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  • Nightmare in New Eden Part 2 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Really looking forward to this event!

  • Toronto EVE Online Meet Ups: Next meet up TBA in EVE Gameplay Center

    Per Bastet wrote:
    What time will this event be happening? I live in Belleville, and If it's not a Horrible Time, I can arrange for some Baby sitting for my daughter.

    The event begins at 9:00pm on August 23rd.

    :) Hope to see everyone there!

  • POSes: I am a small portion of the community in Council of Stellar Management

    Hey CCP.

    The ideas and concepts for the new POS system seemed really innovative and interesting.

    As most of us bittervets know that nothing is ever easy in Eve, and reprogramming a very old system like the POS's is a massive undertaking.

    But we would like to appeal to you that while perhaps a small population of Eve Players are directly interfacing with POS's is small. The people it affects is much larger.

    POS's are massive logistics platforms, From jump bridges, reaction farms, and so much more. I'd urge you to please keep working on this project, we are patient players (eve if we whine all the time) and are not scared to hear it'll be another year. But please keep moving forward on this project.

    See you all at Fanfest! <3


  • Toronto, Canada EVE Online Meet Up: January 25th, 2013 in EVE Gameplay Center

    I am one of the fellow hosts for this meetup and I will be personally hosting the Eve PreDrink Pod Party.

    The drinking will begin in the private room at 4:00 pm EST

    We got a bottle to share with everyone. ;)

    The Bottom Line Restaurant & Bar
    22 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5J 1C4

    Google Maps

    The reservations are under "Toronto Eve Online".

  • Toronto, Canada EVE Online Meet Up: January 25th, 2013 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Last was one of the best meetups so far!

    Thank you everyone who came out. The predrink was also awesome.

  • Toronto, Canada EVE Online Meet Up: November 17th, 2012 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Lelouch DeGilead wrote:
    I would like to thank everyone who showed up last night. It was one of our biggest, if not the biggest in the history of this group, turn out ever!Big smile

    And I ditto what Talus said. One of key reasons why we picked The OverDraught is because of the awesome wait staff present at the venue. They deserve our thanks, and our tip money, and then some. Not to mention we only had one waitress taking care of us; all 26 of us.Shocked

    We will have another one in December, but be advised that we'll have it on a Friday this time. So possibly on the 15th of December.

    Until then, fly safe o/

    Don't worry I tipped Megan about 25$ just myself. She rocked.

  • Toronto, Canada EVE Online Meet Up: December 14th, 2012 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Last week was uber fun!

    I'm looking forward to Dec! Maybe we can organize a secret santa or something. HAHAHA!

    We had a group photo taken, can we get that posted?

  • For Sale + ALL data (including APIs) in EVE Marketplace

    Since legacy API's have been phased over the last while.

    How many active API's do you have?

    I think it was like... 36 last time I checked. Plus we are going to have to assume all API's related to En Garde, -A- and related blues will 'mysteriously' disappear as well.

  • Toronto, Canada EVE Online Meet Up: October 27th, 2012 in EVE Gameplay Center

    I think there was like 15 people total last night! That was awesome!

    I had a ton of fun! Thanks everyone for coming out. i hope to see you all on November the 17th!

  • Toronto, Canada EVE Online Meet Up: October 27th, 2012 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Looking forward to it!

    Myself and a few TEST will be attending!

    Since it seems our group of people is expanding, I've planned extras for those who want to stay later.

  • Ammo upgrades [Isk Sink] in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Anthar Thebess wrote:
    What is one of the common thing used in eve?
    So maybe we should allow some add next step of upgrade to increase isk 'usage' on this.
    My suggestion is quite simple, create additional station service to upgrade all types of ammo in the way that it will not have significant impact on PVP.

