TEARs could not be earned by people who are not members of a sov-holding alliance. It would also be a necessity that, in order to earn them, the players you blow up would have to be members of a sov-holding alliance; attacking NPC Null alliances without sov, or exclusively lowsec/highsec alliances would not result in TEARs being awarded to the attackers.

    • Ok. So essentially I'm proposing a sov-inclusive PvP-based currency on which new sov-holding incentives would run. Not an entirely original idea, I'll admit, but one I haven't seen proposed for EVE in a while. Some notes, for balance:

    • TEARs, like their real-world namesake, would evaporate over time- slowly, but they would have a shelf life. Thus you could not win a bunch of early fights and then rest on your laurels; constant conflict is a necessity to keep the Cool Stuff running.
    • To prevent enormous and wealthy from rolling all of sov null and keeping all the TEARs for themselves, the cost of operating TEAR-burning structures would increase exponentially beyond the first couple structures. For example, Awesome Structures 1-3 costs the Cahoots Alliance [HOOTS] 100 TEARs per week each. But Awesome Structure 4 will cost [HOOTS] 200, #5 will cost 400, then 800 and yeah you understand how "exponentially" works.


  • [Oceanus] Interceptor Updates in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Is there any reason in particular why the Raptor needed to have its mass and inertia increased? Caldari no longer have a sub-2 align time Interceptor. muh travel fits.