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  • Singularity accounts - Q&A in EVE Technology and Research Center

    it seems that for now, you can upgrade your alpha account on sisi via plex bought at the seeded 100 isk value. I'm sure it has no affect on the live server, but ti seemed to work for those wanting to test stuff.

  • 2016/11/18 - Short Unscheduled Downtime in EVE Communication Center


    hmm? does that mean a hardware failure or rollback or something?

  • Inception - NPE is now available for testing on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Looking forward to seeing what it's like. I know eve is a hard game to learn how to play, and that a good intro to the game is very important, doubly so due to the game's complexity.

  • Mass Test on Singularity: Tuesday, 18th October @ 17:00 UTC in EVE Technology and Research Center

    45 minutes to go til mass test I think can CCP get it fixed in time? news at 17:00

    And now a word from our sponsors: Hi!

    but really, I'm sure* everything will be working in time for the mass test.

    * kind of

  • Quit game button is now Log off button on sisi? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I tried to find a mention of this change, but seemed it was hiding from me.

    is this just a naming change, or does it imply that logging to character select is going to be possible soon or at least a goal? I know it's a requested feature so I'm hoping it's not just a naming change.

  • AFK Cloaking™: Ideas, Discussion, and Proposals in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Hmm 305 pages of discussion on this, forgive me for not reading all of it, and I'm pretty sure the comment I'm about to make has already been made somewhere in those 305 pages, but I feel like posting so I'll do it anyway :)

    Yes, if an enemy is cloaked possibly AFK in your system for hours at a time doing nothing, with no way to target them, it is annoying, and possibly a threat whenever they come back, But being annoying or threatening isn't anything special in this game.

    What makes this thing a thing, for me anyway, is that it allows a player to have an impact on the game and other players (even if it's phycological only) without being present. It seems to me, to be a form of afk gameplay. Another form of afk gameplay is off-grid boosting for miners, something that is going to be changed soon from the looks of it. It allows you "play" (and by that I mean do stuff that impacts yourself or others) without being present or having any notable risk from not attending to it.

    If CCP would like to target and eliminate afk, very low risk gameplay, they should target both off-grid boosting and afk cloaking.

    One could argue that looking like a threat, and really being a threat are different things. but that doesn't mean looking like a threat is meaningless. "Weapons of Intimidation" springs to mind here.

    Short version: afk boosting and afk cloaking are both afk gameplay with minimum risk. If you want to eliminate one, you should consider the other as well

  • Skill Trading VS. /copyskills in SISI in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I think a good solution, albeit perhaps not the easiest adjustment to make, is to have any skills obtained via the /copyskills command unextractable, so that they max that one could get is to extract everything once, then /copyskills to get everything back.

    Another option is that any extracted skills wouldn't be affected by the copyskills command.

    neither is a really easy fix I don't guess, but I think it could work, if CCP wants to keep skill extractors seeded on future updates

    Last resort would be just to not seed extractors at all next mirror and following.

  • Pod kill without consent please ban in EVE Technology and Research Center

    the topic for posting rule violations is here:

    They don't seem to mention podding or even fighting at the station as a bannable offense in the first post, so while that stuff may be against the rules, it may not be a bannable offense per say. I'd have to dig into it a bit deeper.

  • Can't log into test server in EVE Technology and Research Center

    This is what I know from the sticky:


    What to do if your account is not active / has a wrong password?

    If your TQ account was active for longer than 36 hours and your Singularity account is still not activated: Post in this thread with the correct character.

    If your Sisi account is not updated with the current password or if you have other problems: Send an EVE-mail to CCP Habakuk (on Tranquility or through the forums)

    As you've already posted on the reactivation topic best I can offer is to either
    A. wait awhile longer, perhaps another 36 hours and hope it's updated either manually or automatically.
    B. Send an EVE mail to CCP Habakuk as mentioned in the sticky
    C. try the password you had at the time the mirror was taken on November 16th 2015 (assuming you had an account then and changed your password between then and now

    Granted C is an old solution that shouldn't be needed anymore, but it's something to try just in case.

  • If you could be so kind CCP.. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Darkblad wrote:
    Smuff Gallente wrote:
    I applyed to ISD but never got anything back i got an email saying that i have an application ID but nothing more ever came of it
    CCP is aware of that and trying to find a solution to the issues that result in their lack of application management.

    Is there at least a automatically generated e-mail that said "we got your application, it has not yet been processed" that would be nice to make sure there wasn't a bug with submitting on it on the website.

  • If you could be so kind CCP.. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    My guess is its a "don't call us, we'll call you" and if you don't ever get a call back, well, you didn't get the job, no doubt you can apply again later on.

  • February Features now live on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Aye Darkblad. the daily tribute system was something I was also looking forward too, hopefully it's not canceled... but I won't hold out for it

  • solace server in EVE Technology and Research Center

    It might be being used for internal testing, least that's my guess if it's up and not listed. or they are consolidating servers and have more or less deleted it (I think it was created to test the new server hardware, and might not be needed anymore if that hardware is being moved to other test servers)

  • Singularity down?????? in EVE Technology and Research Center

    the mass test on duality seemed to show that it's not stable atm either, and the others are likely either offline totally or VIPinternal testing only atm.

    Tranqulity is in good shape atm however *knocks on wooden servers*

  • Project Discovery: real ife science in Eve Online in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I just saw the dev blog:
    And checked out the micro-site:

    I'm looking forward to seeing what this is like, I assume it'll be active on singularity very soon, can't wait to get a look at it :)

  • February Features now live on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    If skill injectors are seeded as well as the extractor, that's pretty much unlimited SP right there, so we need to make sure those aren't seeded at all, just the extractors (unless we want unlimited SP for a bit, would be fun, but would also limit the usefulness of attending a mass test I guess)

    I guess you could also add some sort of limit to say how often you can use an injector, like jump fatiegue,.

  • Avatar Picture hasn't updated, usual methods to fix haven't worked in EVE Communication Center

    I"ve been trying to update my avatar picture on another account, and for some reason it doesn't seem to be working, normally it doesn't update right away, but does update correctly after the next downtime, however it's been a week and and updated it several times, with the only one always showing.

    And the usual trick of clearing cache files didn't work either. Not sure if this has anything to do with using the beta Launcher or not. anyone know of a setting I might have missed, or something I need to reset/clear for it to update/save?

  • January Features now live on Singularity in EVE Technology and Research Center

    "now live" for flexable values of "now" ? looking forward to seeing what January has to offer.

  • Latest server mirror. in EVE Technology and Research Center

    I doesn't tell the time for the next mirror however, as I'm guessing that's not even decided til shortly before it happens, but yeah, it has the last time the mirror was done. For ease of access:

    Mirror status:

    When were the last mirrors taken from TQ:

    Singularity: November 16th, 2015
    Duality: August 28th, 2015

  • EVE Bootstrapper in EVE Communication Center

    On the list of updates it's now listed as archived, yet can't seem to find where to get it, guess it's still not out yet?

    Well to be fair they never said what time of day on the 6th, we all just assumed something that wasn't a patch would be released at the same time as patches are released.