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  • How to kill a drifter response bs with only two chars? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Not sure, anyway I think using cap boosters to replenish cap would be more effective.

    I use stealth bombers to kill the drifters at citadels now. SB with polarized launchers does 900-1000 dps and can do exactly the type of damage needed, and also apply tackle.

    I noticed that once drifters have been lured to a citadel, they target the citadel and don't leave, even after the usual time to relocate is up. So it would probably not be a good idea to let them live until the citadel becomes vulnerable. (I didn't test if they leave when their shield is down and they're not tackled, but I assume so.)

    Weird thing is that while they in general ignore the stealth bombers, they very occasionally do shoot them. It happened to me like once every two encounters or so, but both times the glancing shot was enough to pop the bomber.

  • Wormhole jumping bug... known? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Jonn Duune wrote:
    There's a very simple reason for this, and this is a known WH issue for years.

    Where the WH appears is not where the signature is.

    Wow, you managed to reply to a week-old post without reading it. He specifically said it's not about that issue since he was at 0m from the wormhole in the overview.

  • Rolling K346 static in EVE Gameplay Center

    K346 is super easy because you can't close it accidentally when jumping out light with a higgs battleship, as long as the hole is not crit. If it's not crit, it has at least 270 mass left.

    So it's even more hilarious that I saw so many nullsec people trapping their battleships in my c3 when they tried to close that dangerous scary wormhole.

  • How to kill a drifter response bs with only two chars? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Mephiztopheleze wrote:

    the Drifter neuts for 2,000GJ/cycle. I very much doubt a single heavy cap booster will keep you capped up for long enough to chew through the great festering mountain of EHP if you're also running active reps.

    If you *really* want to try it, I'd suggest warping the hauler in at 100km & jettisoning the cap charges once you've got the site started and have drawn aggo on the ratting ships.

    FYI: The Drifter employs what is basically a HIC scram, Sleepers do not.

    EDIT: I went Corp Fleet C5 ratting on Sunday and we killed nine Drifters all up. With eight C5 Cap Transfer Rattles and one Drifter Response Vindicator, we were down to around ~15minutes/site, including the Drifter.

    Yes it neuts 2k per cycle, but that happens only once every 10 seconds. It should be possible to keep hardeners running at all times by having a heavy NOS - which has the same cycle time, so can be timed to always leech some cap from the drifter right after it sucked you dry.

    And if you also eat a cap charge right after getting neuted (in this case an 800 will probably be better), then there is enough cap to run the shield booster two times before the drifter neut strikes again. Considering that a Marauder with cheap crystal implants easily tanks about 4k dps, it will tank the 1600 dps from a single drifter easily even if the booster runs only intermittently.

    Well, that is all theory of course. And I'm not going to test it. Even if it works, being a sitting duck for the long time it's going to take to kill the drifter is just too much of a risk.

  • How to kill a drifter response bs with only two chars? in EVE Gameplay Center

    I've made some of my own tests in the meantime. Drifters seem to treat a citadel like any other celestial - sooner or later, they will randomly warp to it. I was unable to make 'my' drifter chase me to the citadel, which was anchored off-grid from any planet or customs office. It chased my ships when they were on grid, but never left the grid except randomly, presumably when its timer had expired and it was time to relocate.

    This way the drifter relocated to several planets (over the course of hours), and I started to think that I'd have to re-anchor my astrahus (or anchor a second one) on the grid of a planet. But then suddenly the drifter warped straight to the astrahus. Or rather, at 1100 km, but on-grid. First it stayed there, but when I undocked a ship, it got mad and closed in. Although interestingly, it seemed to target the citadel itself and was not interested in any ships, even after they dropped the tethering. I tackled it with a stealth bomber and that was never targeted. The drifter just orbited the astrahus at 15 km like it was trying to attack it.

    Now this behavior may change in the future, CCP still seems to make regular changes to the drifters. However if they decide to 'fix' this behavior, they'd have to give us another way to clear a system of many drifters. As it is now, I don't see how a system could ever be made habitable again once more than three or five drifters are on the loose in there, except by using a citadel.

    Now I wonder if drifters can appear in any site and at any time. So far I've seen them at planets and at wormholes. Do they also visit anomalies? If so, do player ships warping to that anomaly trigger the drifter to move, or will it stick to its schedule and the activated anomaly just becomes a possible random destination the next time the drifter relocates?

    Drifters specifically targeting players running sites would make it impractical to trigger more than one at a time and let them roam in hopes of trapping them at a citadel later. Also, if there is more than one roaming drifter in a system, do they always cluster together at the same location, or do they camp several different locations?

  • Mining (ore) in wormholes in EVE Gameplay Center

    Octavian Vanderhoolt wrote:
    As soon as you see ships or probes on d-scan warp away. Most gankers will probe you down, even if they have a cloaky ship. This surprised me.

    Probing down mining ships makes sense most of the time. That is because if the miner does it right, he was in a system with no open wormhole until the would-be ganker rolled into his system. Now if the miner is paying full attention, then there is no way at all the ganker will catch him, because he is already in warp to his pos or citadel after seeing the new sig.

