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  • Μολων λαβε – Shoot-a-Tippia in EVE Communication Center

    Shallanna Yassavi wrote:
    I never win lotteries. That RNG is defective.

    It's the interntet. That goes without saying.

  • Μολων λαβε – Shoot-a-Tippia in EVE Communication Center

    Day 3: A quick day, with only 7 ships to throw into the grinder. And it was a grinder, at first. However, three stil made it through: a rather sneaky Tengu to combat the increasing measures of ze evil campers P, an oddly ignored Basilisk, and finally a majestic Caldari Shuttle to cap off the festivities. No-one brought any fireworks in spite of being asked (and there should be plenty floating around out there after previous days' wrecks).

    In total over the last three days:

    • 52 ships were flown.
    • 23 Arrived (more or less) safely at their destination.
    • The killboards report ~33bn worth of losses, but don't include a number of deaths and also fail to calculate the value of a number of items, especially researched blueprints.
    • 3.1bn worth of bounties were paid out.
    • Just over 4bn worth of insurance was paid out.

    Last day lottery!

    Not as spectacular as previous ones, but still, the rest has to go!

    1. Anke Eyrou
    2. Alexia Gengod
    3. Archibald Thistlewaite III
    4. Ariele Netiqulenne
    5. Arkoth 24
    6. Ashlar Maidstone
    7. Avaelica Kuershin
    8. Ban Mjolnir
    9. bardghost Isu
    10. Barrogh Habalu
    11. Benny Ohu
    12. Black Pedro
    13. Buoytender Bob
    14. Captain Tardbar
    15. Cara Forell
    16. Chopper Rollins
    17. Chribba
    18. Commander Spurty
    19. Cristl
    20. DeMichael Crimson
    21. Demica Diaz
    22. Djsaeu
    23. Doc Fury
    24. Drago Shouna
    25. Elenahina
    26. Elizabeth Norn
    27. Esrevid Nekkeg
    28. Eternus8lux8lucis
    29. Frostys Virpio
    30. Gadget Helmsdottir
    31. Geronimo McVain
    32. Glathull
    33. Hawke Frost
    34. Hehaw Jimbojohnson
    35. Honey Swanson
    36. Imiarr Timshae
    37. lmmortalist
    38. Ion Kirst
    39. Jonah Gravenstein
    40. Kaldi Tsukaya
    41. Khan Wrenth
    42. Kirikarasu
    43. KnowUsByTheDead
    44. lollerwaffle
    45. Malcanis
    46. Mara Pahrdi
    47. Marsha Mallow
    48. Mike Azariah
    49. Mina Sebiestar
    50. Moac Tor
    51. morion
    52. Mortlake
    53. Nam Dnilb
    54. Nana Skalski
    55. NovaCat13
    56. Omar Alharazaad
    57. Pak Narhoo
    58. Pandora Carrollon
    59. Paranoid Loyd
    60. Ralph King-Griffin
    61. Rykuss
    62. Samillian
    63. Scarlett LeBlanc
    64. Scipio Artelius
    65. Sequester Risalo
    66. ShahFluffers
    67. Shallanna Yassavi
    68. sixteen 64
    69. Soel Reit
    70. Sonya Corvinus
    71. Sustrai Aditua
    72. Sykaotic
    73. Tipa Riot
    74. Tora Bushido
    75. Trader20
    76. Valkin Mordirc
    77. Vash Bloodstone
    78. Velarra
    79. Vorll Minaaran
    80. Voxin Tulon
    81. Winter Archipelago
    82. Yourmoney Mywallet

    the internet has selected, #67: Shallanna Yassavi, who'll be getting those last few ships and their contents in a in a (comparatively) modest contract.P


    Something I didn't think of at first, but now have to fix… As previously mentioned, all those lost ships means a sizeable chunk of insurance has been paid out, even at the base level. That has to go too. So again, the internet has selected, #32: Glathull, who gets whatever is left in my wallet at the end of the day.

    That's it. All gone. Thanks for the entertainment and I hope you all remember to kill (or lose) it forward. Maybe I'll see you people around some day, somewhere. :)

  • Μολων λαβε – Shoot-a-Tippia in EVE Communication Center

    DeMichael Crimson wrote:
    Hehe, gotta say this thread is definitely interesting to say the least.

    So on average how many players jumped on Tippia's Transport Targets this time, over 1/2 dozen ?
    And was everyone fleeted during this or was it every man for themselves type of situation ?

    I imagine collecting the Loot drops must have been a grab bag / free for all situation (There Can Be Only One) right ?

    Anyway, gratz to Kirikarasu for getting the Leftover Lottery, that's definitely a major farewell contract.

