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  • CCP and Ship insurance in EVE Gameplay Center

    If you expect to lose the ship sometime within the insurance period, there is no reason to not take Platinum insurance on it. The insurance payout taken on its own is effectively free money. But only if you don't expect the ship to live through the entire insurance term.

  • Invasions of privacy in EVE Communication Center

    In the two dozen or so corporations I've joined in the past year on my alts for the purposes of awoxing, only one of them has required that level of API access. I don't think this problem you're talking about is as widespread as you think it is.

  • I can fix the POS in EVE Communication Center

    Given your apparent illiteracy I question your qualifications to fix star bases.

  • Can any frigate kill an AC thrasher? in EVE Gameplay Center

    Do any of you know of some paper that can beat scissors? Or a rock that can beat paper?

  • Off Grid Remote Reps - when? in EVE Communication Center

    In Empire Warring the remote repping alts are already humping the stations like over-excited toy dogs, might as well just let them remote-repair while docked.

  • DEV RESPONCE REQUESTED: Amarr Rookie ships and cynos in EVE Communication Center

    ps3ud0nym wrote:
    Denidil wrote:
    ps3ud0nym wrote:
    I would like to have a response to this from a Dev. I want to know if taking away the ablity to use the Impairor as a cyno ship while leaving the other race's rookie ships able to do so was intentional. If so, is CCP going to give those effected by this change (who might have capitals trapped because they can't cyno to their alts any more) the ability to change their base race?

    they're already said FIT A CARGO EXTENDER.

    Are you going to fly out to the edge of the map to provide one? If I am not amarr, I don't have to fit anything extra. I can just pod jump to any station I have a cyno and fuel at and jump with no changes necessary.

    The cargo expander is not a valid solution in any way at all. If you honestly think it is, then I am pretty sure you have never dealt with nul-sec logistics for an alliance before if you have ever even jumped a capital at all, which I doubt.

    If you have the means to place Cynos and fuel at stations then you have the means to place a cargo expander there as well. Please leave troll posts up to the professionals; Suddenly Forums ForumKings is much better at it.

  • DEV RESPONCE REQUESTED: Amarr Rookie ships and cynos in EVE Communication Center

    Is upset about a feature change. Demands compensation far above what could be reasonably demanded over assets that it doesn't even actually own. Is pubbie filth.

  • DEV RESPONCE REQUESTED: Amarr Rookie ships and cynos in EVE Communication Center

    ps3ud0nym wrote:
    ITT: many people show they don't know how to read. DEV response requested. Not pubbie sperg wanted.

    I assume your deplorable level of literacy is the reason you couldn't find CCP's email address. Its a far more effective means to get in touch with developers instead of making demands on a forum where they are in no way obligated to respond to your incompetent attempt at a troll post.

  • WOW Refugees in EVE Communication Center

    Updating the UI to display more complete information that it should have been displaying since Day 1 is of course dumbing down the game, you're absolutely right.


    ...popular child game wow...

    Woah there tiger! It would be a shame if you destroyed your integrity with immature attack comments like that. I don't think you can actually have negative integrity.

  • TECH II ORE HOLD RIGS? in EVE Communication Center

    James 315 wrote:
    KHAAN DRAKE wrote:
    You gave me 2 options drive to the station twice as much or feed the can flippers!

    Tank is always an option. Roll

    No sure why he's bothering to complain anyway. His bot won't care.

  • New Market Search :D in EVE Communication Center

    That is an unbelievable level of illiteracy; and a pretty good UI change.

  • 500m to declare war on Goonswarm? (AKA: why are small corps penalised by the wardec system?) in EVE Communication Center

    Declaring war on us would be pointless anyhow. You'll only ever end up fighting the half dozen of us or so that actually give a damn about empire. The vast majority of goons avoid empire like the plague.

  • Why is ISBoxer Allowed But Other Macros Banned? in EVE Communication Center

    If you look at Suddenly Forums ForumKings's posting history you'll see that he's nothing but a gimmick account for posting whining shitposts. Stop debating him.

  • Want goons gone? in EVE Communication Center

    Tom Gerard wrote:

    I wonder if they also complain to CCP that high-sec isn't a perfectly safe padded room.

  • Frig rebalance, explain this to me CCP. in EVE Communication Center

    Vilnius Zar wrote:

    The Rifter (in this case) doesn't use cap for its guns which means it can rep/MWD more without running into issues as much.

    And fitting for cap stability in a PvP engagement is silly.

  • Want goons gone? in EVE Communication Center

    The idea of pubbie filth doing anything that doesn't directly and immediately benefit their wallet is hilarious. The thought of even losing a T1 Frigate is enough to make the risk averse high-sec pubbie shrivel up in fear.

  • Did we forget about drones in EVE Communication Center

    Not all space needs to be lucrative and equal to other space. Imbalances help drive conflict and "player generated content". If you're not happy with the drones regions, go conquer some better space.

  • Frig rebalance, explain this to me CCP. in EVE Communication Center

    Of course the cap using frigates also have larger base capacitors. Taking into account the percentage gains you get from skills those frigates can last longer and recharge their capacitors more quickly than ships that don't require capacitor to fire their weapons. In some frigates, such as the Punisher you can hit some pretty incredible cap recharge rates to the point that even a medium neut isn't much of an obstacle to you.

    In 1 vs 1 this likely doesn't hold true, but this game isn't balanced around 1 vs 1.

  • If you really want to get people into low-sec, you need to do only 1 simple thing.. in EVE Communication Center

    I think you missed some of my post there. That's okay it would have been detrimental to your mindless goon hating anyhow.

  • If you really want to get people into low-sec, you need to do only 1 simple thing.. in EVE Communication Center

    Goonswarm's newbies are thrown into Nullsec on their very first day in the game. Our instructions to them are, "Do the tutorials so you know how to move your spaceships, then kill yourself to VFK." They seem to do just fine and generally end up loving this game.

    Why is it that they do fine in Nullsec when they don't even have the skillpoints to properly fit out a Rifter? We help them!

    That could happen elsewhere in the game if the rest of the player population would stop being a bunch of selfish, me and only me, types! A newbie player joining the game would have nothing to fear about 0.0 everywhere if there were lots of nice mentors and corporations to hook up with.

    Folks would adapt to a new way of life.

    But you're right it would destroy subscription numbers so it would be detrimental to the game in the long run. That's why I was only musing, try it sometime imagination is fun!

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