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  • CCP: support for colour blind players in EVE Technology and Research Center


    I am red green colorblind and despite having perfect ECM skills in a corp famous for using way too many Falcons on lone rating Drakes, I can't fly a Falcon because I can't tell the difference in the effing jammers.

    Again, I am only partially colorblind. I am fine generally under sunlight, but green brown and red are interchangeable under fluorescent light. Monitors, TV's, and pretty much anything back lit can be especially odd for me. Never have been able to read a color code on a resistor due to the industry standard colors.

    It would be nice if CCP would make icons shaped different for different modules of similar types instead of just changing the color, like they did on the missiles.

    Also, it would be nice if you could pick the color for targeting or aggro on the overview, although I have no problem with red/yellow (or rather brown/yellow as I see it.)

    If you are male and colorblind it's your mom's fault. Blame her on mother's day. I blame mine every year. Color vision genes ride the X chromosome.

  • Dirt Nap Squad is looking for a few good (or bad) pilots in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center


  • Dirt Nap Squad is looking for a few good (or bad) pilots in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Have you ever hot dropped lone ratting Drakes with a fleet of 37 bombers and twice as many Falcons?

    Are you a bittervet and tired of the status quo in EVE Online? Tired of being “funnycatnamedoctrine” number four-hundred-and-fifty-six, pushing F1 to bash some structure that you couldn't give a crap about? Tired of renting space so some guy can RMT the ISK you made into a dacha on the Volga or Sava? Looking for that mythical unicorn of “small gang PvP?”

    Or, are you new to EVE Online and looking to make the jump into nullsec combat? Want to be a part of the cool stories that you read about but don't know how to become a part of the action? Worried about getting ripped off or scammed like all the dirty, filthy highsec carebears say will happen? Sick of playing an MMO by yourself?

    Look no further than Dirt Nap Squad my friends. The alcoholic, liver destroying, force of nature that is DNS is currently opening recruiting to all experience levels in EVE Online. Yes, THAT Dirt Nap Squad. . .

    DNS is an online gaming organization that dates back to the days when trilobites and 75mhz Pentium processors ruled the earth and may have actually helped Al Gore invent the Internet, just to get an online match of Microsoft Aces over Europe going.

    What we don't have is 99.89% of the autistic sperg BS that most alliances have. We don't hold Sov. We don't, by in large, shoot at structures. We don't have (hardly any) blues, and the corp/alliance has nothing to steal because we are alliance poor and member rich. We don't meta and could not give a rip about the meta game. We don't have an arts and crafts requirement to join. We don't care about your in game skills or what ships you can fly or any of the ones and zeros that make up what most people think of EVE or online gaming.

    What we do have is an amazingly good time playing this game with (what I think) are some pretty awesome people. We have access to opportunities far beyond that 90% of the EVE alliances have to offer.

    So, if you'd like a taste of the Kool-Aid, join the in game channel of Dirt Nap Admin. That's Dirt Nap Admin . . . We will get you on coms and you can see if we are as big of SOB's as people say we are.

    You have nothing to loose except your preconceptions on how to play EVE, and every thing to gain.

    Requirements: TS3, a headset or headphones, and be 21+ because we are not going to jail over contributing to the delinquency of a minor or your mom seeing the links that get passed around in alliance. Also, be capable of flying or be willing to train into a Stealth Bomber.

  • Looking for a particular corp to join in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Mail sent. Contact me and we can talk on coms.

  • RE: North Carolina meetups in EVE Gameplay Center

    Not sure on my schedule for the next few months but if we were going to do this again what about Raleigh or Winston-Salem for a meet up?

  • DNSBLACK for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    Just for your edification and perhaps education, let me give you the definition of "bloc" in the EVE/CSM sense:

    bloc noun \ˈbläk\
    : a group of people or countries that are connected by a treaty or agreement or by common goals

    a : a temporary combination of parties in a legislative assembly
    b : a group of legislators who act together for some common purpose irrespective of party lines
    a : a combination of persons, groups, or nations forming a unit with a common interest or purpose
    b : a group of nations united by treaty or agreement for mutual support or joint action

    2B would be the use of the word in EVE a it relates to the CSM election i.e. a corp or alliance part of a null sov coalition

    By your use of the term it would be any corporation or alliance. Seriously, and I do mean this seriously. .do you understand the difference between an alliance and a coalition of alliances like the CFC or N3?

    Oh, and lastly and just to be a pedant. DNS the alliance did not get involved in PC or take on a DUST corporation until 3/21/14, nearly three weeks after your being 'lied to" about nt being a bloc candidate, which has already been dispensed with by the power of Merriam Webster.

    Khaldem wrote:

    Mittens willed me his hat a long time ago, hold on let me find that napkin with his signature on it.

    That's funny because that wasn't actually Mittani's hat. . .

  • DNSBLACK for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    Michele Bachmann wrote:

    i'd like to actually see this happen in this thread as opposed to you just covering

    I seriously thought about doing this as a YouTube video to answer you. . . but alas it's not worth my time and the irony would no doubt be lost.

    You did in the above thread. . . back a few pages. . . but were being too obvious a troll to notice it.

    Some very nice posts were made by Black but now Black's switched to a different media for a variety of reasons. We've had quite a number of CSM members who don't even speak, read, or write English as their first language. Some of them have been excellent CSM members. I'd rather have a CSM rep bring integrity, candor, and passion to the table then an ability to sperg enthusiastically on the forums or a blog. If sheer text output was some sort of qualifier for the CSM, Poetic Stanziel might still be around instead of selling of his accounts and leaving EVE.