    However, if the miner is somewhat competent but still afk or at least not paying full attention for a moment, which tends to happen a lot due to the nature of mining, there is a good chance he will need a little while to notice the new signature and warp out. For the ganker, warping cloaked to the ore anomaly first in the hope of sneaking up on the miner takes way too much time. Even a semi-afk miner will almost certainly notice the new sig during that time and escape. But with a combat scan, the ganker will be right on top of the miner in a matter of 20-60 seconds.

  • Mining (ore) in wormholes in EVE Gameplay Center

    Tughai Daphiti wrote:
    From what I have recently heard there are 2 way to mine in a WH:

    roll holes, scouts, ... - usually a mining op

    Risk Management:
    Empty Clone, T1 Mining Barge fully insured. - solo miner, the Plan is to accept the inevitability of death and get at least ~30 mins of mining to break even

    What you call Paranoia vs. Risk Management I'd call being smart and know how to play the game vs. being a sheep that is farmed by the wolves. Fits the pattern that you seem to think that using scouts and rolling holes somehow probably is very complicated and lots of work, which it isn't.

    For me part of the fun of the game is exposing myself to danger from other players, but doing it right so that I don't actually get killed by them... most of the time. Every m**** can just sit in a belt or anomaly and go afk and hope for the best.

    Anyway a t1 mining barge means terrible isk/h and is just wasting time unless you're a newbie who has no better ways to make money, so it doesn't even make sense economically.

  • How to kill a drifter response bs with only two chars? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Is there a reason why people don't just drop a jetcan full of 3200 cap charges with a cloaky hauler in a site and then warp their rattle, marauder or whatever to that can? Basically unlimited cap with only a heavy cap booster fitted. Should free up a lot of slots for gank and active tank and possibly make fits cheaper.

    I suppose it should be possible to align out, de-cloak, drop the can, then warp out without getting locked and scrammed? If not, one could use even throw-away t1 haulers for this, as long as they drop the can before exploding...

    edit: Or even a DST, anomalies have only up to 5 scramming sleepers in the first wave, so with three stabs fitted the DST could still warp out.

  • How to kill a drifter response bs with only two chars? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Mh, interesting, so maybe I actually watched it for less than an hour...? Will keep an eye on this. Quite important when trying to haul stuff through a wormhole in slow-aligning ships ^^

  • Mining (ore) in wormholes in EVE Gameplay Center

    Dolly Varden wrote:
    You're right wormhole mining used to be a thing before you didn't have to scan down the sites. Now people don't bother and might only bother if there's nothing else to do at the time. Plus with removal of off grid boosting nobody is going to be boosting those retrievers.

    And why is that? Porpoise is awesome. One Porpoise and three retrievers is already much better than just four retrievers, and the ship is cheap, aligns fast, warps fast, decent ore bay, so can also do the hauling.

  • How to kill a drifter response bs with only two chars? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ok, thanks. Sounds like the citadel is the only way then, especially long-term when the neuting bug is going to be fixed.

    Do drifters ever despawn? What is their natural lifespan? Days, weeks, forever?

    Also, yesterday I watched one who was camping a static wormhole. It did not move or change location for at least 2 hours. I remember on the test server when they were introduced, they would warp to different celestials every few minutes.

  • Mining (ore) in wormholes in EVE Gameplay Center

    Both statements here regarding k162 spawning are wrong, which is very pleasing. Seems Fozzie's little changes sowed profound confusion that still hasn't been cleared up, very good. It's like the good old days in 2009/2010 when 90% of people in w-space were clueless about wh mechanics and knowing better was a real advantage :)

  • Mining (ore) in wormholes in EVE Gameplay Center

    Wormhole mining is super safe and has decent isk/hour relative to the low effort, provided you use several accounts.

    Basic necessity is that you close every wormhole before you start. If you are not sure if the static or another outgoing wh has been opened, close it to make sure. Using scouts is dumb because if you have that account active, a character from that account should sit in a retriever or exhumer and be in the belt mining, not sit idle on a wormhole where he doesn't generate income.

    Once that is done, there is 100% safety. If a new sig appears, immediately warp to citadel/pos. Even if someone instantly warps to the ore site after entering system, he will not catch you because the asteroids are not exactly at zero in the anomaly but usually 30-50 km away.

    Of course this only works if you react immediately to any new sig, so no real afking. But I have a 49 inch 4k screen where I can do all kinds of stuff in other windows and still have the portion of the EVE client always visible where I see new sigs.

  • How to kill a drifter response bs with only two chars? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Tiirz wrote:
    Right now with the drifter not neuting, you can do it with 2 heavy tanked mauraders. Drifter not neuting IS a confirmed bug that will be fixed soon so that will only last so long. Once it start neuting again the only thing i could think of would be full tank/recharge fit mauraders with implants, or 2 RR snakes with high grade crystals or talismans depending. Also these fits would not at all be cost efficient to the point it would be cheaper to buy a naglfar or other dreadnought and just solo them. Even an absolute max skill ful tank passive rattle will get chewed apart by the drifter.

