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  • A Fond Farewell From Talocan United in EVE Gameplay Center

    It has been interesting to see TALUN grow and thrive throughout all of these years. I wish the best for everyone in TALUN and hope that th downfall of TALUN will usher in much needed new blood in wormhole space.

    I can't wait too see what comes next.

    Nathan - Hope to see you on the battlefield more often now!

  • New Wormhole Jump Animation in EVE Technology and Research Center

    The new animation is not only annoying, but it also seems very half-assed. I would love to see something like the kspace jump effect, but with maybe a different color, you know if you go from a class 5 to a class 3 for example the tunnel will start dark red and then it will gradually shift towards the pinkish white of a c3? Although I know that is probably not possible due to the distribution of art resources in a perfect world that would be awesome. I would be very happy with the k-space jump effect in wspace or just no change in effect at all, not this transition which is about equal to a stock power point slide transition.

    TL;DR: Make the jump effect the same as kspace, or non at all lots of us don't want to be plagued with a stock power point transition.

  • [MERC] Hades Effect in EVE Gameplay Center

    Taltin Arnerette wrote:
    Seraph IX Basarab wrote:
    Concerning the matter of bombers bar, I am flattered you think I started it but I did not. I was a humble contributor last year and withdrew from participating with the group more and more due to class work. As for the rest, I don't think you have the perspective to speak credibly.

    May I ask what exactly do you feel you contributed to the bar? Other then taking one contract then leaving and trying to get Venga corp mates to follow you.

    Bombers Bar Council member

    I would just like to say as a former diplomat of various Wormhole groups, I have worked pretty closely with Seraph over the past few months and during his time as diplo of bombers bar he helped me work out multiple wspace operations with bombers, something mostly unprecedented. These operations, lead and organized by Seraph, gained him much respect in the wormhole community, and I would be more then willing to vouch for his reputation and the work he did for the bar.

  • [WTS] C5 Magnatar WH, Static to C5 in EVE Marketplace

    Mail sent.

  • C5 evictions Solar Fleet in EVE Gameplay Center

    As long as they give fights and don't evict people who give fights I don't think anyone will mind SOLAR in wspace.

  • WH "Coalitions" Blobs, Blue Lists, and bob. in EVE Gameplay Center

    These huge blobs were always inevitable... we all knew this would happen, more and more people have been drawn into wormhole space, specifically upper class wormholes in the past year. It is only human nature to team up with others to defend a common belief, no one can stop that. Wormhole space is at a crossroads, do the leaders of w-space want to allow their corporations/alliances/coalitions to evict people who give goodfites and leave only groups who use 15 guards, multiple webbing lokis, and a few blap dreads? The day that all the groups who are not capable of fielding these numbers are evicted, is the day that wormhole space, or classical wormhole space will die.

    There is still multiple ways of preventing this from happening, there needs to be less evictions and less log on traps and more good fair fights.

    Just my opinion.

  • Invasion of Transmission Lost in EVE Gameplay Center

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to say Zer01 + POSHU had lots of fun with this operation. Although we have friends on both sides of this conflict we had alot of fun being the defenders for once Big smile. Either way all of our guys had lots of fun on comms and we enjoyed shooting each other haha. Hopefully we can all move forward from this and resume the good fights soon. I hope to see you all on the battlefield.

  • Capital Ship Maintenance Arrays in EVE Gameplay Center

    Ya, I really like how they are adding this to wormhole space now, I understand of course why we weren't allowed to have capital assembly arrays (supers in wspace=terrible idea) but I never understood why they wouldn't allow us to anchor the capital storage arrays instead of having multiple smas for each individual capital it was very, very silly.

  • Cipreh for CSM8! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Lets not get this to the top.

  • Setting up a new wh advice channel in EVE Gameplay Center

    The purpose of this channel is really to move away from the EvE uni model, which is based off of null sec ideology and other bad habits which will not work in wormhole space. We really want to help out the smaller guys on creating a corp/group with a proper wormhole culture in order to foster growth and development in wormhole space and better the w-space culture and community as a whole.

  • Setting up a new wh advice channel in EVE Gameplay Center

    I endorse this product/service.

  • Cipreh for CSM8! Make our voices heard! [QUALIFIED] in Council of Stellar Management

    Bump for a good friend and an awesome leader!

    His guidance on the CSM will be invaluable to both wormholers and the EvE community as a hole.

  • Why we should love null bears.. in EVE Gameplay Center

    We love null bears.... when they don't dock up as soon as you enter local....

  • Cipreh for CSM8! in EVE Gameplay Center

    Bane Nucleus wrote:
    Make sure to vote....FOR CIP!


  • Corp Introduction, Battle Report & Thanks to Sir Chitsa in EVE Gameplay Center

    Would be nice to see more fights like this in wormhole space.

    Good read.

    Cheers to Demorest and Chitsa!

  • Mangala Solaris for CSM 8 in Council of Stellar Management

    +1 for a guy who knows his ****, and has some super fun weekend roams.

    Cheers from your friends in Wormhole Space.

  • Chitsa Jason for CSM8. Wormholes, Merc Contracts, New players, POSes in Council of Stellar Management

    I see everyone is Polarized. on this issue. Hahaha.

  • When the ship goes down. in EVE Gameplay Center

    Looks like Exhale. has disbanded.

  • When the ship goes down. in EVE Gameplay Center

    No. I will not prepare.

  • [Notable Wormhole Space Alliances and Corporations] in EVE Gameplay Center

    Could POSHU get added to the wormhole kills stats page? For some reason or another we aren't on there. Thanks in advance.