    It was essentially Marmite, Ralph + alt(s), and some random Kubinen inhabitants that may or may not have been in cahoots in some way that I'm not sure of. Also, there was the single attempted alpha gank on the Irjunen undock, who unfortunately was faced with a brick-tanked Bustard… it didn't make much of a dent, but it was funny. Lol

    In total, I'd say that I had at least a dozen different characters gunning for me at various times — a definite improvement over yesterday. Oh, and funnily enough, this mix probably made it a whole lot easier to get things through. Everyone was too busy looking out for everyone else and being interrupted by the competition to give me full attention.

    As for the loot, it was probably a bit of first come first serve, but whenever possible I tried to have some kind of suspect or limited engagement timer going so stuff would be easier to grab for just about anyone.

  • Μολων λαβε – Shoot-a-Tippia in EVE Communication Center

    Also, remember when I asked if you needed a ship?
    If you look at the Obelisk, you'll understand why — I had a couple to choose from… P

  • Μολων λαβε – Shoot-a-Tippia in EVE Communication Center

    Ralph King-Griffin wrote:
    have to say though ,
    my takeaway favorite moment was seeing "Tippia's Frozen Corpse" with an empty head ,
    that little gem is a keeper.

    Shocked Did you happen to get a screen shot of it?

  • Μολων λαβε – Shoot-a-Tippia in EVE Communication Center

    Day 2: More opposition, more cat-and-mouse, more infighting, and definitely a few very silly moments. Lol

    The more all-around-facepalm one was when everyone involved momentarily forgot that DSTs have inherent warp stabilisation and you need more than a simple point to keep them in place. They also have a bit of a tank. So it took a while to get it down to half shield, at which point I noticed something in my overview… and warped off. The Brownstone Brick lives to see another day. P

    A less happy, but far more silly, outcome was the salvaging under fire that my Damnation's tank allowed for… and being a Damnation, it allowed for a lot. Too bad the salvage didn't survive the explosion. Cry

    Another bit of silliness was the Scimitar (no KM up yet, apparently) that completely ruined some gate infighting by repping everyone around before being blown up, and the aforementioned second Bowhead that spat out a Nightmare in a brief stroke of good fortune… except that everyone had weapons timers and couldn't board it, other than me… except (again) that I can't fly battleships, so no luck there either. Lol

    All the fun meant that only 19 flights took place, leaving 7 more for the last day, and with 10 more (plus the aforementioned Bustard) surviving the trip: An Obelisk that snuck by before Marmite got themselves sorted, a standard uncatchable Crane, a rather fast Svipul, a very uninteresting Myrmidon, a Purifier (that almost got caught), a Huginn that did get caught, but managed to scare off the tiny ships (with a bit of a help from a third party intruder), a Legion, a Crow, a Loki, and an overtanked Sleipnir that also got away from a fight in all the confusion that ensued..

    Second day lottery! Among the following sensible posters (with the double entry fixed and some new contestants)…

    1. Anke Eyrou
    2. Alexia Gengod
    3. Archibald Thistlewaite III
    4. Ariele Netiqulenne
    5. Arkoth 24
    6. Ashlar Maidstone
    7. Avaelica Kuershin
    8. Ban Mjolnir
    9. Barrogh Habalu
    10. Benny Ohu
    11. Black Pedro
    12. Buoytender Bob
    13. Captain Tardbar
    14. Cara Forell
    15. Chopper Rollins
    16. Chribba
    17. Commander Spurty
    18. Cristl
    19. DeMichael Crimson
    20. Demica Diaz
    21. Djsaeu
    22. Doc Fury
    23. Drago Shouna
    24. Elenahina
    25. Elizabeth Norn
    26. Esrevid Nekkeg
    27. Eternus8lux8lucis
    28. Frostys Virpio
    29. Gadget Helmsdottir
    30. Geronimo McVain
    31. Glathull
    32. Hawke Frost
    33. Hehaw Jimbojohnson
    34. Honey Swanson
    35. Imiarr Timshae
    36. lmmortalist
    37. Jonah Gravenstein
    38. Kaldi Tsukaya
    39. Khan Wrenth
    40. Kirikarasu
    41. KnowUsByTheDead
    42. lollerwaffle
    43. Malcanis
    44. Mara Pahrdi
    45. Marsha Mallow
    46. Mike Azariah
    47. Mina Sebiestar
    48. Moac Tor
    49. morion
    50. Mortlake
    51. Nam Dnilb
    52. Nana Skalski
    53. NovaCat13
    54. Omar Alharazaad
    55. Pak Narhoo
    56. Pandora Carrollon
    57. Paranoid Loyd
    58. Ralph King-Griffin
    59. Rykuss
    60. Samillian
    61. Scarlett LeBlanc
    62. Scipio Artelius
    63. Sequester Risalo
    64. ShahFluffers
    65. Shallanna Yassavi
    66. sixteen 64
    67. Soel Reit
    68. Sonya Corvinus
    69. Sustrai Aditua
    70. Sykaotic
    71. Tipa Riot
    72. Tora Bushido
    73. Trader20
    74. Valkin Mordirc
    75. Vash Bloodstone
    76. Velarra
    77. Voxin Tulon
    78. Winter Archipelago
    79. Yourmoney Mywallet

    the internet has selected, #40: Kirikarasu, who'll be getting the surviving ships and their contents in a in an even-more-annoying-to-photoshop-together contract.P

