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  • WTS Chremoas & Imp in EVE Marketplace

    If you're thinking about buying them for the killmarks or for the story, I highly recommend you use a 3rd party service like Chribba.

  • The 300 Billion ISK heist I almost wish I didn’t pull off. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Who would you trust someone named Samantha Myth?

  • New bomb types? in EVE Gameplay Center

    In the ATXV prize announcement, there's mention of a "stasis webifier bomb effectiveness" bonus for the soon to be Stealth Bomber tournament ship. This would confirm we're getting some new bombs.

  • RLML and HML balance pass in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I'd rather keep rapids like they are now, but increase the powergrid required to be much higher. This would keep rapid lights as arguably the strongest missile system, but require serious fitting sacrifices. For example, if T2 RLMLs required 140PG instead of 77PG, a Caracal would only be able to fit one LSE with two ancil rigs, which would reduce its EHP by 9k. This would give rapids a real drawback to go with their amazing DPS and versatility.

  • Looking for a Challenging Goal in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Forgot to mention I'm EUTZ

  • Looking for a Challenging Goal in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    I'm looking for a small to medium sized corporation or group with a fun and challenging goal.

    I've done elite solo and small gang PVP, took sov twice with just Suitonia and myself quad-boxing, bought and placed #1 with an AT ship, done solo black ops and even made a black ops group with Gulnar, hunted and killed an AT ship, placed 3rd place in the alliance tournament, hunted mission carriers, soloed with a supercarrier, hunted nullsec carriers, and much much more.

    Now I've run out of ideas and so I'm fairly bored. I'm looking for a new project to dedicate myself to in lowsec, nullsec or wormhole space. I don't care too much about what it is, as long as it'll be difficult and require adapting, theorycrafting and skills to complete.
    I'd prefer something PVP related, but I'd be up for anything interesting enough such as lowsec mining or capital incursion running.

    I'd prefer to not have to actually join a corporation, as I need to stay in V0LTA for the alliance tournament. I do however not fly with V0LTA at all on Tranquility as you can see from my killboard, so I'll be fully commited with all my characters to whatever project you've got.

  • Suitonia for CSM XII in Council of Stellar Management

    Suitonia is one of the most knowledgeable and skilled players in Eve. His input will be based on what's best for the game, not his personal or alliance interest.

  • Dev blog: Mining Foreman Revolution in EVE Information Center

    Airi Cho wrote:
    Tikktokk Tokkzikk wrote:
    Looks good! How will you stop Rorquals from constantly swapping fresh P.A.N.I.C. modules from an invulnerable Orca?

    allow only fitting 1 and dont allow unfitting while active?

    It'll burn out and your ships are vulnerable for about five seconds as you refit. You might be able to bump the Orca out of refit range, but with the 100% mass and Higgs, I'm not sure how possible that is. Easiest fix would be to exclude Orcas, too, though I can already think of several clever ways still pull it off.

  • Dev blog: Mining Foreman Revolution in EVE Information Center

    Looks good! How will you stop Rorquals from constantly swapping fresh P.A.N.I.C. modules from an invulnerable Orca?

  • Dev blog: Command Bursts and the New World of Fleet Boosting in EVE Information Center

    Ripard Teg wrote:
    Looks really good, with one extremely glaring exception.

    What was the justification for reducing Command Ships from three Links to two, other than forcing gangs to bring multiples?

    Or was this just a typo?

    Probably to match the two utility highslots.

  • Dev blog: Command Bursts and the New World of Fleet Boosting in EVE Information Center

    Been looking forward to this! Which devblog will explain the counter-play available?

  • [ATXIV Prize Ships] Caedes and Rabisu in EVE Technology and Research Center

    How come the Caedes' scan resolution is significantly worse than the Cruor's?

  • What are (or how to find) the best solo PvPers? in EVE Gameplay Center

    It's sad that I have to say this, but stay away from faction warfare as you learn. A big part of learning is dying repeatedly and growing from your mistakes. If you fight in lowsec, you're unlikely to know if you lost to someone because you made a mistake or if they had implants and/or links which will let them win no matter what. In nullsec you're much less likely to encounter links or implants, which will give you a much better idea of what you and your ship are capable of. You also have to consider the different metas in lowsec and nullsec. Suitonia's Kestrel is complete trash in lowsec as MWD brawling is just not viable in the AB heavy lowsec meta with very few exceptions.

    If you have any questions or neeed help, feel free to convo me in-game.

  • What are (or how to find) the best solo PvPers? in EVE Gameplay Center


    I highly recommend you don't stalk people like Chessur and me. We either fly "tryhard" with full faction fit, links and high-grade Snakes when we want to win or "casual" with very experimental, probably bad and at least underperforming ships with a clean clone and no links when we want to have fun. Neither of those are good to copy for an inexperienced player trying to learn.

