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  • Biko's B-Day Bash in EVE Communication Center

    Damn beautiful shindig.

  • Federation mating rituals. in EVE Communication Center

    Ayallah wrote:
    She makes these threads so people will argue with her and make her feel like she has some point to existing; so she has someone to talk to and engage her.

    Why do you people oblige her?

    I dunno. 'cause I felt like it.

    When the outcome of the system, in this case - the Kimling making another thread - is impossible to avoid in the grand scheme of things, it's not about stopping her from doing so.

    It's about seeing how much amusement can it bring you.

    In the long run, a thread of this type will always, eventually crop up and pick up replies, and the plausibility of us stopping it from doing so is miniscule.

  • Federation mating rituals. in EVE Communication Center

    Diana Kim wrote:

    I have heard that you had a progressing CDS, claiming one capsuleer to be my copy for quite prolonged time and disturbing conversations in whole channel with your rants. It is quite a pathetic sight what dementia with paranoia can do to humans. And now this...

    "- You might be a Gallente agent."
    "- No, you are a liar."
    "- But you have Caldari weapon models in your quarters..."

    Yea, trying to prove your point, that is false from the start, with completely unrelated facts.

    Go visit a medbay and treat your issues before replying, or order your clone technicians to check your synapse connections, because it doesn't look like they meet each other ends according to your... "logic".

    Pardon me, you use "lies" so many times even my wires get tangled.

    You're repeatedly excusing yourself from challenges you've issued on some made-up grounds. Like with Jason Galente.

    You're racist towards the Matari and most ethnicities of the Federation (spare for the Intaki, I recall.)

    You're the very, very essence of a navy officer from a propaganda holo - only from the other side.

    Thus, your very and every cry "glory to the state" is an affront to every man, woman and furrier wearing the uniform.

  • Federation mating rituals. in EVE Communication Center

    I do believe we may be choosing to object the author on the ground of blatant racism. Or perhaps ranting. Or maybe both.

    I don't know exactly. It's a kind of... hands-tied operation here, given posting communication recordings is prohibited.

    However, on account of about twenty events during which Kimmie waved said rubber missiles in people's faces, even used the words, to quote:

    "You can't run, you can't hide... it will reach you! And... BOOM!"

    While wobbling the tip into the camera I'm inclined to believe that she does, indeed, own those and it's not a lie.

    Also, September 15th last year - she does admit to owning a crate.

  • Federation mating rituals. in EVE Communication Center

    Diana Kim wrote:

    Pathetic brutor, all you can do is spread slanders. Unlike primitive folks like you, I don't need any indecency-related devices.

    Calm down, Kimmie - pretty much everyone knows about your collection of rubber missiles.

    That wobble.

    An addendum - this thread has seen Lasa on one side with Miz.

    Now I agree with Ayallah.

    It is as if Kimmie is an agent of the Gallente, here to spread the idea of unity, peace and love - even among those whose factions are bitter enemies.

    Keep up the good work, the President is - no doubt - proud.

  • Let's See What Happens in EVE Communication Center

    Uh, I kinda dig the librarian look?

  • Let's See What Happens in EVE Communication Center

    Valerie Valate wrote:
    I like how you have retained your curiosity and charm, despite the Relentless Onslaught Of Eldritch Space Horrors that is normal for the capsuleering profession.

    The dry wit and scientific approach to reality.

  • [Kyonoke] Contagion Tracking, Containment, Planning in EVE Communication Center

    Given the first place to go into lockdown was a freight platform, it'll be a damn good day for the big four if it ends with just these sites.

    Else it's going to be a big, damn, mess.

  • Treasure hunt - Code breaker required in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hey, you know me - I'm usually after the ciphertext, not the loots ;)

    It's probably in Curse, Sound constellation, my guess near the landmark in CL-85V?

    "inside the fortress hidden constellation of sound near unbearing child"

    Nice use of Vignere, always warms up my heart ;)

  • Treasure hunt - Code breaker required in EVE Gameplay Center

    From the top so far:
    "guristas ship log three six five seven six four zero five four evoufi"

    Second part after my coffee's done.

  • An Idea: Because I am bored for the moment. in EVE Communication Center

    My garage, of course.

    Favorite movie genre?

  • An Idea: Because I am bored for the moment. in EVE Communication Center

    Kairelle wrote:
    Morgan Wulver wrote:
    Arrendis wrote:

    Who's the person you fly with that you hate the most?

    That's an easy one; myself.

    What's your mother's maiden name?


    Who do you just love to hate?

    The Pandemic Horde.

    What's better - to wake up early morning, or go to sleep late?

  • An Idea: Because I am bored for the moment. in EVE Communication Center

    We can have a break from ranting once in a while, dear. As for the funniest thing I've done as a kid?

    ...has got to be toilet deconstruction via uncontrolled detonation of homemade explosives.

    What was your first ride? Ships included.

  • Operation Moonshock [DECLASSIFIED] in EVE Communication Center



  • [ARC] Preliminaries, re: Schism, Valkyrie, subcompact TEBS interface in EVE Communication Center

    The ident of "30001380" points to Vellaine. Just, for your info. Have fun.

