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  • Why does it cost ISK to Research and Manufacture in the POS? in EVE Communication Center

    Antihrist Pripravnik wrote:

    While this would be fun to see (in a way), it wouldn't add anything useful to the game. If you notice the difference between ME 9 and ME 10 for most capital blueprints, the material requirement is 1 component more here and there. While those are tens of millions of ISK in difference and it may be providing additional profit, you can't use decimal places when the difference is measured in single units (of capital components), since you can't have a material requirement of 0.37 Capital Drone Bays (for example).

    One of the changes in this latest patch is that material requirements are rounded per job rather than individual run, but there is a minimum of 1 per run.

    So if there was a requirement of 1.25 drone bays, and you do a job with 4 runs, you would need exactly 5 drone bays, an average of 1.25 per run.

    But the fractional research is more for a situation where it takes a year to research a freighter from 9 to 10, say after 51 weeks you get war deced, if you stop the job to protect the BP you would lost 51 weeks of research.

    Previously the longest you needed to commit a research job for a T1 BPO is about 50 days AFAIK (not sure about titans though), these changes make it much much harder for new players to get BPO's to the same level that old players have now.

  • Why does it cost ISK to Research and Manufacture in the POS? in EVE Communication Center

    CCP Greyscale wrote:
    and to what degree we want people to be maxing blueprints sequentially vs taking a "old one to 9, new one to 9, old one to 10"-esque approach (over n blueprints, not just over two).

    As a sideline to this, did CCP consider having a decimal place, why does it have to be whole numbers ?

    If your going to stick with these really long research times (like 1 year to research freighter from 9 to 10) would it be terrible if it was done a month at a time instead of one continuous length of time.

    But why use whole numbers to start with, why not have a BP that gives say a 9.2% reduction in materials ?

  • Manufacturing Total Cost: Missing factor? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Steve Ronuken wrote:

    It's hiring people to reduce the cost short term. And it works for that (as long as you do the math. A 2% saving can be fairly significant)

    Your overall cost falls, because as long as you're not stupid about it, you're using less materials.

    But of course it wont reduce the cost short term either, because when people update their tools they will bid up the price of teams until its within a fraction of a percent of the material savings over time.

    Teams is an ISK sink for CCP, thats it.

    EDIT: Teams will also drive all but the highest volume manufacturers, CCP is trying to get industrialists to work together in the bidding process, they want players to share a resource, why would they even think this would work...

    The trust required to share resources makes a disincentive for industrialists to work together, and they dont want people making profits they could be making. Its better for an industrial to create alts rather than work with another RL player.

  • Material Efficiency Refund? in EVE Communication Center

    CCP has only ever given refunds of combat related skill, the skills in question are industry.

  • Material reduction from ML, team, assembly array stack ? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Research BP gets upto 10% material reduction, Team can give upto 4% material reduction, and assembly array 2%.

    Can they all stack and reduce material costs by 16%, or is there a max bonus of say 10%, like previously skills didnt help on fully researched BP.

  • Is anyone bowing out of Industry with these new changes? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Its all part of CCP's war on solo players.

    They want us hauling valuable cargo and tower to far flung systems so we can be hunted. They want us to anchor big piƱatas in space for wardecers to shoot. We are supposed to be content.

    But its not all downside, we dont have to click as much in some situations.

  • Cost scaling - a TOTAL disaster for Science and Industry in EVE Gameplay Center

    The sky isnt falling yet, a new balance has to be found before prices can be taken seriously.
    Old stockpiles might have to run out before the new reality hits home.

  • Account reduction in EVE Communication Center

    Down from 3 to 1

    Previous changes to decryptors made invention less alt-dependant.
    Due to industry changes i decided to get out of the market.
    One account still tryign to sell stuff i have too much of and idle, may as well burn plex, isk is no good for anything else right now.

  • [Crius] Manufacturing and general UI feedback in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The UI needs to filter by BP type and category.

    Inventors might have a thousand BPO's and BPC's, currently the desired BP need to be selected from a 1/4 screen height window, to coin a phrase its a scroll fest.

    To be honest, im not sure a scroll fest is any better than the current click fest, its going to drive people crazy movign that minimal sized scroll line between thousands of entries.

    So create a filter with a drop down menu to select ship/module/ammo/rig whatever. A seperate filter for BPO/BPC might also be warranted.