    For what you're looking for, you should check out Suitonia and his alt SharkPrince2001. He's a very skillful and knowledgeable player who focus on being competitive with frigates and destroyers without faction, implants or links. He also has a YouTube channel and Twitch channel where he explains his thought process during fights, tips and tricks, fittings, and so on.

    Hope this helps.

  • Dev blog: Alliance Tournament XIV: Draw Results and Prizes in EVE Information Center

    Only a falloff bonus to lasers and neut/nos. I hope that's a type.

  • June release 118.6 - General feedback in EVE Information Center

    Hey, I'd like to offer some feedback on the new camera. When switching ship or docking, I'd like the camera to stop rotating to behind my ship when I start to manually moving the camera. I like to switch between the ships in my hangar just to look at the skins and killmarks, and I find it very frustrating having to fight the automatic movement for ~10 seconds every time I switch ships. On a more important note, when cancelling the undock animation I want instant control and responsiveness. Having to wait around half a second for the camera to zoom in or out feels sluggish and is bound to annoy me greatly in critical situations.

    Besides those two issues, I'm actually surprised by how much I enjoy watching the switch ship / dock animation.

  • An end to Incursions in EVE Gameplay Center

    Our war begins tomorrow

  • An end to Incursions in EVE Gameplay Center

    For years incursions by the Sansha's Nation have spread unopposed. When they first appeared, capsuleers took up arms with support from CONCORD to fight back Sansha Kuvakei's armies, but corruption spread throughout the capsuleer forces. These corrupt capsuleers banded together under names such as “The Valhalla Project”, “The Ditanian Fleet”, “Warp To Me Incursion” and many more.

    Today these sick individuals only put up a show for CONCORD and turn a blind eye to the millions of innocent lives lost to the invasion, all in the name of ISK. The corrupt capsuleers prolong these phony for-profit wars and won't attack in full force until Sansha Kuvakei’s armies have achieved their purpose and are withdrawing, at which point they attack the mothership, destroying what's left of the retreating forces only as it is required by CONCORD for payment.

    Samantha Myth will cleanse this corruption from our society and guide us into a bright new era of peace and prosperity where there will be no Sansha’s Nation to abduct our people! With our combined might, we will destroy every mothership and end every incursion until all corners of New Eden are liberated from the Sansha menace.

    However, to complete this, we need your help! Thanks to the corrupt capsuleers' inaction, Sansha Kuvakei has accumulated enormous forces of once innocent civilians, now brainwashed soldiers, waiting to do his bidding. New incursions emerge weekly and we need your help to defeat them all and put a stop to Sansha Kuvakei’s plans. Fleets will be organized around an armor tanking doctrine. Armor logistics and battleships are vital to our plans. On top of this, you are encouraged to form your own fleets and take these pressing matters into your own hands.

    Spread the word, join our in game channel MOM POP to stand up against the armies of Sansha, and corrupt capsuleers struggling to keep the status quo.

    Our first fleet assembles June 18th YC118 at 14:00.

  • Recurring Opportunities coming soon in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I understand your goal and I agree with it. If players log in, they're much more likely to say hello in corp chat and join a random fleet, which is a win for everyone. However, unlike updating the skill queues on all my primary characters, killing a rat with every character I own will turn into a daily soul crushing activty. You don't want your players to dread logging in each day. This will go one of two ways: either skill injectors will crash in price, and I'll completely ignore the dailies as it'll not be worth my time, OR skill injectors stay at the current value I'll spend half an hour logging in 12 characters, most not even combat capable, to kill a rat and hate every second of it each day because it's 36b/year (100-200m/h) risk-free income.

    Instead, I suggest every character with an active skill queue is awarded 10,000 SP for saying something in a chat channel. This has several advantages:
    First of all and most importantly, every character no matter their playstyle are are able to do it without going through a lot of trouble (killing an NPC with my hauler with no combat skills is not fun).
    Secondly, waving in corp / alliance / local chat is MUCH more likely to lead to more social interaction and turn the "log in for dailies" into a "join fleet and undock" than killing a random NPC.
    Thirdly, players won't have to log in all their accounts three times to cycle through a bunch of characters they don't care about.

  • Recurring Opportunities coming soon in EVE Technology and Research Center

    You get 3.65m SP per character per year. I have four accounts for a total of 12 characters or 43.8m SP.
    At current value of skill injectors, that is 36 BILLION ISK per year for me.
    Optimized, I'd spend 2-5 minutes per character logging in, finding a rat and killing said rat or 24-60 minutes per day total.
    At current skill injector prices, that's 100-200m/h which is arguably the best ISK/h you can get with no investment or risk and I'd be stupid to pass up on it.
    It will also be soul crushingly boring gameplay and likely to burn me out of Eve, which I'd think is the opposit of the intended effect.

    Edit: it's impossible to hit the sweet spot where the reward encourages players to log in daily, but not log in all characters which results in either daily opportunities being a waste of dev time OR the awful gameplay described above. The only solution I can think of would be to make it account based instead of character based.