    For example.
    All types of missiles could be upgraded to 'racked' versions.
    -30-50% of reload time
    All typical ammo to 'High compressed cartridge'
    -50% of cargo space
    Only crystals are quite resistant to this ( fast reload and 'large stack' )

    Price of this upgrade:
    - t1 versions ( also faction ) 5000 units from 0.5mil - 2mil
    - t2 version 5000 units from 1mil - 4mil

    With the amount of ammo used this can have good impact on iskflow

    Does someone play World of Tanks?

  • Wallet Flash Threshold in EVE Technology and Research Center


  • CCP, please allow us to combat AFK Cloaking. Idea inside.... in EVE Technology and Research Center

    Electra001 wrote:
    I would like to propose another alternative to the AFK-Cloaking problem. I understand that CCP encourage most type of gameplay, however, stopping people from playing the game because someone has left their character logged in while cloaked isnt fair.

    Why not create the following:

    As soon as you cloak, a 'Tachyon Signature' number begins and slowly climbs. When you warp to a new spot, that number starts again. However, if you stay still or even at subwarp velocities, your Tachyon signature begins to raise. Very slowly mind would need to take at least an hour before you could be probed by someone with max skills in scanning.

    Someone in a covert ops (eg. Helios) would need 4x Tachyon Scanner Probes. With these probes, similar to normal combat probes but designed to pick up Tachyon Signatures, you could probe down someone who is cloaked while afk.

    It bothers me that CCP have let this problem slide for so long. How is it fair when people log on their pilot, cloak up and go to work for a full day...which impacts so many people. Give the victims a chance to counteract the antagonists.


    Risk adverse play is the least fun in EvE.

    Afk cloaking is not a problem. It sucks, I know as an indy person myself. But sometimes you have to bite the bullet and risk getting tackled or go somewhere else. I think Seleene mentioned that the cloak in server terms does not have a cycle time, it is on or off. No inbetween. So coding and implementing this system would be a massive undertaking not only that, but it affects a niche amount of people in nullsec.

    Questions to ask yourself. Please yourself in the shoes of a Dev thinking this over.

  • You'd have to change how cloaking works, from the ground up. Would you?
  • Implement a proper system to calculate the Tachyons, test it, along with that, as these Tachyons get higher does this person decloak? or are they still cloaked but inviting people to warp near them for an attempted decloak?
  • A new item to scan down these people. [Probes? Special launcher, or expanded probe launcher?]
  • Would you need new skills to use the probes? To reduce the buildup of tachyons?
  • Would you implement a ship that gets a bonus to dispersing Tachyons? A ship that gets a bonus to using the scanner?
  • Would there be a modules that reduces Tachyon buildup?
  • What would be the difference between a coops cloak and a tech 1 or a faction cloak in buildup cost?
  • Overall, other than fighting AFK cloaking what does this do to the community? Will this affect fleet battles?
  • [*] Does this help people in high sec, low sec and null sec?

  • [Toronto, Canada] Monthly Gathering *** Friday MAY 18th 2012 *** in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'm looking forward to meeting you guys. :)

  • PAX East 2012 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Op was a success! Thanks to everyone who attended it was a total blast!

  • PAX East 2012 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Sweet! I'm looking forward to this. Hope to see at least a few of us nerds there. Turns out half the enforcers at pax play EvE and were asking me endlessly about the Dust 514 stuff.

  • PAX East 2012 in EVE Gameplay Center

    Below are the Directions, We will meet on the 7th and the reservation is made for 7:00pm.
    I'll be wearing a Fanfest 2012 QUAFE T Shirt. The reservation is made under "Eve Online".

    I've reserved seats for up to 20 people since this is last minute I don't expect a high turnout but hell, lets get drunk and share bittervet stories.

  • PAX East 2012 in EVE Gameplay Center

    I'll be at PAX if there isn't anything offical from CCP how about we organise to meet at the Black Rose at around 7 pm on the 5th?

  • WTS Aeon Pilot in EVE Marketplace

    2 bil.

  • AQUILA INC - WHPVP corp looking for females in EVE Corporations, Alliances and Organizations Center

    Application sent.