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  • Unable to fly Comand Ships anymore in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Luscius Uta wrote:
    Update: I just logged in to Sisi and could board my Vulture and Damnation (cluster was shutting down so I didn't had time to check with other Command Ships) despite not having Wing Command IV. Are people actually complaining about not being able to fly ships without even trying to board them? And some say that EVE players are smart!

    I've flown a sleipnir for years, but only ever as a part of alpha fleet so never specced charsima to train into current requirements. I cannot sit in my sleip on sisi.

    "Operation of Sleipnir requires the skills Skirmish Command : Level 4, Shield Command : Level 4"

    Has zero to do with wing command, has to do with adding the command IVs as hull reqs, not as prereqs for the commandship skill.

    CCP Fozzie wrote:
    You will not need to train Wing Command 4 if you already have Command Ships trained (since WC is a prereq for the CS skill rather than a prereq for the ships).

    Hilariously misleading cherry picking.... Fozzie only comes out to answer the one question that doesn't even understand which skills are creating the issue and completely ignores legitimate questions about the changes.

  • C5 relic/data sites in EVE Gameplay Center

    It used to be worth the effort, now it pretty much isn't.

  • what was your worst day like in a wormhole space without dying in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sojourn wrote:
    I'm surprised more of your pets haven't come to the forums to post on this thread and "like" what you're saying / back you up with "facts" Lol

    I know rite?

    Facts, lol, what do they think this is, the age of reason? Who needs logic, proof, and rationality when we've got volume and butthurt? MY TRUTH IS JUST AS TRUE AS YOURS CUZ I FEEL IT IS, STOP DISRESPECTIN MAH WORLD VIEW!oneeleven

    I gotcher back man, taking these guys down from the INSIDE1

  • Wormhole question! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Miss Oats wrote:
    Darth Bex wrote:
    You could check this thread...

    thank you for the "offer"

    Like every thing in eve i dont trust it! if it seems too be too good,

    what stops you from refusing the docking right after 1 or 2 months and i am stuck with billions in p.i in a wormhole station i can no longer use,

    the word blackmail comes too mind.

    so thank you for the offer, but ill refuse.

    If you let billions of isk of PI stack up in a system with a HS static, youre an idiot. Honestly, its a really low risk offer given the cost of PI infrastructure (compared to site running, t3 production, other WH isk making stuff). Just don't be a lazy ****. Take the 2 minutes to scan out the HS and move your crap out every few days.

    You know what IS risky? Setting up as solo citadel, investing a bil or two on pocos, with limited characters when you dont know jack about operating in wormhole space. Oh, and being a condescending **** to people trying to help you is a good way to get on the eviction list if you do actually move in to a hole solo.

  • Wormhole Town Hall Aug 13th 19:00 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Jack Miton wrote:
    Michael1995 wrote:
    Wall of text

    Do you really believe the garbage that you're spewing or have we entered pure trolling territory now?

    Let's see, one of you posted actual verifiable claims, facts, and events. The other vomited broad, vague, unsupported generalizations and mindless insults.

    Which do you think is linguistic garbage?

    Hint: the answer was on your 4th grade language syllabus.

  • New drone exploit - instapops everything in EVE Communication Center

    SPUNKMUNKY wrote:
    Ayeson wrote:
    SPUNKMUNKY wrote:
    I was there he was refitting.

    Do not reimburse. This clown is trying to exploit CCP into giving him back his dread.

    No, we just want a fifth Goon Thanatos killmail, if goons are happy to provide we will retract the petition.

    Zungen wrote:
    You were going to die to my doomsday anyways :P

    BUT we would've had a fifth thanny KM!

    The rev was going to die eventually, duh, anyone with half a brain can see that...but that sweet sweet fifth thanatos kill slipped from our grasp because someone at ccp went all :CCP:

    Lawl, 5th thanny kill mail. Nice troll. Watch the video and witness your FC stating that reps are holding.


    Yes, Ayeson, damnit. Go listen to the FC you scrub....

