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  • Unexpected Dowtime Update - Tranquility Is Back Online in EVE Communication Center

    They say he who has most to gain is most likely the one responsible. You (CCP) recently kindly gave out free SP for a minor delay in service. This set a precedent. I would look to those requesting more free SP as having orchestrated this to gain a commodity otherwise impossible to acquire. Time.
    If you look, those persons of interest are the population of EVE Online. It may also be someone who is trying to frame said persons of interest not from within that group; namely, people who are not the population of EVE Online.
    I am glad you won our server back in either case. Thank you for bringing the single most corrupt economy in the known universe back to its inmates.
    PS may I have my free SP for my anonymous tip as to who is responsible please? send to The Kopt anonymously.
    Also another SP reward for my down-time.
    Thank You.

  • Cipreh for CSM8! Make our voices heard! [QUALIFIED] in Council of Stellar Management

    As having proven leadership skills, honesty, dedication to improving everyones fun he has my vote.

  • POSes: I am a small portion of the community in Council of Stellar Management

    I don't even know why we are posting here. Is it because CCP does not know how big a population live or use POSes? or, how many POSes are out there? or, that they do not know they need fixing in spite of being brought up in EVERY vote since their inception?
    I think CCP knows the answers to those questions. If it is not being done, I think it's because it's a boring peice of coding. To remedy that, try to think of cool ways to revamp POSes completely. Not just a management work-around, maybe something spectacular, something to motivate you to really bring an awesome new aspect to EVE.
    Suggestion: Make mine a Death Star that I feed with tears & fuel a Planet Buster superweapon that can suck the DUST bunnies right out into space. Oh & remote repair modules.