  • Dev blog: EVE Online SSO and what you need to know in EVE Information Center

    "Sadly, EVE is full of fraudsters lingering around and waiting for a chance to make profit or gain some benefits and they are happy to do this any way you could potentially think of. They try to trick you into [insert latest scam here] with the help of social and technical measures including phishing and spoofing of authorities as well as web portals."

  • A Crowdsourcing Goodbye, w/Stuff. in EVE Communication Center

    Encourage individual gameplay by discourage the blob.

    One way to do this would be to provide cruiser and battleship class bombers/bombs.

  • EVE is almost completely polished. What fish is there left to fry? in EVE Communication Center

    They havent even started on industry

  • I don't see where skill is involved with EVE Online. in EVE Communication Center

    Eaphod wrote:

    I can't believe I even made this far into your post, but I stopped reading after that line. If you don't know or can't remember something as simple as them being called corporations, then you obviously don't know enough about the game to comment on PVP skill.

    I cant believe you wrote all those words because someone used a different word that has a similar meaning.

    Your a terrible person.

  • count down clock on main page in EVE Communication Center

    Rawthorm wrote:
    Ten Bulls wrote:
    the question is, why do they need more flexibility with the positioning of celestial items ?

    Maybe its paving the way for destroyable celestial objects? Stations, moons, gates, ect.

    I guess it could be paving the way for future changes such as player built gates or destroyable stations. Those would be major content changes, they would not come out between releases.

    But the timing of this change (early feb) fits well with the countdown, maybe its a live ingame event related to this change.

  • count down clock on main page in EVE Communication Center

    Duncan Hausman wrote:
    This ->

    Already in the works, and SISI will be stuffed with it...

    My 2 cents...

    Interesting theory, from the link;

    "The universe data contains, for example: the positions for all systems, planets, gates, asteroid belts and the asteroids in these belts... (the new system) gives us much more flexibility for changing game data."

    "The current plan is to deploy this in early February"

    So the question is, why do they need more flexibility with the positioning of celestial items ?

  • count down clock on main page in EVE Communication Center

    I know what it is;

    We are going to be able to fit Micro Jump Drives to our POS's so we can quickly outflank the enemy with our POS guns.

  • count down clock on main page in EVE Communication Center

    Gogela wrote:

    I'm 99.999999999999999% sure it's going to be a big announcement about content in New Eden. Something real, not merchandise. Blink

    Something real, like internet pixels ?

    (unlike physical merchandise which isnt real)

  • Autopilot ETA in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Jint Hikaru wrote:
    There should not be any additions to the game that makes AFK game play easier.

    The only reason this is being asked for is so the OP can push the autopilot button, set an alarm for when he arrives and then go off to do something else.

    Of course traveling with a freighter is boring, that's one of the reasons there is a value in providing it as a service.

    Also, blah blah Freighters = Industry = Ships for PVPers... Whatever, if the OP stops freighting things around because he does not get an arrival timer, then.... and I really hate to break it to you OP.... nothing will change, Eve wont die, industrialists will still make ships, PVPers will still buy ships, the forums will still be full of trolls, life as Eve knows it will contunue.

    In Summary: Nothing should be added to Eve that makes AFK gameplay easier.

    An autopilot ETA would not make it easier to go away from the keyboard, it would make it easier to come back to the keyboard because you know when there is something meaningful to do again.

    You could make similar arguments that evemon encourages people to be AFK, because htey dont even have to login to see if their skills need to change. Would you also suggest EVE API remove information that players can get when logged in because they "make AFK gameplay easier" ?

    I did not suggest EVE would die if it did not get an autopilot ETA.
    I did not suggest industrialists would not make ships if EVE did not get an autopilot ETA.
    I did not suggest PVPers would not buy ships if EVE did not get an autopilot ETA.
    I did not suggest forums would be free from trolls if EVE did not get an autopilot ETA.
    I did not suggest life in even would not continue if EVE did not get an autopilot ETA.

  • Autopilot ETA in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Warcalibre wrote:
    Sorry, what's stopping you from making travel time estimates yourself?

    Whats stopping you from making EHP estimates yourself ?

    (i know, i know, idont feed the ******** troll)

  • Autopilot ETA in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Paul Panala wrote:
    Note: warp time should become even less meaningful after the expansion. A higher percentage of time will be used accelerating and decelerating. May want to wait a few weeks before you start timing.

    My understanding is that the changes will make warp times vary more between ship types, small ships will be in warp less, big ships more. So freighters are the slowest and they will get slower.