  • New drone exploit - instapops everything in EVE Communication Center

    SPUNKMUNKY wrote:
    Messoroz wrote:
    James Amril-Kesh wrote:

    The one thing in common with this and the other incident is that both victims were refitting at the time.
    It's possible that the drone hit you at the exact moment that the server recalculated your ship's resistances, etc. and as a result it did way more damage than it was supposed to.

    There was no way the dread could refit. It was hostile and neutral to every carrier on field. In fact it was in the process of murdering said carriers.

    Also if you noticed, it was a WASP that did 20k damage. A single wasp can never ever do 20k damage, regardless if the ship has 0% resistances or not.

    DO NOT REIMBURSE. 12:11 You can clearly see that there are mobile depots on the field, he even scrolls over one.

    This guy is lying thus he is trying to exploit ccp for a new dread. Ban his account.

    Added a screen shot incase his buddies try to take down the video.

    Jesus dude, calm down. You guys lost 4 of your carriers, get over it. First, I think it's established that the rev was refitting. OP was mistaken. Given that OP is not the rev pilot, that's forgivable. It also means that the guy posting has no rev to get back. And given that the rev pilot, even more than most WHers, is rich as ****, this really is not about getting a dread back for free. Not that I would expect rational thought to have any kind of impact on a on someone apparently calling for a person to be banned for reporting a bug/exploit?

    The issue here, and it is a reasonable one, is that a handful of Wasps should not, mathematically, be able to alpha a dread through 10-15% armor and all his structure. Whether this had something to do with refitting or not matters only in so far as it helps to identify where the bug occurred. It does not de-legitimize the complaint. There is clearly something wonky going on, and it needs to be addressed by CCP. And it needs to be done publicly, because CCP (as much as I love their hard work) have a bad habit of taking private reports of things that are not every day events and going "Meh, too hard, back to designing new eye candy..." and ignoring it until a titan gets killed or a R&K video gets made and everyone learns about it.

    It was probably not done intentionally, that doesn't mean it doesn't need to be fixed. That said, they very likely could have been your Wasps, so maybe the level of shouting you are doing indicates it was intentional? Because if it was, if you in some way intentionally exploited a bug you knew about, then that would be a ban worthy offense. But a goon would never intentionally exploit a bug for personal gain would they?

    CCP gave us mobile depots, expecting them to be used in exactly this way. There is no indication that they intentionally came with an insta-random-self-destruct button.

  • We invade for the silliest of reasons. in EVE Gameplay Center

    QT McWhiskers wrote:

    Not empty quoting.

    Go to bed you god damn attention whore.

  • [Rubicon] Ships dropping from SMAs in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Wait, am I understanding this right? This entire year of being completely screwed out of sma loot was because some douchenozzel used it as a lag bomb? That's IT? What the hell? We still have orcas and carriers, and THOSE could be used as lagbombs. Why on earth did it just not become a reportable exploit like those instances? I assumed we were talking something actually SERIOUS here. WTF CCP?

    I'm grateful it's resolved, but consider my jimmies well and truly rustled.

  • Soo... Aharm in EVE Gameplay Center

    Bane Nucleus wrote:
    Witchway wrote:
    Bane Nucleus wrote:
    What kind of people decide to form large alliances? Jeez.....Cool

    what kind of people get kicked from a corp within 8 hours of joining? Roll

    I think you missed my apparently not so obvious sarcasm, seeing as how I ran the biggest wh alliance for quite some time. I will forgive you though.

    We were actually making fun of him on TS for this before you responded...

  • Soo... Aharm in EVE Gameplay Center

    I assume this is going to go a lot like the invasion of HK... Aharm contributes about 5% of the combat effectiveness and about 95% of the ego and pretentious chest beating?

  • Soo... Aharm in EVE Gameplay Center

    calaretu wrote:
    Can I say "in before lock"?

    You can say what you like, but I'm still curious what's next for a historically important WH corp that's just about finished moving out of its c5 that it only moved into this summer. Failscade? Null? There's a nice c1 static high I know of, I hear that's where all the elite small gang pvp is these days.