  • UNSCHEDULED DOWNTIME - 20:15 - 2016/02/26 in EVE Communication Center


  • Life and Death in EVE Communication Center

    What the actual f...

  • [Arek'Jaalan] Project Heliograph enters its second phase in EVE Communication Center

    It is a Dramiel, yes.

  • [Arek'Jaalan] Project Heliograph enters its second phase in EVE Communication Center

    I am glad, it's the least I could do.

    To address a potential concern: yes, this technology is not exactly a field anyone could feel confident in. It serves as a grim reminder of how many secrets have remained buried right on our doorstep. Yes, it's a leap into the unknown.

    And yes - we will still take it.

  • [Arek'Jaalan] Project Heliograph enters its second phase in EVE Communication Center

    I suppose it's about time for us to update the status of the Heliograph project.

    In many ways, I was pleased to see it progress - after the disappearance of Hilen Tukoss, it seemed that the faith in the project was all but gone.

    Thanks to a plethora of research documentation regarding the Sleepers, we were able to piece together sufficient information about the architecture. On the device side, there are certain differences that result in an incompatibility with our present equipment. Among them are encoding and carrier noise frequency.

    While the encoding issue is still being ironed out, the noise issue has been dealt with. Thanks to the large surplus of research tools and datadumps we were able to accelerate development in this particular area, resulting in what we believe is a correct carrier noise.

    (Research material stockpile as of now: )

    Before we delve exactly into the Heliograph link structure, let's take a quick look at the stargates first. Their design and method of operation is very old - and well-documented, but I thought I'd mention it for the sake of those who don't delve into such things often. What I'm going to focus on will be the Jump Negotiation method - or what happens in the timespan between you requesting a jump and being hurled to he other side.

    So, how does the Jump Negotiation work? First, the AGTC (Automated Gate Traffic Control) communicates over an FTL channel with its other end - requesting status from the endpoint. The endpoint replies with a flag signal - the flags are CONGESTED/DENY. A "CONGESTED" will trigger a queue mechanism on the other end ordering a ship to wait. Used in the event of router saturation (take Jita on busy days, as an example) or a malfunction, a DENY flag can be broadcast - restricting the ship from jumping at all.

    Should the endpoint not reply at all, the signal is repeated with the so-called "WAKE" flag set - often seen when a stargate has not seen traffic over a period of time and has entered a standby or auto-maintenance mode. This signal initiates an automatic startup routine, and AGTC communication resumes.

    Once the sending stargate acknowledges the status of its peer (A reply without the CONGESTED/DENY flags set is known as ALL-CLEAR signal) it will request a CISC code (CONCORD Identification Serial Code) from the ship in order to clear it for a jump. The CISC is then transmitted to the endpoint stargate and a jump procedure is started.

    Upon its completion, the endpoint gate requests CISC from the inbound ship and matches it to the one received from its peer gate in order to verify that the correct ship has arrived. At this stage, the inbound ship is scanned and its parameters matched with those broadcast by the initiating gate - ensuring that the transfer was safe.

    In short, the gate talks to its other side, and the incoming ship.

    Now, you may ask where exactly does this particular information get us. I have mentioned already that certain stargates date quite a long way back - but they've been modified and updated numerous times over the years to improve reliability. There remained, however, a derelict located within Metropolis - in the Ani constellation, formerly a home to the Nefantar Tribe, among the Sleeper ruins scattered throughout.

    After an extensive search, a few talks with the Angel Cartel and one raid we were able to recover a part of the Traun Derelict that contains its communication unit. Basing on the initial survey - it can be used as a base of the Heliograph.

    (A hypothetical, simulated reconstruction of the Traun remains can be seen here: )

    To sum things up:

    - The Heliograph will utilize a communication core salvaged from a derelict Sleeper portal. It is presumed a derelict Sleeper portal until archaeological evidence confirms otherwise. The core is currently located in Nein, as seen on the attached picture:
    - Since all communication nodes will be powered, at least one - as we presume - will attempt a connection with the router equivalent, and the other with the receiving portal. Since there is no way to determine which of the three links is connected where, all three are going to be used.
    - Base components of the structure are undergoing assembly in Nein.
    - Work on data encoding is still ongoing
    - A connectionless protocol will be employed

    The question, I guess, is "what now".

    The Phase One has been completed with success - we are moving onward to the construction of the Heliograph, and ironing out the final details. Phase Two is now officially in effect.

    There are things that still remain unresolved, and any assistance would be appreciated. Therefore, the Arek'Jaalan Project puts out a call for technically-minded pilots to aid in this field - especially, determining the encoding.

    Those who wish to know more, I invite to sign up for the "Arek'Jaalan" mailing list if they already have not - details will be published through that very channel.

    For the outstanding contribution to our effort in shining the light of discovery upon the darkness of the unknown, Arek'Jaalan thanks the following pilots:

    Bagrat Skalski
    Jocca Quinn
    Crystal Chantreuse
    Veskin Sentinel

    Were I a high-and-mighty CONCORD official, I'd officially pin a ribbon to your chests. Alas, I'm not a high-and-mighty CONCORD official, and my gifts can at most be symbollic in nature - they are waiting for you in the Jita hangars.

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