    It's easy to run one's mouth when you have the advantage of anonymity, say on the EVE forums with a character that looks a lot like an alt. . . It's another to put your name and face out there in public. Your bridge is over there, go live under it.

  • DNSBLACK for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    Sephira Galamore wrote:

    . . . apparently the big chunk is done via Skype text chat and the internal forums, including written 'homework'.
    You yourself admitted that you do not like writing / textual debate, how do you think that will affect your ability to contribute to those discussions?

    There are days we want to take his keyboard away. . . more often his mic, but . . .he may not like writing but Black can do it. The man managed to get a Bachelor's. . .

  • DNSBLACK for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    Michele Bachmann wrote:
    Tcar wrote:

    Lose out on much in the SOMER nerf?

    I accept your surrender

    I am not sure how you construe that bit of sarcasm as a surrender but I do notice that you dodged my questions entirely. Say Hi to ShamedOne for me.

  • DNSBLACK for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    Michele Bachmann wrote:

    Correct me. . ..

    Lose out on much in the SOMER nerf? For a mostly GTC forum alt with pretensions of a CSM campaign you sure like to fling a lot of rhetoric and B.S. around yourself.

    I like how people use their alts instead of posting with their mains when being obvious trolls. I mean, it's pretty obvious that you don't train into a BLOPS overnight and the BLOPS community is actually pretty small. I doubt a forum warrior like yourself would suddenly spring fully grown, like Athena from Zeus' forehead, onto DNSBLACK's CSM thread.

    Do we know each other?

  • DNSBLACK for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    Tyrant Scorn wrote:
    I am working on the interview I did with DNSBLACK, it's a 2 hour conversation that I need to edit but I agree with a lot of what he says, he has so much passion...

    Wish we had an editor for corp meetings. . .

    Michele Bachmann wrote:
    For us unwashed masses who aren't allowed to grace DNSBlack's personal comms with our presence I'd like to read the reasoning behind openly challenging CCP and dancing around the EULA when he tried to sell his account via raffle on the forums

    DNS coms are not the EVE Uni Mumble. Our IT is handled by a talented member and consist of an Amiga 4000 and a 56k baud modem. This is an upgrade from our old Tandy TRS-80 with a 300 baud modem. We are not set up for half of EVE to come and hang out on our TS.

    On the other hand, I am sure that if you contacted Black and asked nicely, he'd be happy to get you on coms and talk, if that is what you truly desire.

  • DNSBLACK for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    Hello Monument Visitor wrote:
    Trebor Daehdoow wrote:
    Hello Monument Visitor wrote:
    The past few years have seen CCP taking the CSM and subsequently the players, more seriously than ever before. Would DNSBLACK diving in feet first and and giving CCP a piece of his mind undo all of this progress?
    I know you haven't known him as long as I have, given that you're less than two weeks old...

    Let me tell you about alts... Oh hold on... You've been playing for 6 years and you don't know about alts? Shocked

    You definitely need a break from CSM duties and get back to playing as it appears you're lacking knowledge on major aspects of EvE.

    Let me tell you about sarcasm. . . Oh hold on . . .

  • DNSBLACK for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    Snot Shot wrote:
    God help us all if he finds Twitter Shocked. Probably rival Xander for #daily tweets.

    . . especially since the university gave him an iPad for "work."

  • DNSBLACK for CSM9 in Council of Stellar Management

    You can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps. . .

    DNS member's opinions are of course biased and alcohol sodden. . . reeking of cheap whiskey and cloaky hot-dropping BLOPS filth. . .

    Instead of my opinion, I urge you to look at the people who have already endorsed BLACK's election thread. Look at their EVE resumes and what they have accomplished, especially the former and current CSM & CPM members, who put their stamp of approval on BLACK. These people, all movers and shakers in EVE who understand the challenges of the position, wholeheartedly endorse BLACK for the job.

    BLACK has been my friend for years now. I can tell you I personally know in my heart that BLACK is the best man for the job this year. No one brings the list of real life skills that BLACK does. DNSBLACK brings an exemplary work ethic to everything he sets out to do, in game and real life, that allows for nothing less than excellence. There is no other person that has thrown their name in the hat this year with more passion, conviction, drive and integrity than BLACK. Take my word that you can sleep, knowing that DNSBLACK's goal as a CSM is not to maintain the status quo or shilly-shally around with CCP when they decide to pursue some Icelandic madness. BLACK is the one candidate this year that you can be sure is not going to place his alliance or coalition's stature within the game before the well being of EVE as a whole. He is going to ask the hard questions and make sure that the voice of the players, from Hi to Low, Null to K-Space, is heard by the management and employees of CCP.

    Vote for DNSBLACK. Vote for your EVE.

  • Dirt Nap Squad is now holding open recruiting in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    . . and I am back.

    . . . and back to the top.

  • Dirt Nap Squad is now holding open recruiting in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center


  • Snot Shot - Null Sec Explorer Looking For New Home in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Sending mail. We need more bloggers and bomber pilots.

  • Dirt Nap Squad is now holding open recruiting in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    back to the top

  • Emergency downtime due to TQ hardware issues in EVE Communication Center

    CCP hates me. I just scanned down 2013 character ratting in a Thanny using faction drones. . .

  • Looking For A New PVP Home in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Mail sent to this toon. Look forward to speaking to you.