    Tomorrow will be short, but sweet… with a small surprise at the end as well.

  • Μολων λαβε – Shoot-a-Tippia in EVE Communication Center

    …and we're off to a boring start. A new wardec but no WTs in waiting. Cry

    Today's winner might be looking at an even bigger pile of loot than yesterday's.

  • Μολων λαβε – Shoot-a-Tippia in EVE Communication Center

    Valkin Mordirc wrote:
    Not being a spoil sport, but it looks like you listed Soel Reit twice. Oops

    Lol That was bound to happen, wasn't it.

    DeMichael Crimson wrote:
    Sonya Corvinus wrote:

    I will mothball that Cormorant for the rest of my EVE career, and it's yours should you return.


    If it has Large Rigs on it, then it's definitely a Collectors Item.


    I think the Large Hybrid Locus Coordinators in the contract come from that one, so yes. It's that old, and even then, it had been through a couple of (mainly L2 mission-fit) iterations before it ended up like that.

    Commander Spurty wrote:
    Who are you again?

    Like I said, it's hard to tell these days, and it's all Chribba's fault. P

  • Μολων λαβε – Shoot-a-Tippia in EVE Communication Center

    lmmortalist wrote:
    Also: I knew you were transporting all the PLEX inside those covert ops ships. Damn you P

    Not all of them, but yes, the harder the ship is to catch, the fancier the loot…

    …well, aside from that damned Bowhead. And I've got one more of those.
    Also, you got a 1bn ISK shirt, so shush! P

  • Μολων λαβε – Shoot-a-Tippia in EVE Communication Center

    End of day 1, lots of stuff exploded, some stuff didn't.

    The losses are available for all to see, and while there were some good loot, the eponymous fairy seems to have a deep aversion to Battlecruiser BPOs and fancy battleships. The Bowhead kill would require an entire symphony orchestra worth of sad trombones to really convey what happened. Lol

    (Btw, if anyone knows of a good rule of thumb to value TE/ME research, please chime in — most of the blueprints were maxed out, so whatever they show up as will not be the whole truth).

    Out of 26 flights (probably… if I counted them right, which is doubtful), 9 arrived at their destination, be it through stealth, speed, feinting, or just being a sneaky bastard: an Anathema, a Raptor, an Ishkur, a Talos, a Prowler, a Buzzard, a Taranis, a Proteus, and my oldest ship, the first Cormorant I bought back around Christmas 2007.

    Anyway, time for lottery! Among the following sensible posters (only one participant disqualified for outright and explicit senselessness)…

    1. Alexia Gengod
    2. Archibald Thistlewaite III
    3. Ariele Netiqulenne
    4. Arkoth 24
    5. Ashlar Maidstone
    6. Avaelica Kuershin
    7. Ban Mjolnir
    8. Barrogh Habalu
    9. Benny Ohu
    10. Black Pedro
    11. Buoytender Bob
    12. Captain Tardbar
    13. Cara Forell
    14. Chopper Rollins
    15. Chribba
    16. DeMichael Crimson
    17. Demica Diaz
    18. Djsaeu
    19. Doc Fury
    20. Drago Shouna
    21. Elenahina
    22. Elizabeth Norn
    23. Esrevid Nekkeg
    24. Eternus8lux8lucis
    25. Frostys Virpio
    26. Gadget Helmsdottir
    27. Geronimo McVain
    28. Glathull
    29. Hawke Frost
    30. Hehaw Jimbojohnson
    31. Honey Swanson
    32. Imiarr Timshae
    33. lmmortalist
    34. Jonah Gravenstein
    35. Kaldi Tsukaya
    36. Khan Wrenth
    37. Kirikarasu
    38. KnowUsByTheDead
    39. lollerwaffle
    40. Malcanis
    41. Mara Pahrdi
    42. Marsha Mallow
    43. Mike Azariah
    44. Mina Sebiestar
    45. Moac Tor
    46. morion
    47. Mortlake
    48. Nam Dnilb
    49. Nana Skalski
    50. NovaCat13
    51. Omar Alharazaad
    52. Pak Narhoo
    53. Pandora Carrollon
    54. Paranoid Loyd
    55. Ralph King-Griffin
    56. Rykuss
    57. Samillian
    58. Scarlett LeBlanc
    59. Scipio Artelius
    60. Sequester Risalo
    61. ShahFluffers
    62. Shallanna Yassavi
    63. sixteen 64
    64. Soel Reit
    65. Soel Reit
    66. Sonya Corvinus
    67. Sustrai Aditua
    68. Sykaotic
    69. Tipa Riot
    70. Trader20
    71. Valkin Mordirc
    72. Vash Bloodstone
    73. Velarra
    74. Winter Archipelago
    75. Yourmoney Mywallet