    Mh... isn't it supposed to deal about 1500 dps? Fully passive rattle can tank this with fleet boosts. So again it's important if the drifter will keep aggro on the rattle.

    I wonder if the stats here are accurate:

    That site has been around for ages and I assume the data there is straight from a static database dump and not manually edited, which implies that it should be correct. However, the hp values and the neut power given there seem unrealistically low. It does show on the other hand the thermic resist hole and a plausible number for dps...

  • How to kill a drifter response bs with only two chars? in EVE Gameplay Center

    What would you use to kill a (single) drifter in a c5 with only two characters, and not using capitals? This is less about efficient site running for ISK, rather about getting rid of roaming drifters other people spawned.

    I read that drifters always aggro the ship with the largest sig radius and never switch to small ships like frigates or command ships if there is also a battleship on grid. Is this (still) true?

    My idea is to use a fully passive rattlesnake, pull aggro, then tackle the drifter with a smaller ship (that can also contribute some dps), then grind it down with the sentries. This could only work if the drifter will definitely never switch to the small ship though, and if it doesn't have (enough) self-rep to tank the rather low dps from the rattle.

    Any ideas?

  • TQ cluster now comes up every day after DT only partially functional in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Hardly. PCU has been much higher in the past that it is now, and in any case the alpha players added only a few per cent load, but the delays have grown by several thousand per cent, from a few seconds to many minutes. There is clearly a technical issue behind this.

  • TQ cluster now comes up every day after DT only partially functional in EVE Technology and Research Center

    For (at least) several weeks now, TQ starts up with important parts of the game world missing or not working. This is very annoying and also potentially giving some players an unfair advantage over others.

    First, even though the server is showing as online and players are logged in, I can regularly not log in the characters in my wormhole system because it is 'currently loading'. This used to also happen in the past, but it always worked on the second try with only a few seconds delay (and even that didn't happen anymore for the last year or so, until recently).

    When I can finally log in (after about 7 minutes today, on the fourth try), there are no signatures showing in my system. Nothing can be scanned, and if I warp to the grid of a site or a wormhole that I already knew from before downtime, there is nothing there.

    After another ~10 minutes, the signatures suddenly appear and everything is working as normal - about 15-20 minutes later than for apparently the rest of EVE. This is not acceptable. The TQ cluster should only go 'online' and accept connections when actually all parts of it are working.

  • Getting a Rorqual out of a C4 in EVE Gameplay Center

    If OP is still in there, he should wait for the next patch when insurance is coming to all citadels. Then anchor a citadel there, buy platinum insurance, then SD the rorqual. Much higher payout.

    If it's not feasible to anchor your own citadel, you could ask the residents for docking rights to give the ship back in a station trade (because no risk of cheating). Then dock, buy insurance, undock and blow it up anyway. (Or, if they offer a better price, actually trade it back instead.)

  • Small vs. large WH (solo wh living) in EVE Gameplay Center

    If you close all open holes, as you should, then a big system is better. Without a new sig, nobody can come in unseen, so you are safe. If there is a new sig, they may be out of range, so have no way to know you are there, but you do know that there may be danger because you see the new sig.

    In a C4 or C5 where you farm with a Marauder and/or are scrammed by sleepers, this is most important. If the incoming hunter does not see you when entering system, he'll go through the usual routine first and you'll have enough time to exit bastion mode or kill scrammers after you see the new signature. If he sees you immediately, you'll probably have no chance.

    C3s shouldn't have so many holes open all the time, having just the one static. Sure, it happens, but not like every day. Some holes are also easy to close, like the X702 from Hisec with only 1b mass.

    It helps to keep the system bare of content, so farm regularly. If there are no sites, or just one or two, people connecting to your system may even close the hole for you because your system is useless to them.

  • Singularity: Next mirror in January in EVE Technology and Research Center

    CCP Habakuk wrote:
    Hi again,

    The new mirror has been deployed and Singularity is available now. At 15:00 we deployed one fix to set the Omega-status correctly for a bunch of player accounts.
    Skill points from the last 5 mass tests will be added within the next 2 hours.

    Again, it would be very useful to be informed before the snapshot is taken. Because my tests always involve faction and deadspace gear that is not available on Sisi. Also I usually want to test in specific wormholes, and it's very hard to get into them on Sisi (the ones where you can /moveme to are almost immediately cleared, and may not have the desired effect anyway).

    I understand that you don't want to change your schedule just to give us time to prepare for the mirror. But I'm also sure you don't just decide from one second to another 'oh, I'll take a Sisi snapshot now'. Even an hour's notice can be useful. How about sending an alert out on TQ when you know you are going to take a snapshot? You already do this sometimes for patch notes and stuff.

    edit: Shouldn't it be fairly easy to implement a version of /moveme where you can give the system name as a parameter and jump to any system you like?

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