  • Soo... Aharm in EVE Gameplay Center

    HerrBert wrote:

    Also a valid inquiry.

  • Soo... Aharm in EVE Gameplay Center

    Whither now?

  • In b4 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Witchway wrote:
    Evangelina Nolen wrote:
    So, you guys invade C4's also... J102844 could use some attention.

    you severely over estimate our patience for any less than 15-20 dreads. 95% of this alliance has the attention span of a 4 year old...

    That's not the only trait most of them share with 4 year olds...

  • In b4 in EVE Gameplay Center

    kar·ma noun \ˈkär-mə\

    Making RL threats to the people reinforcing your poses, then promptly accidentally bumping 15 bil of your own caps out of the shields.

  • Dear CCP, regarding blackholes in EVE Gameplay Center

    Janus Nanzikambe wrote:
    Dear CCP,

    Regarding black hole wormhole systems, please add the following effects:

    1. Class x 100 time dilation, eg class 1 = 100% TiDi, 2 = 200%, ... 6 = 600%
    2. Replace all environmental sounds with Benny Hill music

    Standing ready with credit card to sub my accounts for life & hit enter on the "Shutup & take my money" post. Big smile



    I like it. Even if IRL black holes have the opposite effect. At least with regard to external observers. Gravitational time dilation and all that.

  • Thermally Collapsing Wormholes in EVE Gameplay Center

    Han Soleo Chelien wrote:
    Proclus Diadochu wrote:
    Alexander McKeon wrote:
    I'd love to see a video of this in action, assuming it isn't all just a hoax.

    This is a great idea. A better idea would be for OP to *Live* Stream his adventure.

    Funny thing is....I'm still skeptical lol. An idea like this floating around the recesses of the wormhole dwellers rumor mill, that is absolutely ridiculous sounding but yet still plausible enough to make one curious. It would be the ultimate hoax...or completely transform how I close wormholes. It could end in disaster, or success...depending on your perspective heh.

    EDIT: Not sure how I missed it...but right off the bat I don't know of any bomber that can tank 20k worth of damage. That gives my skepticism a strong base to stand on.

    Keep in mind its all thermal damage, so you can tank specifically. You can make a manticore fit with over 30k ehp against thermal damage, plenty of room for the bomb launcher.

    But that's really not necessary since, like bombs, the damage is reduced a lot by a low sig radius. 20k is just the raw, optimal output.

  • Thermally Collapsing Wormholes in EVE Gameplay Center

    Han Soleo Chelien wrote:
    Suffice it to say... my mind is blown

    This is absolutely fascinating to me. Thanks for the info on this guys I'm going to have to test this out now. Do you guys know the theory behind how this works on wormholes? Is it a glitch?

    It may not work for you at first, the timing and aiming is Very tricky. But keep at it.

    When it comes to wormholes, CCP never explained anything, they just left it to players to figure out as they went along. So all the tricks and such we know about them comes from players dreaming it up.

  • Thermally Collapsing Wormholes in EVE Gameplay Center

    Han Soleo Chelien wrote:
    tgl3 wrote:
    You have to fire a void bomb directly at the center of the wormhole. It also has to be timed to go off exactly as it crosses the wormhole threshold. The reason being that the blast needs to be between both wormholes in order to destabilise both ends.

    Because of the skill required to do it, most wormholers don't bother, which explains the rarity of this method.

    EDIT - As you mentioned, the wormhole has to also be beneath half mass in order for the destabilisation to be effective.


    You have to fire a bomb at it from both sides and have them land right on zero? I'm guessing the guy on the opposite side has to race the bomb to the wh and enter before it goes off as well?

    Does this just take one hit or do you have to make several attempts?

    Be aware that, when you collapse a hole this way, you add a lot of energy to the wormhole from the bomb explosion. This means that when the hole collapses, it doesn't just collapse, it gives off a wave of energy, much like null sec gas clouds. So be sure your bomber is set to take that one time blast of 20k damage.