    the internet has selected, #66: Sonya Corvinus, who'll be getting the surviving ships and their contents in a fairly sizeable contract.

    Tomorrow, everything else goes! Twisted

  • Μολων λαβε – Shoot-a-Tippia in EVE Communication Center

    In 10...

    ...and we're off. Only two takers so far. You slackers! P

  • Μολων λαβε – Shoot-a-Tippia in EVE Communication Center

    Captain Tardbar wrote:
    What games are you playing if I might ask? I'm always looking for new stuff. I just fired up EVE because I was on vacation and needed a game that my crappy laptop could handle.

    See post #31.

    Also, yoink. P

  • Μολων λαβε – Shoot-a-Tippia in EVE Communication Center

    Ralph King-Griffin wrote:
    Tippia, the only mother****er badass enough to play chicken with ccp and winBig smile

    Bwahahahaha. Twisted

    On that note:

  • Μολων λαβε – Shoot-a-Tippia in EVE Communication Center

    Captain Tardbar wrote:
    So why are you quitting? Just tired of CCP?

    That would be the ultra-concise version of it, I suppose.

    I started playing EVE because it was a very special oddity of a game where the devs very explicitly promoted and supported a wide range of player-driven gameplay and emergent behaviours. Over the years, as the game and the devs have changed (and that's a chicken-and-egg debate for another time), it has lost a large part of what made it special.

    What CCP seemingly wants the game to be, based on their development decisions, is not the game I want to play. At the moment, I'm not sure I can really find it anywhere else either, but that doesn't translate into EVE's still being worth-while — it has simply joined the ranks of games that aren't doing it for me. Instead, I've picked up other games that do other things, and that's entertainment enough for the time being.

  • Μολων λαβε – Shoot-a-Tippia in EVE Communication Center

    Geronimo McVain wrote:
    Who will bet that there will be some hunters for the hunters? A free event that will draw a lot of players happy to get some loot will inevitably attract people that like to take the loot out of the cold hands of the former ganker......
    Did someone invite the Goons? Twisted And please bring enough popcorn.

    With a bit of luck, it'll get downright messy. P

    At any rate, I at least hope that some of the stuff doesn't make it, and for reasons other than the slack-jawed yokels in Kubinen.

  • Μολων λαβε – Shoot-a-Tippia in EVE Communication Center

    Sustrai Aditua wrote:
    I just knew you're a packrat. Don't ask me how. It was something in your punctuation. Shocked

    All clauses neatly divided and categorised; it truly betrays the mind of the collector. P

    Of course, all this is after i reprocessed and/or sold most of the modules and materials I had gathering dust. So it used to be a whole lot worse…

  • Μολων λαβε – Shoot-a-Tippia in EVE Communication Center

    Malcanis wrote:
    You know perfectly well what I mean, you pedantic little sod.

    Moi?! Whatever do you mean. 😇

  • Μολων λαβε – Shoot-a-Tippia in EVE Communication Center

    Valkin Mordirc wrote:
    The only thing I ask is you rename your Eos "Still Not A B-Wing"

    Sucks that your leaving. =\

    The icon view cuts the name off. I think the full name of the ship is “Not a B-Wing Either”.

  • Μολων λαβε – Shoot-a-Tippia in EVE Communication Center

    Elizabeth Norn wrote:
    Are these ill-gotten proceeds from 8.5 years of forum piracy? ;-)

    Actually, some of it is. Lol

    At least two of the PLEXes were earned from people who left the game for some reason and who left them because I had said something clever in opposition to whatever it was that made them leave. Same for a couple of the BPO duplicates.

    My bounty definitely is. Too bad that it will now (hopefully) go to the kinds of people who were the opposition to the guys who gave me those bounties. (Hmm… I don't really mean “too bad”, do I…?)

  • Μολων λαβε – Shoot-a-Tippia in EVE Communication Center

    Malcanis wrote:
    Don't sell your main.

    What would be the point in selling it when that would just lead to having even more ISK and no way of getting rid of it? P